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Apple is going to begin seeding iOS 10.3 betas next week, reports Sonny Dickson. The noted tipster tweeted out over the weekend that iOS 10.3 beta 1 is currently scheduled to be released to developers on January 10 with an all-new ‘Theatre’ mode.

Dickson doesn’t go into detail on exactly what ‘Theatre’ mode is, but does say that it will feature a popcorn-shaped icon in Control Center. It’s possible this is a stealth mode of sorts, with either a dimmed display or dark UI assets for less distraction.

There’s no indication of the origin for the intel, but Dickson has in the past proven to have well-placed sources. It’s also worth noting we’ve seen a bit of an uptick in iDB’s analytics within the last month or so of visits from devices said to be running iOS 10.3.


Apple in December launched iOS 10.2 to the public, with new wallpapers, widgets and emoji, the new TV app, and various other improvements. Developers right now are able to run the second beta of 10.2.1, which is expected to be a far more tame update.

  • Dark mode?

    • AMB_07

      That could be cool, but i’m confused does the name imply that you’d use it while you’re at the movies or what?

      • The name isn’t great at all. It implies it’s limited to certain situations only (ie. theater or watching TV). If this rumor reveals to be true, I can see Apple trying to find a term different from “dark mode”, but “theater mode” really doesn’t do it justice, I believe.

      • AMB_07

        That’s what I think too, perhaps a more broad and general term like “undercover” would fit more than “theatre”.

      • YaBoyLilMayo

        lol undercover mode is just as bad, we ain’t no spies cuh

      • appletimemac

        May as well call “undercover mode” as “Porn Mode”

      • Isaiah

        True, just like how Airplane Mode implies it can be used only on planes, and Low Power mode is only for unimportant people.
        Can we talk about Tesla’s Ludicrous Mode? How many cars do they think that guy drives???

        But actually it probably just dims to the dimmest setting and turns off all sound. Could be cool if it had an auto-reply text with a prompt to break through silence for emergency or something

      • mariocampie17

        Yeah I understand what you’re saying there about the whole Theater mode name but what is it they should name it though, maybe dim mode or just dim, maybe incognito mode or private mode haha.

    • Maher

      Dear Sebastien,

      I first apologize because my comment is not related to your discussion, but i
      saw a discussion of your regarding jailbreak .

      My iphone 4s which is quiet old was stolen a day a go. I have real private things
      in it. The thing is that my iphone had a problem . It always showed the itunes
      logo and would never turn on. I tried to update the software through itunes ,
      since that was the option o got on itunes , but it would not work . I tried Dr.
      Phone , but it wouldn’t work either.

      What i want to know, will they get to see the old data in the phone, or will it
      be restored to factory setting if the thief can get someone to fix it and it
      gets fixed?

      I am sorry to bother you with this, but i would really appreciate your kind
      help .

      PS: I have changed the apple ID and password hoping it works hoping it might be
      a good idea , but i didn’t have the find my app nor the icloud lost mode on.

      • If your iPhone was password protected, there is very little chance the thief will get into your phone. I think a thief is more interested in reselling the phone than accessing data on that phone. So, while not 100% guaranteed, I wouldn’t worry too much about your data, that is again assuming you have a passcode on.

  • pauleebe

    It would seem more logical to rid of Night Shift as a separate feature, and embed it into this new “Theatre mode”.

    Theatre mode would be a combination of dark mode, Night Shift, and perhaps other features, to offer a better iOS experience in the dark.

    The hardware is already in place by way of ambient light sensors. Implementing other iOS features that stack on Night Shift seems like a natural evolution of what’s next. Especially when apps like Waze have had this functionality for a while.

    Not sure if “Theater mode” is most appropriate, if we are to see dark mode too though..

  • Jerry

    I like theater mode

  • Bugs Bunnay

    I can’t wait to use this feature when i’m at the movies!

  • Is it true news ? I am waiting for update !!!

  • 919263

    Once again, Apple is trying to Hype the iOS with CRAPware/CRAPapp. They need to work on changing the “Hole” yes not ‘Whole” GUI. Plus give the users more freedom to configure the device. Example… I was watching a comparison between Android and iOS, and one of the things was ICON placement… The wallpapers on iOS are NO use.. as they are always covered by icons.. I mean it is just basic small things that make your device unique and your’s.

    • Icisz

      ha ha ha ha

  • appletimemac

    TODAY’S THE DAY. Let’s see if Sonny Dickson can continue his winning streak of calling stuff correctly.