Apple on Thursday posted a note to its developer portal, informing third-party app-makers that it has increased the maximum size for tvOS apps from 200MB to 4GB. It says the change will allow apps to provide a more “complete, rich user experience upon installation.”

Previously, tvOS app downloads were capped at 200MB with the ability to download more resources after being installed. This resulted in faster installation times, but often caused users to have to wait for additional content to download before using the app or game.

Rounding out the memo, Apple reminds developers that they can use On-Demand Resources to host up to 20GB of additional content on the App Store. This allows for apps and games to download new levels or content in the background, without interrupting the user.

Source: Apple

  • sNick

    hopefully this will bring us some new apps maybe? good choice

  • Lordrootman

    That means new Apple TV is on way soon lol

  • Andrieux Querido

    Uhuu Let the good games come 🙂