Kerbal Space Program

Get in the pilot seat for one of the most celebrated simulation games of the decade. Create your own starship, recruit a team and explore the universe with Kerbal Space Program, which earned a 9/10 IGN rating.

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In Kerbal Space Program, you’ll create your own space program, where you’ll construct space-worthy craft and have the opportunity to discover the Kerbal universe. A wildly diverse collection of worlds, planets and galaxies await your exploration. of As you advance in KPS, you’ll learn to dock spacecraft together to build entire space stations, or even surface bases on other planets.

Manage a team of crew members to aid in your missions, with real ship systems, reality-based flight physics and actual parts to help develop your aerospace know-how. Take your crew on expeditions away from the ship with Extra Vehicular Activities, where you’ll gather date and precious minerals.

KSP is mod-enabled, allowing players to create new content within the game as you explore deeper and deeper into the universe of the Kerbal Space Program.

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