Apple II made from gingerbread

I got for Christmas everything I wanted, but seeing this makes me wonder… One very creative dad who’s obviously handy in the kitchen has built an Apple II out of gingerbread for his Apple-loving son and posted the images of it on Imgur for the whole world to see. Batter yet, the Apple II modeled in gingerbread comes complete with an edible chocolate keyboard, motherboard and floppy disk.

“The floppy disk is looking a little green and rotten,” he wrote. “It’s not—that color is coming from a green light on the Christmas tree.”

“I need to make a modem card for the Gingerbread II, then I’ll be able to connect them together,” he added jokingly.

And you thought your Christmas was awesome…

Source: Imgur

  • Mark S

    Jailbreak it!

  • Anthony Capers

    “Batter yet” Good one IDB.

  • HK

    Why not Apple pie!?

  • Jayy

    Can it run Doom though?

  • ChloeWade

    Did u write batter yet on purpose?