Prior to iOS 10.2, iPhone’s stock Camera application always defaulted to the factory Photo mode. If you were recording video, for instance, Camera would switch to Photo mode as soon as you exited out instead of keeping the selected Video mode on.

Similarly, taking pictures with one of the built-in live filters was cumbersome because Camera would set the filter to None after exiting out. This behavior used to be quite a hindrance for iPhone photographers who rely on a specific capture mode.

On iOS 10.2 and later, new user-facing toggles in the Settings app permit you to preserve your last-used shooting mode, live filter and Live Photo settings so they’re don’t reset every time Camera launches. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to preserve camera settings on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

How to preserve your iPhone camera settings

1) Go to Settings → Camera.

2) Tap Preserve Settings.

3) Now toggle the switches to preserve the following settings:

  • Camera Mode—Preserves your last-used shooting mode, like Video or Square.
  • Photo Filter—Remembers your last-used live filter.
  • Live Photo—Retains your Live Photo setting rather than reset to Live Photo turned on.

To retain your last-used shooting mode, live filter or Live Photo settings, simply flip the corresponding switches to the ON position and close out the Settings app.

Preserve Camera settings

Live Photos is on by default on iPhone 6s and later so these toggles are very useful.

If you mostly take still images and couldn’t care less about Live Photos, turning off Settings → Camera → Preserve Settings → Live Photo and disabling Live Photo mode in Camera should do the trick.

How do you like this tip?

  • malhal

    It’s always preserved the mode, this was added to give the option to switch it off, why you would want to do that I don’t know. It should help people who have it accidentally on square tho, so they only get a few squares then it goes back to normal.

    • MadeInNY

      Here’s why. Muscle memory. You get into a habit when you take a picture. When you can’t predict the starting point of a workflow, you will inevitably try to switch to the mode you want, even if you’re in that mode to begin with. It’s not helpful.

      I hardly ever want to take a video. But when I do, it’s not big deal to switch to video mode. But if it stuck in video mode, the next time I want to take a photo, I’ll start shooting video, then realize this, switch to photo, and probably have missed the shot. I’ll have some video, which isn’t as good quality and maybe I’ll be able to salvage a serviceable frame from it, but this hasn’t really been my experience.

      It seems if you never use any but a single mode, then maybe this setting would be helpful.

      • malhal

        How about resetting after 5 mins then?

      • MadeInNY

        That would actually be great!

      • PeterC

        Perhaps the settings could reset at about 5am like the wifi toggle 🙂

  • I find this to be very helpful. Especially, if you are shooting in low light and change the exposure during a certain time of day or darker locations.

  • Gabriel Schwartz

    HDR is not saved.