Spotify for Mac gains Touch Bar shortcuts

By , Dec 23, 2016

Spotify Touch Bar image 001

Spotify for Mac was updated this morning with support for Touch Bar shortcuts on the new MacBook Pro models, German outlet reported. A few handy music-playback controls are now available in Spotify’s Mac app directly from the Touch Bar, including common controls such as transport and search, as well as persistent Now Playing buttons like play, pause, shuffle, repeat and the volume slider.

Other Touch Bar-enabled controls in Spotify for Mac include a dedicated button for navigating between the app’s screens and integration with Touch Bar’s Control Strip section. If Spotify is playing music, you can hit the Now Playing icon in Touch Bar’s Control Strip section to reveal play, pause and skip buttons, as well as a scrubber.

And if you own AirPods and you take one AirPod out of your ear, Spotify will pause any currently playing track. Put the earbud back in your ear and Spotify automagically resumes music playback.

The AirPods auto-pause feature is available in iTunes and Apple Music for Mac, too.

Spotify for Mac can be downloaded directly from the official website.

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  • techfreak23

    Seems like they’re never going to come out with a companion app for the watch… such a let down

    • ChloeWade

      If u want that get apple music simple

      • techfreak23

        It’s not that simple. There are a few things that Spotify offers that Apple Music doesn’t such as Spotify Connect, which is now integrated with my Sonos system at home. I don’t have to leave the Spotify app to go to the Sonos app anymore to send music to my speakers. With Connect, I can also seamlessly switch playback between my different devices. If I’m listening to something on my laptop and I’m about to be on the go, I can open up the app on my phone and continue playback down to the second and preserve my queue across my devices. I can also control the quality of my stream or the quality of my downloaded music. The only thing that pisses me off with Spotify right now is that they have yet to come out with a Watch app, even though they have plenty of customers requesting it.

  • sNick

    Really? And still no Apple Watch App? Come on…

  • Good thing I’ve never installed Spotify on my MacBook. Only on my android phone. Spotify loves ssds!

    • ChloeWade

      Y would that be a reason not to install it on ur MB every MB in the last few years has SSD as does every smartphone

      • Jose Rivera

        I take it you haven’t heard of Spotify burning through GB’s of data read/writes on the SSD itself shortening the life span of that drive.

      • ChloeWade

        I wouldn’t know I have apple music not spotify also doesn’t it do the same on smartphones which all have SSD’s

      • Jose Rivera

        Nope. Only because a phone application is entirely different than an application wittted specifically for a computer… But an iPhone doesn’t use an SSD. An iPhone uses something more closely related to an SD card.

      • ChloeWade

        Nope fake iPhones use SD real ones use NVMe flash chips which r much faster and more akin to an SSD

      • Jose Rivera

        I know. I just couldn’t remember what the technology they used for their NAND flash storage. I know fake iPones have an SD card hidden in there but I was too tired to get the right choice of words out. But just because an App is available on two platforms (computer and mobile) it doesn’t mean that it will be the exact same… And it may be asking to an SSD, but it is not an SSD. It called NAND flash storage when it’s on a mobile phone or tablet or MP3 played. these don’t require any power to keep data stored on themselves, unlike some SSD’s which do. Just because they seem like they’re the exact same, doesn’t mean they behave the exact same. Seriously. Computers and phones operate at completely different frequencies and they will never be the same when it comes to performenace and OS.

      • ChloeWade

        I never said it is exactly the same but it’s more like an SSD than an SD card

  • ChloeWade

    I prefer apple music

  • Chris Lo

    Spotify unfortunately is far better imo. I had wanted to love Apple Music and blindly tried to champion it when it first came out but the interface is not to my taste and still confusing to use and why is everything so blindingly white?? Horrible to use when it’s dark. Eddie Cue has ruined another Apple product. I for one am happy for this Spotify Touch Bar support.