The versatile media player Infuse by aTV Flash Black developer Firecore was updated this week with several new features and enhancements, including the ability to play DVD videos saved as VIDEO_TS, .dvdmedia or ISO/IMG archives.

Other new features in Infuse 5.2 for iOS and tvOS include Library and folder search, the ability to stream media from NFS-formatted network shares, sort your media by release date and more.

DVD file support

DVD file support has been one of the top feature requests since Infuse for Apple TV debuted in late 2015. If you have a pile of old DVDs, you can now convert them into the VIDEO_TS, .dvdmedia or ISO/IMG file format using a free of charge app like Handbrake.

Then, simply store those ripped DVDs on a network share that’s connected to Infuse and let the app work its magic to turn them into the makings of a great movie night. On the downside, DVD menus are not currently supported.

Infuse creator James Abeler says that  it’s not entirely clear if actual menus will be an option in the future but ensured he’s  working to improve the accessibly of the various titles found on a DVD.

“This might end up being something like displaying them in the lower shelf area when viewing the details page for a particular ISO file,” he said. For now, various titles can be accessed through the playback menu (swipe down while a video is playing).

If you see an error message while trying to play DVD ISO or VOB files, ensure that your VIDEO_TS folders are placed in another folder with the movie name as this is the folder that Infuse will recognize (i.e. Movies/Inception/VIDEO_TS/files).

Library search on iOS

Infuse for Apple TV gained Library search in December 2016.

With Infuse 5.2, the search feature is now available on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Simply tap the three dots in the upper right corner to search for videos in a particular folder. OR, start a search from the main menu to have the app look through everything.

Tidbits: better playback, NFS streaming & more

Infuse 5.2 packs in support for more video types.

The app can now stream media from NFS-formatted network shares and will buffer content faster than before, which results in a better playback experience—especially on Apple TV. Speaking of which, Infuse for Apple TV has gained a “Newest” Library browsing filter, the ability to sort titles by release date and a new Video section in the playback menu where you can quickly select a chapter or adjust your zoom options.

A complete list of what’s new in Infuse 5.2 can be found on Firecore’s website.

Infuse 5.2 changelog

Here’s everything new and improved in Infuse 5.2 for iPhone and iPad:

  • Library and folder search (tap 3 dots on home screen)
  • Support for DVD videos (ISO/IMG, VIDEO_TS, .dvdmedia)
  • NFS streaming
  • Sort by release date
  • Improved buffering for start/resume/seek
  • Improved reliability of WebDAV connections
  • Improved behavior when resuming app from the background
  • Improved behavior when opening Control Center during video playback
  • Improved playback of 1080i videos
  • Other minor playback improvements
  • Security improvements
  • Resolved rare case where watched indicators would be reset
  • Resolved issues with Wake-on-LAN
  • Other minor fixes

And here’s what’s new in Infuse 5.2 for tvOS:

  • Support for DVD videos (ISO/IMG, VIDEO_TS and .dvdmedia)
  • NFS streaming
  • New Video section in Playback Menu
  • Sort by release date
  • Added “Newest” Library browsing filter
  • Option to submit diagnostic info to aid in troubleshooting
  • Improved buffering for start/resume/seek
  • Improved updating of Collection details
  • Improved playback for 50fps videos
  • Improved reliability of WebDAV connections
  • Minor playback improvements
  • Security improvements
  • Resolved rare case where watched indicators would be reset
  • Resolved issues with episodes grouping in Up Next list
  • Resolved issues with Wake-on-LAN
  • Other minor improvements and fixes

To learn more about this app, check out our review of Infuse.

Other enhancements being considered for future Infuse releases include these items:

  • Support for the H265 codec
  • Support for Amazon Cloud Drive
  • Support for Blu-ray ISOs
  • Support for BMDV files
  • Support for Box and Microsoft OneDrive for Business
  • Support for movie trailers
  • Support for JPG images in Infuse for Apple TV
  • Multi-user Trakt support
  • Metadata for DVD files with multiple episodes
  • Parental controls
  • Roku support
  • 3D support
  • The ability to use custom covert artwork and metadata on TV shows
  • A small clock in a corner
  • A dedicated music player

The team is toying with the idea of a macOS version, but they wouldn’t commit to a release date. For what it’s worth, Abeler told me on several occasions that Infuse for Mac might be in the works, so there’s that.

Infuse works especially great with NAS devices like Synology accessories [review].

Pricing and availability

Infuse 5 for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV is a free download from the App Store with optional Pro features available as a $6.49 per year subscription through the In-App Purchase mechanism (a free one-month trial of Infuse Pro is available)

To buy the app outright, grab the $12.99 Infuse Pro 5 for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.

  • SpideyRules

    This sounds like a lot of development went into it…

    …only to still come up short compared to Plex…

    • Andrew

      You can compare Infuse to Plex in a lot of ways but they use two different and great models. For me Infuse works best on Apple TV since I don’t need to run a Plex server. I just have a Synology NAS it’s pulling the videos from.
      I’ve used Plex and enjoyed it but it seemed like a waste of power to always keep a computer up to run the server portion. I don’t really have much of a need for viewing videos outside the network. If I did I would be using Plex.

      • SpideyRules

        You make a good point as to why this could be a better alternative for some. I tip my hat to you sir.

      • cdlenfert

        Could you run Plex server on your Synology NAS (that’s running anyway)? Question 2, Are your drives formatted as NFS? I might be setting up a server soon and many guides suggest NFS for speed, but it’s kind of a deal breaker if many client devices won’t be able to read them. Thoughts?

      • Andrew

        I tried running Plex on the Synology NAS and it was too slow (DS213). It also wouldn’t transcode video.

        I am not using NFS. I just have the Windows and Mac file services enabled. I’ve been quite happy using SMB 3 with file speed.

      • TechnoBuff

        Unless you have a NAS with a strong processor.. Plex is a pain as it wont build a library nor will it play efficiently or transcode
        Infuse plays easily on low powered NAS and does not need transcoding.Plays virtually all formats in their original formats and ideal for ATV.
        Personally Infuse is the better one

      • cdlenfert

        The setup I was thinking of would be this. Low powered arm based NAS running Plex for linux arm. Accessing this from Kodi (once they come out with the Plex add-on) so transcoding is happening on my device. Would there be problems with that setup?

        And Infuse is really only usable on the LAN, where it might be nice to have remote access to your NAS and Plex would allow that right?

  • Alex

    It’s still missing visual scrubbing to see what scene you are fast forwarding or rewinding back to. This is one thing every other streaming app provides on Apple TV since day one (even Plex.) I don’t understand why they haven’t added it yet.

    • lakinen69

      Yeah, my thoughts exactly. Even free apps like File Explorer have that option since day one… other than that, Infuse is really great app.

  • cdlenfert

    Thanks for the feedback. Remote access does work on Plex without Plex Pass though. If I don’t want to build a library, transcode, or pull metadata, I wonder if it would work just for file access in the current folder structures I’ve already put in place.