Finder for Airpods is a new iPhone app that aims to ease user concerns of losing their new wireless earbuds. Using your AirPod’s wireless signature, the app can search for your missing earbuds and even tell you if you are getting closer or further away.

How does it work? Well once you’ve noticed you’ve misplaced an AirPod, just fire up the Finder app on your iPhone, close the lid of your charging case and move about the area you suspect you lost it. The app’s meter will tell you when or if you get close.

Update: Apple has pulled this app from the App Store. The developer explains “they didn’t find anything wrong with the app itself, but rather they they didn’t like the ‘concept’ of people finding their Airpods and hence was deemed ‘not appropriate for the App Store.” Check out LightBlue Explorer in the App Store for similar functionality.

Given that AirPods cost $160, and Apple charges $70 to replace each lost one, spending a few bucks on this app doesn’t seem like a bad idea. It might come in handy if you were to lose an earbud, and it’s too far away or buried for you to hear its audio.

Finder for Airpods is available in the App Store for $4.

  • Merman123

    You could probably do the same thing with LightBlue and for free.

    • OneBigInFiniteJoinT

      is that the app name ? cuz I can’t find it in the App Store.. :S

      • Merman123

        Yes. LightBlue Explorer

      • John Smith

        I can detect the AirPods but I can’t connect to them using the app. I filtered out the further items but it still won’t work.

  • iBanks

    Some people will claim it costs to much, I think it’s well worth it. But those that feel it costs too much for that app, the free way is to be an responsibile adult and keep track of your AirPods yourself.

  • triggerhappypunk

    well, i imagine that the airpod has to have some power, and you have to be within BT range, in order to locate it? if so, why not just crank up the volume on some high pitched sound and listen for it?

    • Dennis Ho

      It’s not supposed to play sound if it’s not in your ear.

  • stylesbeyond

    just imagine this, you use them right… right yeah. once done with them right, you listening yeah you put them back in the case WOW!! i know right amazing then you won’t lose them

    • John

      I agree with you BUT what if you lose the box?


      • FFF84

        Then this app is not going to help you cause the airpods won’t connect to your phone if they where in the case.

  • MMA Rules

    I will buy it if I loose one of them, meantime eh no!

  • NoDrawllz

    I bought it. It works but to me it’s not worth the price. It’s not as accurate as it should be but it will put you in a general area of where the AirPod is.