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In a better-late-than-never move, the free cross-platform video converter Handbrake has finally hit version 1.0. The app had been languishing in beta for more than thirteen years. Handbrake 1.0, a free download for Mac, Windows, Ubuntu and other platforms, lets you convert videos easily from nearly any format to a selection of modern, widely supported codecs. With subtitle support, capable transcoding engine and built-in presets for devices like Apple TV, iPhone and iPad, Handbrake makes it easy to optimize videos for your specific hardware.

It’s something of an irony that Handbrake has finally exited beta at a time of the demise of optical media, especially as Macs no longer feature built-in DVD drives. That doesn’t mean Handbrake is useless—quite the contrary, it’s one of the best cross-platform, open-source video transcoders available on the market at absolutely no charge.

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Because developers are currently unable to sign the HandBrake downloads, macOS will flag the app as from an unidentified developer. To work around this, change your Gatekeeper settings to allow apps from unidentified developers, or right-click the app, then selects Open from the popup menu.

Some of the Mac-specific improvements in Handbrake 1.0 include:

  • Updated all tooltips
  • Added undo/redo support to the graphical interface
  • Improved drag and drop support
  • Added Open Recent to the File menu
  • Added Add Titles to Queue… to the File menu (batch queueing)
  • Preview prompts to open in an external application when the internal player does not support the format
  • Preview now displays volume and audio/subtitles language selection during playback
  • Picture and Filters settings are now part of the main window
  • Settings are preserved when selecting a new title (instead of reloading the last selected preset)
  • Improved support for importing/exporting comma-separated (.csv) chapter markers
  • Queue is now automatically paused when available disk space is low
  • When Done action can now be changed directly from the Queue window
  • When Done notification is now interactive (reveals the encoded file in Finder)
  • Activity Log window is now searchable (press “?”+”f” to activate)
  • XQuartz is no longer required for subtitle burn-in
  • Updated Sparkle software update library
  • Enabled DSA signature checking for improved security
  • Usability improvements
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

For the full list of changes in Handbrake 1.0, check out this post. You’re wholeheartedly recommended to grab Handbrake 1.0 directly from the official website. The app requires an Intel-based Mac with macOS Lion 10.7 or later.

Please be advised that downloads are not mirrored on any third-party services, excepting the Linux PPA, so be sure to grab your copy of the app from the only official source for HandBrake. To get the most from the app, check out the new English-only online HandBrake Documentation beta.

  • Rahimo

    I’m using Format Factory for more than 6 years! and it’s absolutely free!! I don’t know if there is a Mac version or not! but I’m using it on Windows https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/51890a617c7103873185cba43039708f893fc6ea4eed99b3d7702f161a2602be.png

    • Trần Trái Dừa

      You can’t add manual subtitle to the video with that. With handbrake, we can have more than 1 subs for 1 video, got it?

      • Bugs Bunnay

        different strokes for different folks. not everyone does kdrama subtitles lmao

      • Haze

        completely agree

  • Alex Wilson

    Thanks for the heads up, great piece of software that just works. The v1.0 has a lot more features/settings now, worthy of the v1.0 – the lack of DVD/BlueRay is a downside for the mac IMHO. Just makes users add one more dongle. I still prefer to own my media and use it how I want, not how Apple or somebody else wants me to use it. The old ATV1 was great with it’s own HD.

  • :D

    Been using this for years and it’s great

  • 5723alex .

    On Windows the app require .NET 4.6

    • cdlenfert

      On Windows 10, I can only get .87% through a transcode process. Then nothing else happens. Would that have to do with .NET 4.6? I want to use this, but so far no luck.

  • Tommy

    Is there a way to bypass it so I can get dvd’s I have and put them on my mac

    • Haze

      if you explain deeper I will be able to help.

    • Haze

      Do you want to take a physical DVD and put a digital copy on your mac?

      • Tommy

        yes, do you know how

  • How can a program be in beta for 13 years?!

  • @haze can I change the audio(conversations) with my own native tongue on movies using handbrake? If it is possible, how can it be done? Thanks.

  • electro

    Can I merge two or three files?

  • Mark S

    Great program! Been using it for at least 10 years now. Thanks guys for another great version.

  • rhzszm

    Just learn ffmpeg, you can even script it server-side stuff to make your own instagram or vine. Handbrake is just a gui front end for ffmpeg.