If your AirPods keep disconnecting from iPhone during phone calls, you’re not alone. Although Apple is trying to stay quiet about this issue, there’s already a big thread about it on the company’s public communities forum. Many affected posters claim AirPods disconnect from their iPhone during phone calls 30+ percent of the time.

Other folks have noted that AirPods also keep disconnecting during long calls. The problem appears to be limited to phone calls because none of the posters reported being plagued by it when listening to music.

Possible Bluetooth interference from Apple Watch could be the main culprit here because most or all of the affected users own Apple’s wearable device, more so given that unpairing the watch from iPhone seems to resolve the issue.

Our reader Kevin, who gave us a heads-up about the problem, says he spoke to Apple’s senior advisors who then retrieved diagnostic logs from his iPhone. “At this point nobody from Apple can provide any updates on the issue, their engineering team is still trying to find out what’s the cause,” he told us.

AirPods are very convenient when they work. That being said, disconnecting from phone calls must be very annoying for affected users, especially when AirPods disconnect during an important call. We suspect this is most likely a software issue that should be addressed in a future software update.

Our own Sébastien has noticed that AirPods are especially susceptible to crackly sound as audio is being streamed from a host device to the earphones. If you, too, have experienced this problem with your AirPods or any of Apple’s W1-equipped Bluetooth headsets like the new Beats3 Solo, my colleague Anthony has some sound troubleshooting tips for you.

Thanks, Kevin!

Source: Apple

  • Rob McCallum

    I’ve found loads of bluetooth problems on ios10. Apple Pencil keeps disconnecting. Tricky pairing of stuff thats meant to be easy on all devices.

    • Agneev Mukherjee

      Yeah, my band keeps disconnecting too on iOS 10…

    • Completely agree, all the disconnection issues have to be tied to ios10 as the main source and not the devices themselves. It just seems to widespread. I’ve had call issues with AirPods and the Apple Pencil issues. I’ve even dumped everything off my devices and tried to connect these accessories, same issues. So I know it’s nothing I’m doing incorrectly. Really hoping 10.3 has some serious bluetooth fixes in store, because running the latest dev beta I’m still seeing issues.

    • TechToch

      I also agree I have disconnecting problems on ios 10 iphone 7 but with WIFI not bluetooth !

  • Agneev Mukherjee

    The W1 chip should not use Bluetooth but a proprietary wireless connection to a device!

    • Drocx

      maybe a rebranded NFC?

      • Agneev Mukherjee

        Yeah, something of that sort like the type  Pay uses…

  • Zack Morris

    Can the AirPods be updated with a firmware update through the phone? Just wondering if Apple can potentially fix the issue via an update. I ordered mine but waiting the 6 weeks.

  • iBanks

    Mine don’t disconnect through calls but takes several times to view battery life when opening the lid of the charging case.

    • omakad

      I have this same problem with battery life not showing up when opening the lid. It shows maybe every 10th time, and I’m also getting disconnects during phones calls. I’m thinking about getting them returned and replaced which may not fix the issue if this is a software bug.

    • MMA Rules

      Are you on the iOS 10 beta program?

      • iBanks


      • MMA Rules

        That could be the issue with the AirPods, my guess!

  • [RECON1]

    Mine disconnect while listening to music and podcasts.

  • Joe Honse

    I had this problem and fixed it by resetting all network settings. It was constant for over a week. Since the reset, it hasn’t happened once.

  • MacServiceGuy

    apple is trying to stay “quite” about this issue eh?

  • disqus_rcikS7fUoL

    I have an apple watch and I have had my AirPods disconnect during a call several times. Maybe not 30% of the time, but enough to notice there is something going on. And it’s worthy to note that you can’t get them to reconnect without putting them back in the case for a second. Then when you take them out they can reconnect. I’ve also had my iPhone simply power down during a call on two separate occasions which has never happened prior to the AirPods.

    But still…I love them. I look forward to Apple ironing out the kinks but they mostly work great!

  • neil huband

    You’d think they’d test this kinda thing before they sell them

  • maattp

    Mine disconnect almost 100% of the time during phone calls. I, like many other posters in that thread, am also using an iPhone 6S and an original Apple Watch. I’ve contacted Apple a few times about this issue, they haven’t been very helpful. Exchanging them for a new pair made no difference, this is a software issue.