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Thursday saw the release of a new build of Cydia from its creator Jay Freeman (Saurik). Coming in at version 1.1.28, the build is marked as a beta, designed for use with the fledgling iOS 10.1.x jailbreak from Luca Todesco.

Although I still do not recommend the average user to jailbreak with Yalu for 10.1.x, those who are confident doing so and have already taken the plunge may find this Cydia release improves their experience running the jailbreak slightly.

Due to the early stage of development of the 10.1.x jailbreak, it is inherently unstable and one part of this, though by no means the largest, was that Cydia had not received any tailoring to work with it until now. Yalu seems to do some things differently from previous tools, and as a result users had been reporting various bugs with the package installer. These ranged from messages warning that the program was 32-bit and might slow down their device, to the inability to select anything within the Cydia interface.

The new Cydia build is at Beta 3 at the time of writing, and is now 64-bit. This should go some way to solving the pair of issues mentioned above. It also bumps the version of APT (the package management tool which forms the backend of Cydia) to 1.14 from 0.7.25. Saurik has stated that whilst both of these changes may result in a slight performance decrease, the difference will probably be negligible, and the changes were necessary for improved compatibility with the iOS 10 jailbreak.

A list of known bugs is available to peruse, and users should be aware that this is not intended for general release. Only users of the iOS 10.1.x jailbreak should install this beta for now, and even then only if they are prepared to troubleshoot. Known bugs at the moment include things as serious as the inability to restart SpringBoard following an installation, and a Cydia crash on the first install following modification of Cydia itself; these will probably require more co-operation between Saurik and Luca in order to fix, which may not be possible for at least a few days. For those who are running the 10.1.x jailbreak at present and wish to try out the beta, please follow the instructions below.

How to install the Cydia beta

1) If reading this article on your iOS 10.1.x jailbroken device, simply follow this link to add the beta source to Cydia, and then skip to Step 3. If you are not following these instructions on the device in question, open up Cydia on your jailbroken device, and navigate to the “Sources” tab.


2) On the “Sources” tab, add the following source to Cydia:


3) Allow Cydia to refresh, and you should see three changes. If not, manually navigate to the added source and find the three packages there. These are: Cydia Installer, Debian Packager, and Tape Archive.

cydia-beta- installation-2

4) Select and install all three packages, and respring your device.

5) Reopen Cydia and ensure that the bottom of the homepage lists your Cydia version as 1.1.28.

I recommend keeping an eye on the known issues page I linked above to stay informed of current bugs and fixes as the betas progress; you can also use that page to report any issues you encounter. With luck, this new build should improve quickly, especially once the jailbreak itself receives a few more compatibility fixes.

Are you running the 10.1.x jailbreak yet? Does this Cydia beta fix any issues you had been experiencing? Let me know your findings…

  • Rondog

    Joaquim, so can we say that a jailbreak for 10.1.x may be a reality pretty soon? The reason I ask is because I lost my 9.3.3 jailbreak ( biggest mistake on my part ) by updating to 10.0 when it came out, foolishly thinking there would be a jailbreak and that’s been what about 7 months?

    • Matt

      Use Luca Tudesco’s jailbreak. Yes, it’s semi-tethered, but it’s 100% on device (no computer) and I’ve been using it since it came out with absolutely no problems, glitches or crashes. I’m on a iPhone 6s 10.1

      • Nesly Lacroix

        Does your iPhone have Samsung or TSMC chip?

      • Matt

        I do infact have a samsung chip.

      • Tyler James Lopez

        Does it work with iPhone 6?

      • Matt


      • iOS Kush

        Not sure, if you read the post above it says it isnt working for the iPhone 6. I may hold off.

      • DanyelNL

        It’s working perfect on iphone 6, my iphone it’s IPhone 6 10.2 and work jailbreak ok, all i wait is cydia more stabile, and tweaks for 10.2 all what i see now is only for ios 9 on cydia store.

      • Adeel Memon

        I have iphone 6s 10.1 i did try b3 n b4 but not working any tip ?

      • Matt

        Use b4, I think b3 is broken and just install mobile substrate later. Then put it in the Cydia impactor. Did that work?

      • :)

        For future readers: it’s semi-UNtethered.

    • Alec Ratzell

      iOS 10 was released late September, so barely over 3 months

      • Shadowelite123

        I think he means since the developer betas were released in June.

    • Joaquim Barbosa

      Hi Rondog, yes, I personally believe that Luca’s jailbreak will be very usable within a couple of weeks. Depending on your device, you could try it now, but I’d recommend you wait for a few more betas first. It shouldn’t take too long to get more stable. Thanks for reading!

      • Nesly Lacroix

        Is this jailbreak compatible with TSMC?

      • Joaquim Barbosa

        This article is about Cydia, not the jailbreak. If you mean Luca’s jailbreak for 10.1.x, then, no, not yet. It supports Samsung chips at the moment but will support TSMC later. Thanks.

      • Itsyaboy

        Does that apply to iPhone 7? if so, how can I check what type of chip I have ? Off topic I’ve read somewhere else that the Prometheus downgrade tool has been patched by Apple already 🙁

      • Joaquim Barbosa

        No the chip thing only applies to 6s and SE. iPhone 7 is fine. Yea, Prometheus is not working at the moment, check out my article on it if you’re interested. Cheers!

  • Rondog

    Does it work on an iphone 5se and ipad air 2, which is what I have.

    • Scott Curry

      What a coincidence. Those are the same devices I have…lol


    • Joaquim Barbosa

      The Cydia beta will work on all 64-bit devices, but Luca’s jailbreak does NOT support iPhone 5s or iPad Air 2. They will be supported later. Cheers.

      • Nesly Lacroix

        He asked about iPhone 5SE not 5S. I think 5SE is supported for Samsung chip only.

      • Joaquim Barbosa

        There is no iPhone 5SE. iPhone SE is supported w/Samsung chip, iPhone 5s is not yet.

      • Nesly Lacroix

        I stand corrected. I was thinking about the SE and the poster did also.

      • Anonymous

        5SE? WTF?

    • 7000rpm

      It’s for 6s, iPhone 7, 7+ and iPad Pro.
      Nothing else…

      • Joaquim Barbosa

        And iPhone SE (w/Samsung chip)

      • 7000rpm


  • malhal

    From the bug list it looks like might have updated Substrate for iOS 10 too!

    • Joaquim Barbosa

      There has been no Substrate update according to Saurik, all the necessary Substrate updates were made with Pangu’s help as soon as iOS 10 was released months ago. It’s only the Cydia app itself and its dependencies which have been upgraded today. Thanks!

  • ivish

    Joaquim, what about 32-bit devices? Should we hope for it?

    • Joaquim Barbosa

      No, this is for 64-bit devices only. There is no need for Cydia to be updated for 32-bit devices because it already works on them, and because Luca’s jailbreak will not be for 32-bit devices anyway, so a new version of Cydia is not needed. Hope this helps!

      • ivish

        So basically there won’t be any jailbreak for 32-bits on iOS 10?

      • Joaquim Barbosa

        No-one can say if there will be another one in future. But this jailbreak tool specifically will not be. Cheers.

      • ivish

        Thanks for your response! Hope there would be one!

  • Richard Allison

    Works fine on my iPhone 7 plus 256gb and iPad Pro 12.9 in 256gb

  • Obada Essa

    What about supporting other 64-bit devices?? 5s and 6(Plus).

    • Joaquim Barbosa

      The Cydia update which this post is about already supports all 64-bit devices. Luca’s jailbreak for 10.1.x does NOT support those devices yet, but support for them is coming in a later version of his jailbreak, so you will have to wait for that.

  • djluna31

    When is going to be released for iPhone 6

  • Steve Harold

    I stayed on 10.1 forever then a couple of days ago my phone started to overhear in the middle of the night so I retired and next day jaulbreak came out

    • Joaquim Barbosa

      Which device? You *might* be able to jailbreak on 10.2 soon, depending on device. Check out my new article for more details!

  • DopamineAddicted

    I have an iPhone 6S Plus on iOS 9.3.3 how can i update to 10.1? Thanks for d help

    • RK

      That’s not possible now. Apple has stopped signing iOS 10.1.1. You can only update / restore to 10.2 or latest betas. The Prometheus downgrade tool which promised downgrade to 10.1.1 has been patched by Apple already.

    • Joaquim Barbosa

      Why don’t you jailbreak on iOS 9.3.3? Also, please wait a few days because there might be a jailbreak for iOS 10.2 coming soon and you can then update to iOS 10.2 instead. See my new article for details.

      • DopamineAddicted

        I’m sorry, i left out that crucial piece of info. Yes, i am jailbroken on 9.3.3. So i was wondering if there is something that can help me update to 10.1 since i am jailbroken. Thanks, I’ll wait

  • Tep Veasna

    cydia always crush on my iPhone 7 plus 10.1.1, how to fix it please

    • Zoe Jordan

      Well u should update it

      • Zoe Jordan

        Makee sure u press the mach portal app first let it open and close then open up cydia

  • Lipkiss

    Im on iPhone 7 plus 128gb ios 10.1.1 and the jb is not working.Used luca’s beta 3 as beta 4 does not work.I have cydia on my phone however none of the tweaks show in settings.However i can use moviebox ,ifile & cydown.ANy help would be appreciated.Have updated cydia with latest updates released today.

    • Joaquim Barbosa

      Mobile Substrate is deliberately disabled. Tweaks are not supposed to work. Please wait for an update to the jailbreak. It will come soon and will fix this. Thanks!

      • Malberto

        any update on this?

  • Joaquim Barbosa

    If you don’t have .shsh2 file saved for iOS 10.1.1 then you can’t. Even if you do, your Touch ID will not work after you upgrade. Better to stay with your jailbreak on 9.3.3 and upgrade to 10.2 IF a jailbreak is released. Which it might be soon. Cheers