Mario Losing

The popular new Super Mario Run game by Nintendo doesn’t have a whole lot of levels to play, but if you ever get to the point where you want to just delete all your in-game progress and start all over again, then you’ll be happy to know there’s a way to do that.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how you can delete all your Super Mario Run game progress data without having to delete the game from your device and re-download it later on.

Deleting all Super Mario Run game progress

Rather than wasting your time deleting and re-downloading the Super Mario Run game, and possibly even wasting valuable cellular data to re-download the game if you’re nowhere near a Wi-Fi network, utilizing the game’s built-in progress deletion feature can save oodles of time and will still allow you to start fresh with a clean slate.

After you delete your Super Mario Run progress data, it will be as if you just downloaded the game and are starting over from scratch. Nintendo says that the following information gets deleted when you perform this task:

  • All of the coins you’ve collected throughout all of your levels
  • All of the course records you’ve set while playing through the game
  • Any purchased content you’ve bought via in-app purchase
  • Any other information pertaining to who you are as a player will have to be reconfigured

It’s worth noting that while your in-app purchase might be reset afterwards in Super Mario Run, you won’t have to re-purchase it again in the future. A feature in the app lets you restore your purchase if you’ve already bought it before, so don’t worry about being charged a second time for unlocking the in-app purchase you bought previously.

You should also keep in mind that this will not delete your Nintendo account, but it will disassociate all of your game data from your Nintendo account, so there’s no way to reverse this action. You have been warned.

How to do it

Now that you know what deleting your Super Mario Run progress data is going to do, these are the steps to go through with it:

1) Launch the Super Mario Run game from your Home screen.

2) Touch the screen to begin the game when prompted.

3) Once you’re at the main page, tap on the Menu button.

Super Mario Run Reset Game Data 1

4) Tap on the Settings buttons that appears.

5) From the new menu, tap on the About This App button.

6) Next, tap on the Delete User Data button.

Super Mario Run Delete User Data 2

7) Tap on the green OK button.

8) Read the warning, then confirm you want to delete your data by tapping on the red Delete button.

Your app will now be reset back to how it was when you first downloaded it.

You will need to restore any in-app purchases you made, sign in with your Nintendo account, and start over from level 1 with none of the saved progress you had prior to following this tutorial.

That’s all there is to it – happy gaming Mario fans!

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If you’re not already playing Super Mario Run, but you want to get it, you can grab it for free from the App Store.

Do you intend to reset your game data when you beat the game so you can start over? Share in the comments below!

  • Rob

    Slightly off topic but can anyone tell me how to get super mario run to work on a device that used to be jailbroken (it still detects as if it still is) without having to restore and set up the phone as new?

    • ravinigga

      I had that too.
      Only thing to do is fresh restore, and set device as new(not backup because may still have Cydia leftovers)

    • leart

      looks like there are remains of some plists that are stored on directories that iTunes use to back up… even from iCloud they will return on the device
      the only way it’s a clean install unfortunately

    • Blip dude

      I’m still wondering why people are having issues. I was previously Jailbroken and had no issues running the app. Best advice though is to do a clean restore.

    • triggerhappypunk

      I had the same problem, ended up doing a DFU restore. A big PITA as I use iCloud for my music and photos, and it takes more than 3 days to re-download everything!

      I wish Apple would allow you to manage your music and photos from local storage AND cloud, so that you can restore quicker from local storage yet still have the data available in the cloud.

    • workin

      If jailbroken you can get package from cydia(google it ;). If not jailbroken clean up your install with a restore.

    • John

      Just install tsProtector 8+ (iOS 9 & 8) from Cydia and enable Super Mario Run from the blacklist apps.

      • Rob

        Thanks I had tsprotector when I was jailbroken before, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a 10.1.1 jailbreak! If the jailbreak never comes I’ll have to restore as new, really don’t want to start fresh 🙁

        Thanks to everyone for your input 🙂 just wish there was another way around it

  • Jamessmooth

    I know it doesn’t seem to have a whole lot of levels, but I do enjoy getting the different colored coins, which really stretches the game out. Also, leveling up enemies is fun and time consuming too!

  • Squeal

    Where does one find the “Restore Purchase” option? Now that I’m back to Level 1-4, it wants me to buy the game again, but it seems to only offer the option of yes – buying it! I can’t find anything in the settings to restore my previous purchase of the game. Thanks for your help!