Luca Todesco just announced the first beta build of his Yalu jailbreak for iOS 10.0-10.2. In this guide, I’ll walk you through how to use the tool, should you want to try out the beta.

Bear in mind, this tool is first release and is not necessarily stable. It also does not support all devices yet. Whilst Todesco has said that it should already be more stable than the betas of Yalu for 10.0-10.1.1, a first build is a first build. Proceed at your own risk.

I personally gave the tool a quick test and then restored to stock iOS 10.2 to wait for a later build. This is not because the build I tried was unstable for me, but because I didn’t want to install the builds over each other, preferring to wait for a more final release with a clean slate. If you are cautious like me and value the possibility of a stable future jailbreak, consider this option, or not installing at all for now.


  • An iPhone 6s(+), iPhone SE, or iPad Pro, running iOS 10.0-10.2
    No other devices are supported yet, do not try! All 64-bit devices will be supported eventually.
  • Cydia Impactor app for Mac, Windows, or Linux.
  • The Yalu beta application, in .ipa format.


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1) Download Cydia Impactor to your computer.

2) Download yalu102 Beta to your computer.

3) Launch Cydia Impactor and connect your device to your computer.

4) Drag the yalu102.ipa onto Cydia Impactor to load it up, and hit Start.

5) Enter your Apple ID when prompted.

6)a) If you don’t have two-step verification turned on for your Apple ID, enter your Apple ID password when prompted.

6)b) If you do have two-step verification turned on for your Apple ID, you must log in to the Apple ID website, and create an app-specific password. Enter that password into Impactor instead of your normal password.

7) Once Impactor has completed installing the .ipa, look to your device and check that the yalu102 app has appeared on your Home screen.

8) Open the Settings app on your device, and navigate to General – Device Management.

9) Select the profile named after the Apple ID you entered into Impactor, and inside you should see the yalu102 app listed. Press the Trust button to trust this app on your device. If you do not do this, it will not run.

10) Once you have trusted the app, return to your Home screen and launch the yalu102 app.

11) Press the Go button to jailbreak your device, and wait.

12) Your device should respring, and then the Cydia app should have appeared on your Home screen.

If this does not happen, check the profile is still trusted, reboot, and run the yalu102 app again.

13) Launch Cydia, and install any recommended upgrades.

14) Once this is done, add the following repository to Cydia:

This will ensure you receive beta updates for the Cydia app itself. However, you will have to install updates for the yalu102 app manually for now by following the steps of this guide, rather than through Cydia.

That’s all folks!

If you have had enough of the beta jailbreak and want to remove it for now to wait for stable, follow the instructions below.

Removing yalu102

While iOS 10.2 is still signed

Simply restore your device to iOS 10.2 in iTunes, by manually downloading the iOS 10.2 IPSW, alt-clicking Restore in iTunes (shift-clicking on Windows), and selecting the IPSW you downloaded.

Check that iOS 10.2 is still being signed before doing this! If it is not, you will be forced to update to iOS 10.2.1+, and you will be stuck. This is only the best way for at most a few more days. Check signing status before doing this!

Once iOS 10.2 is no longer signed

1) Uninstall all your Cydia tweaks and apps.

2) Delete the yalu102 application from your device.

3) Ensure the trusted profile has gone from Settings – General – Device Management.

4) Reboot your device.

5) Put Cydia in a folder and do not launch it.

6) That’s the best you can do.

This will not remove all jailbreak files from your device, but it will disable your jailbreak and will let you install a later build of the jailbreak tool when you decide to try it again. To completely remove all files, you must update to the latest firmware, but then you can not jailbreak again.


It’s really up to you as to whether you want to try out the Yalu jailbreak at this stage. Luca Todesco has posted the .ipa publicly himself, and requested feedback, which he never wanted or requested on the 10.1.1 version of the tool. This implies that, to some extent, he considers it acceptable for general use. Substrate is enabled for example, and Cydia no longer freezes upon respringing.

However, the fact remains that as an alpha release, it is only going to get more stable with time, and that if you encounter any problems using this build, you will not get much sympathy from anyone. So for the two weeks you might have to wait for a stable version of the tool, is it really worth the risk of pushing ahead with an early release?

You decide.

  • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

    “my patches and additions on top of Ian’s code are licensed under the ABSE (“Anyone But Stefan Esser”) license.”

  • Robert Dixon

    Is this a untethered jailbreak? Will I need a developer account so that it doesn’t expire in 7 days?

    • This is a semi-untethered jailbreak, just like Pangu was for iOS 9.3.3.

      • Robert Dixon

        Thanks Anthony!

      • Wale Olatunji

        So will the jailbreak stop working after 7 days?

      • Edward Cook

        Yes, it will stop working after 7 days if you don’t have an Apple Developer ID. You’ll have to re-apply the jailbreak at that point.

      • Wale Olatunji

        Thanks, is there a work around this

      • Edward Cook

        I followed someone’s guide on how to make it last for one year without paying Apple $100 for a full developer license, but not sure it worked because I gave up on the yalu jailbreak after a few days because it was so unstable. It was something to do with Xcode. Sorry I can’t remember more. Maybe do a Google search.

  • DopamineAddicted

    I have a 6S+ jailbroken on 9.3.3. Shud i update to 10.2 and wait for this to be stable or shud i stay on 9.3.3.?
    Thanks for the help

    • Skoven

      I’m also jailbroken on 9.3.3 on my 6s.
      I will wait, BUT only because i have saved my blobs for 10.2. Hopefully Prometheus works when i want to update to 10.2.
      If you wan’t to be sure, then just update to 10.2 now, live without a jailbreak for a while and then jailbreak when it’s stable (or jailbreak now with the beta tool).
      Either way – save you blobs for 10.2 while you can.

      • LaDzi

        With jailbreak 9.3.3 the 1 year certificate will expire in april 2017. Am i right? And if restoring with blobs for 10.2 will work you can get a clean version at any time later on. For me its a good thing getting a fresh version. So right now my idea is: upgrading getting the most of my apple watch and iphone, beside getting used to the 7 days refresh and the possibility to restore at any give time.

    • Joaquim Barbosa

      I’m staying on 9.3.3, and moving later with Prometheus. If you don’t want to do that, either stay permanently on 9.3.3, or jump to 10.2 quickly now.

    • Leo Saint

      Stay on 9.3.3

  • Leo Saint

    working for anyone on iphone 7 10.1.1?

    • Leo Saint

      never mind.


      An iPhone 6s(+), iPhone SE, or iPad Pro, running iOS 10.0-10.2

      No other devices are supported yet, do not try! All 64-bit devices will be supported eventually.
      Cydia Impactor app for Mac, Windows, or Linux.
      The Yalu beta application, in .ipa format.

      • Ramon Garcia

        Luca said that there might be support for the iPhone 7 running on iOS 10.1.1 – 10.2, but that’s a maybe. If you want to jailbreak, stay on iOS 10.1.1.

  • Felipe Queiroz Drumond

    6s: working perfectly.

    • leart

      what is working perfectly? any tweak?

      • Felipe Queiroz Drumond

        Both the jailbreak tool (yalu) and the jailbreak running in the device are working perfectly. The installation worked smoothly, with no problems at all. You can install any tweak, except the ones you purchased ou want to buy because “Cydia is not yet prepared to accept money for any produtcts on this version of iOS, due to the platform still being considered unstable and incomplete.” and of course the ones which are not upgraded to run in iOS 10.
        I don’t regret upgrading from 9.3.3 to 10.2 at all 🙂

      • leart
      • igobythisname

        Thanks for sharing, I’ve been holding out for super long, heavily pondering about updating, good to know you don’t regret it

  • Akin

    I’m on my 7 with 10.1.1 (Yes I won’t upgrade to 10.2 like recommended). Does mobilesubstrate also work good on the 7 as shown on other devices or is still not updated?

    • Devgru

      Wait for stable version and update

      • Akin

        Thank You for the reply! Do you mean the OS to update? My question might be not clear on the first side. I want to know if I can use the 10.1.1 Jailbreak and can use/will get the same cydiasubstrate which is included in the 10.2 jailbreak 🙂

      • Devgru

        Not iOS update.. Jailbreak tool update..

  • Jay N Patel

    I have tried the steps many times, but i am not able to get cydia appear on my phone. is anyone else experiencing this or any one was able to fix this?

    • igobythisname

      did you get to 10.2 via iTunes update or OTA/WiFi update? If you upgraded to 10.2 via OTA/WiFi, try re-restoring via plugged into your computer & iTunes

    • Devgru

      Yes OTA updates will not work for any jailbreak till date.. U must restore ur device via iTunes.. No ota update

      • Jay P

        I did not restore it just downgraded.

      • Joaquim Barbosa

        OTA update doesn’t break jailbreaks in recent times. But you can’t OTA to 10.2 now, only to 10.2.1. iTunes is always better.

    • Joaquim Barbosa

      Did you trust the profile in Settings? What happens when you run the yalu102 app? Is your device supported?

  • RK

    Jailbroken my iPhone 6S on 10.2 (just updated from 10.1.1 using iTunes. Happy now…. Already saved shsh2 blobs today for 10.2 and 10.2.1, just in case. Yet to face any issues (fingers crossed)… 😉

    • osmang

      is it working 10.2.1?

      • Joaquim Barbosa

        Please read the article. It clearly says that it only goes up to 10.2. Thanks.

      • osmang

        any idea about i7 plus shall I try my chance?

      • RK

        Its not working for iOS 10.2.1 as per articles i’ve read. Can downgrade to 10.2 since it is being signed as of now…. and jailbreak if required.

      • osmang

        Im on 10.2 atm but have i7 plus, shall I try my chance?

      • RK

        This device is not supported yet.

      • RK

        iPhone 7 / 7+ is not compatible for iOS 10.2 or above. Only supports till 10.1.1.

  • TheBoi23

    So this doesn’t work on the regular 6+?

    • Andres Torres

      Not right now, but support for it will be added later.

  • Diego Milano

    The only frustrating thing about this is that after a few days the certificate expires and, if you happen to need to reboot your phone for any reason, you will need to have access to the computer to rerun the jailbreak process again using the IPA and so forth, whereas in iOS 9.3.3, you just have JailbreakMe and YES, IT IS handy and it IS the closest you can get to having an untethered jailbreak.
    That being said, I am really really hoping Luca or someone else comes up with a similar workaround, otherwise… DAMMIT! Haha.

    • igobythisname

      lol! I was replying to the comment someone left here but a moderator removed it already, LOL!

      here’s my reply:

      Diego is referring to the 7 days expiration of the certificate. On 9.3.3, there was an alternate 1 yr certificate option, there isn’t one for iOS 10 (from my understanding). Let’s hope we see a 1 yr certificate option soon!

      • Diego Milano

        I’m sure there will be one soon. By the way, why was your message removed anyway? Oh, you mean the other guy’s and not yours? Anyway…
        I remember the early versions of Pangu would give the 1-year certificate and I think there is still an alternative using some Chinese thing? I can’t remember.

    • f96lrs

      If u use a paid Apple ID it won’t expire in 7 days

      • Diego Milano

        Doesn’t it get revoked if signed with Cydia Impactor though?

      • Joaquim Barbosa

        I don’t think so. I think it just revokes any certificates already on the device, but they can be re-added. It also sends an email saying it’s been revoked, but I don’t think it’s for real. I’ve received that email before and had no later problems, although my account is not paid. I haven’t heard of anyone’s account being permanently revoked either, so I think it’s fine. Cheers.

      • Diego Milano

        I wish the jailbreak went Final once and for all.

    • Steve Harold

      Don’t reboot!

      • Agneev Mukherjee

        Does Winterboard show up for you?

      • Diego Milano

        I know, but once in a while a reboot comes in handy. I’m actually more worried about random reboots (which hardly happen but you know…).

    • Vic Levanh

      yes certificate is run out after 7 day. if you reboot device you no need computer. just run yula and press go. you will get back jailbreak again

      • Rahimo

        What is “Yula”?? And where can I get it??

      • Rockwell

        number two on this installation guide

      • Rahimo

        He said “Yula” not “Yalu”!!

      • Joaquim Barbosa

        Not correct. Every time you reboot you use Yalu to re-jailbreak. But after seven days, if you reboot, you need a computer to completely replace Yalu again, before you can use it for another seven days. Thanks.

    • Aritra Selva

      bro does it work for 10.1.1

      • Diego Milano

        What works on iOS 10.1.1?

  • Chris Mn

    No way considering its an semi-tethered, already a pain in the ass on 9.3.3. Anyone know if there is an intended untethered patch?

    • Devgru

      No.. No there is nothing like that.. Ask for patches to semi thetherd to unthetherd.. Lol

  • Mário Cónego

    Hello, i try it now, bit on my iphone come one icon with name march_portal… some one knows why???

    • I’m experiencing the same issue, anybody knows why?

      • Joaquim Barbosa

        Have you downloaded the old version? Look again on the website and download the newest version.

    • Arjan Vlek

      That likely has something to do with a kernel patch of the jailbreak, as the iOS and macOS kernel is always named “mach_kernel” (without quotes).

    • Joaquim Barbosa

      I think you’ve downloaded the old version? Look again on the website and download the newest version.

  • JayMBK

    Is an iPhone 7+ 64Bit or 32?

    • Ramon Garcia

      Yours is probably 32.

      • JayMBK

        What do you mean “probably”? Are you saying that it could be either?I have an iPhone 7 (+) T-Mobile 128 GB Jailbroken on 10.1.1

      • pegger1

        iPhone 5S and up is 64 bit.

      • JayMBK

        Got it, thanks.

      • Devgru

        Still it will not support.. Only 6s,6s+5se,and iPad pro for ios10.2

      • Arjan Vlek

        Any hope for iPad 4, which obviously is 32 bit as it has an A6X CPU, much like the iPhone 5 non-S? The last jailbreak for it seems to be the 9.0.X one, and it seems impossible to downgrade iOS 10.2.x to it…

    • Devgru

      Its 64 bit device no doubt..

  • Arturo Polanco

    no for iphone 7 plus?

    • neinnnn

      • Joaquim Barbosa

        Check the article, your question is answered. iPhone 7 Plus will be supported later from 10.0-10.1.1, but not on 10.2.

  • The Zlatan

    A little confused here. I’m on 6S+ 10.1.1. It’s called Yalu 10.2 but supports 10 through 10.2 so do i need to update to 10.2?

    • Joaquim Barbosa

      10.2 would be better, 10.1.1 is fine, as the article says. Good luck.

      • The Zlatan

        Thanks for replying. I went ahead and updated to 10.2 and so far really surprised how stable this beta jailbreak is. However I have not yet been able to save the blobs.

      • Sadrazam

        Ibra brother, you don’t need to save any blobs if you are already on 10.2. Just stay there.

  • droid3000

    i know ive asked this a couple times in various threads but with this development am i able to stay at 10.1.1 on my iphone 6? its says all devices will be supported eventually so i just want to clear up what that means

  • Armando Lopez
    • Sharma15

      That’s Kim alright

      • Armando Lopez

        Oh snap it is?

      • Joaquim Barbosa

        Yea, the whole vibe is about NK. Yalu is a river between NK and China…

      • zoura112358

        Maybe some sort of reference to the Pangu team in China?

  • ink

    Well well well, good job man! Imma still waiting the final stable untethered also without certificate expired iOS 10.2 jailbreak, please be soon.. :hope: 😀

  • Anetra Shivon

    I keep getting an error code sub process /usr/libexec/cydia/cydo (2). Please help

    • Devgru

      Do u try cydia impactor and Yalu IPA.. What device are you using.. Its only for 6s,6s+,5se and iPad pro..

      • Chris Bilcliff

        Anetra did you manage to fix this?

  • Omelisa Abreu

    I’m getting mach_portal app instead of yalu ????

    • Joaquim Barbosa

      Did you download the new app from the top of Luca’s page, instead of the old app from the bottom of his page? Look again.

  • Karloz25

    So heres some notes
    iPhone 6S+ 9.3.3 to 10.2

    If you reboot your phone, you need to be connected to PC and rerun the impactor and Yalu.ipa again.

    Appsync unified = bootloop your phone (holding vol-up while booting to enter safemode DOES NOT WORK)

    Had to re-flash IOS 10.2


    Starting over…

    Wheres the googledoc of compatible cydia tweaks?

    • The Zlatan

      I did see several people talking about Appcake in the comments. I always go through the comment section to gather an overview before trying new things. You learn from your mistakes.

    • Timonline

      Shit i did the same thing, stuck on apple logo and volume up doesn’t work

    • leart

      the question is, why you jailbreak? you know that a stable jailbreak its part of history lol

    • Arjan Vlek

      Remove appsync and install apps through the app store. Problem solved!
      Jailbreak is only meant for themes, tweaks, tools and other customizations.

      • Arik Shainer


      • Steve Harold

        Apps hand if used for more than piracy. As a developer I love app sync because it takes all the messy certificate work out. Also, apps like Kodi are helped by AppSync (which also doesn’t have to be used for piracy).

      • Timonline

        Ditto, have never pirated anything ONCE since jailbreak way back in iOS 3.3 days.

        People hear AppSync and think IMMEDIATELY piracy. Geeeeeez

      • Dj Stef

        ooo ur such a good guy! so gooood. give me a break. so many liars everywhere when it comes to jailbreak and using cracked apps.. ppl do it, we know u do, a lot of us do stop acting self righteous and so good cuz u aint.

      • Timonline

        Wow someone’s in a bad mood.

        Sorry you think everyone in the world has the same mindset and they must follow what you deem as normal behavior.

        I never claimed to be a “good guy” or “self righteous”, was just frustrated that people are narrow minded in thinking AppSync is only good for piracy.

      • Dj Stef

        yes i am in a bad mood lol. but wut bothers me is this shit im reading here how evvvveryone is so nice and doesnt pirate. i hear this ALLLL the time!! i mean ALLLWAYS. please, i know theyre bullshiting. everybody knows it. there wouldnt be thousands/millions of seeders/leechers on torrents etc as we speak…
        im sure a few dont pirate but the majority do. u guys dont have to come here and preach ur greatness cuz u dont pirate. im not speaking directly to u, but to all the others who do this too.,
        that aside, yes appsync is cool as well if ur not a registered developer and want to try ur own apps without signing them first.
        god this ios 10 jailbreak is horrible. cydia crashing all the time, i need to use iCleaner to clean cydias cache all the time. i dunno wtf is going on. i realize its still in beta but damn.. i wish i didnt boot loop my iOS 9.3.3 it was perfect!

      • Brandon Carey

        sounds like you could have just vol up’ed out of the bootloop and uninstalled broken when people flip out and restore when such a simple fix exists. many of my friends have lost their jb because of impatience and ignorance, lack of asking for help from people that know more than them…next time, find a forum and get some help dude. the jailbreak is precious these days as it is getting harder and the jailbreaks are semi-untethered…I love my jb on 9.0.2. I have anything I want. 🙂 #cheerup

      • Timonline

        Are you still on 9.0.2? If so please contact me at I need your help with a project

      • mosquitoguy

        You’re ignorant. Apple forbids simulators of any kind. I run Dosbox on my iPad and use Quicken/Wordperfect on it.

    • Lasstmicharzt

      How did you exit the bootloop?
      I encountered the same problem, but Itunes says my phone is code protected and so i cant reflash it.

      • Karloz25

        Enter DFU mode. To exit boot loop

      • Lasstmicharzt

        Thanks a lot, mate!

      • J Taka10

        how did you get out of the bootloop?

      • Lasstmicharzt

        Google dfu mode and your idevice & do as the Internet tells you 😉

      • J Taka10

        But the boot loop was caused by installing appsync unified

      • Lasstmicharzt

        Mine too, but what sucks 4 u is that signing for 10.2 is over, so u have to update and hope for another jb.

      • pleomed

        have same probleme ….how can enter dfu mode in iphone se?

  • osmang

    what about 10.2.1?

    • Devgru

      Only up to 10.2.. For 10.2.1 u should keep on dreaming..

    • Joaquim Barbosa

      No 10.2.1, downgrade immediately to 10.2 if you want to jailbreak.

  • Evan Spearance

    Does this work on iphone 5se?

    • Francisco Moreno

      Yes, at least, Underface, Activator Beta works fine

    • Joaquim Barbosa

      There is no iPhone 5se. It works now on iPhone SE, it will work later on iPhone 5s. Thanks.

  • Steve Harold

    Could we get an article about iOS 10.2 jailbreak tweaks? So far I only got dumb ones.

  • Mike P

    This is the longest I have had a stock iphone ever. It seems that Apple has basically won. Sadface

    • Artur Pastuszek

      Maybe for”you” but not me. I guess you weren’t there for iPhone 5 jailbreak (ios 6) which was February.

    • Douglas Burden

      soon as they really stop jailbreaks they will lose a lot of users I know more than 60 who said they will jump ship

      I think once they see a lot of ppl leaving they will let a few jailbreaks leak for us hardcore users

      • Mike P

        While that would be nice and I can see that being plausible. I know they get a lot of good ideas for their own software updates on what to change or add from Cydia. I think it’s unlikely that they care about the few hundred thousand that JB.

    • same

  • Endriu Andrei

    Iphone 7 on iOS 10.1.1 bere. Should i update to 10.2 ?

    • Devgru

      No stay @10.1.1

  • It’s frustrating to see how the jailbreaking community is dying as time passes, maybe it’s due to the fact that Apple really improved their OS, but anyway developers are not putting that much effort as they used to, and no support for iP 6, 6+??? to bad, bye bye jailbreak I’ll miss you :C

    • Niels20

      Support for ip 6 and 6+ will be added very soon. Maybe two week or so

  • thelke

    It’s not loading the profile for me. Thoughts?

  • as28564444

    Lots of Hoop La about nothing , 6s running 10.2 flawlessly. JB was up and running in under 5 min including iOS upgrade BUT few is any of the tweaks that I enjoyed have been updated to run under 10.2 My guess is less than 1% of the fun stuff is compatible 🙁

    • Julio Hernandez

      Hopefully in the coming weeks most of our favorites will be updated. I’m waiting on NoSlowAnimations and Youtubed for background audio again without having to pay for that monthly

      • Felipe Queiroz Drumond

        Running NoSlowAnimations here too! I’m just waiting Cydia beta allow us to install purchased tweaks, like VirtualHome 8 n 9 to.

      • Hey I’m looking at the iOS 10 Compatibility spreadsheet and it says NoSlowAnimations is compatible so… why not try it?

      • Julio Hernandez

        Could you link me to the spreadsheet please? And I prefer to wait until it’s not in beta since I want to run it on my iPhone but it’s the only one I have and I don’t want to mess up or have my phone be forced to update

  • Alex Mendez

    does this work with iphone 6? 10.2?

    • Joaquim Barbosa

      Not yet, but it will soon, as the article says. Cheers.

  • Karloz25

    How can I play MARIO RUN on 10.2 jailbroken> ?
    tsprotect doesn’t work for it and neither does flex3 🙁

    • igobythisname

      Bummer. Guess you just have to wait until tsprotect gets updated, or reboot your phone, it will no longer be in a jaibreak state, and play the game

  • Man Lam

    does Youtube++ tweak work with this jailbreak?

    • Steve Harold

      Use cercube 3 it works perfectly.

    • The Zlatan

      Or use mikoto

  • Jerry

    is 10.2.1 safe?

    • Arik Shainer


      • Brandon Carey

        gotta love when people update with itunes to the latest os, then get on here and want a jb and get mad when they find they just locked themselves out for a year. ><

  • Gavin Strachan

    So I guess the best idea for me would be to stay on my nice iOS 9.0.2 Jailbreak 😉

    • Brandon Carey


    • Brandon Carey

      saurik stayed on ios 8 ><

      • Aditya Maurya

        So bro accordingly in grp your experience and forum reading knowledge and Saurin which iOS is currently the best to stay with its jb

  • Nino 0raham

    I would like to upgrade from 9.3.3 and I have the shsh for iOS 10.2 but how to upgrade now that 10.2.1 is out is it possible ? Or should I not even bother loosing 9.3.3 jailbreak ???

    • Niels20

      This is what you must do as fast as possible to get the latest 10.2 jailbreak (if your on a non-iPhone 7 and 64bit device)
      -download the IPSW for ios10.2 for your phone (Just google it)
      -update the latest iTunes if you havent already
      -while holding the shift button, klick on restore iphone in itunes. Then you can choose the IPSW file you just downloaded and your iPhone will restore to 10.2
      -finally, wait patiently for a stable jailbreak release that soon will be released

      BE VERY FAST!!! or Apple wont let you get on ios10.2 anymore!!

  • Nino 0raham

    Kim is the jaimbreak lol

  • as28564444

    Apple has won the jailbreak war, in a very short time the signing window for 10.2 will be closed. Not enough folks will fight with roll back or blobs to find 10.2 karma resulting in a small user base…. what tweak master / software designer wants to put much effort into a product that has such a small defined set of possible users The sun has almost set for hyper customized iphones – RIP This is the last go around for many enjoy and remember the good old days !

  • Robert Gonzalez

    I keep getting a error on impacter can someone plz help

    Http-OSX.cpp:133 an ssl error has occurred and the sever can’t be made

  • According to the yalu version available via @ipwnstore, it’s already compatible with iPhone 7 and 7+ on 10.1x only? Waiting for confirmation before I try it.

  • IkillYou

    so is this still semi-untethered?

    • Joaquim Barbosa


  • ikang

    any succes on 10.1.1 ip7+ ???

    • Joaquim Barbosa

      Please read article, it’s not supported yet. But it will be supported soon on 10.1.1.

  • Wale Olatunji

    Is it just me but any others getting an issue when installing tweaks it decides to crash so I can’t respring or nothing

    • Timonline

      I am facing that issue too but those incidents are due to installing not fully supported tweaks.

      Currently I am running less than a handful of tweaks.

      My suggestion to when that happens is do a full restart, rejailbreak using the Yalu102 app icon which will respring your device. and you’ll have the tweaks working again

      • The Zlatan

        I have faced the same and solved it by installing flipcontrolcenter. That way I respring and the tweak is installed. I have several installed and no problem whatsoever.

  • Rick Hart

    Is only good for 7 days like the 9.3.3 jailbreak til Luca did the safari method?

    • Joaquim Barbosa

      Yes, it will be only for 7 days unless a longer solution is found, or you have a paid developer account to sign it for a year.

  • Speg77

    I dont get the Yalu102 app, only mach_portal ???

    • Joaquim Barbosa

      Did you download the new app from the very top of the page, instead of the old app, from the bottom of the page?

  • Poporopo00

    I hope we see a “stable” jailbreak before IOS 12…

  • droid3000

    ok thanks

  • Barry Wilson

    Can someone answer this question for me……… after 7 days when the certificate expires will my iphone still work if i keep my iphone powered and never reboot ?
    Also will I lose my jailbreak if i Respring ? On a iphone 6+ atm and thinking ahead to when it is supported.

    • Timonline

      Regarding keeping it powered and never reboot, sure that would keep the jailbreak.

      Regarding losing your jailbreak if you respring, no

      • Barry Wilson

        Thanks buddy

      • Timonline

        anytime man

  • Vic Levanh

    holy crap activator not work. iphone 5s ios 10.2

  • :D

    Might be worth updating the article to include iPhone 6 in the list

  • Tim

    after uninstalling all cydia tweaks my cydia disappeared and i cant get it back even after jailbreaking again. How to i solve this?

    • TechTnT

      same here after cydia b28 install. phone + setting app gone.