AirPods in-store pickup web screenshot 002

As first noted by AppleInsider, Apple yesterday began offering the in-store pickup option for its newly launched AirPods wireless earphones. online store in the United States indicated at post time that first AirPods ordered with the in-store pickup option would be available on February 8.

If you choose to have AirPods shipped to your home, they’re estimated to arrive in six weeks.

Note that estimated delivery dates can change depending on stock, demand, manufacturing issues and other conditions. Following their unexpected delay, AirPods finally began shipping to customers just days before Christmas.

What limited inventory was available at Apple stores sold out quickly.

To check availability of the in-store pickup option for AirPods, visit the AirPods webpage. Click the blue Buy button in the top-right corner, then hit the “Check Availability” link underneath the Pickup heading in the lefthand column.

AirPods in-store pickup web screenshot 001

Now select your favorite Apple Store from the list, or type its name in the search filed to check availability. Choose a desired store, then add AirPods to your shopping bag and proceed to checkout.

Most of the stores list AirPods as arriving on February 8, 2017 for in-store pickup.

You’ll receive a notification email when your order is ready to be picked up. You can pick up the order yourself or have someone else pick it up for you.

Did you buy your AirPods yet? If so, do share your first impressions with other readers in the comment section below. If not, tell us why?

Source: AppleInsider

  • nova12

    Got mine yesterday. They’re really nice. Just wish you could do Siri AND play/pause at the same time (maybe one bud is Siri and the other is play/pause).

  • Jordan

    Already got mine yesterday and I absolutely love them! The only thing is I wish they would have put like a ping on the case so you can hit a button like on Apple Watch to ping your iPhone. Bc they are small and can easily be misplaced. Hopefully the second gen they do something like that

    • They could do that with a firmware update. Cause you can see the firmware version of them on the computer. Wouldn’t be hard at all for them to do it.

      • nova12

        how, if there’s no speaker built into the case to emit the sound?

    • iBanks

      I’m hoping that the Lookout app adds this functionality for the AirPods like they do for the iPhone and Apple Watch. They go out of range of one another and I get an alert on both devices.

  • Ds

    Seems like for being an item so many people were quick to judge, discard as practical, and ultimately shame… they sure did sell out super fast.

    • Rowan09

      Always the case

    • nova12

      guilty as charged. I didn’t slam them online, but I thought they looked stupid. still ordered two sets the minute iDB posted they were available. I’m a freaking slave to apple marketing.

      Here’s the thing: the part I thought looked stupid was the little stems but you know what? they are PERFECT when you’re wearing a beanie in cold weather — just long enough that the ends poke out so that the mics are clear. Probably an accidentally upside, but still great.

    • n0ahcruz3

      Lol its apple what do you expect people without brand loyalty like myself (although uses only iPhone) will criticize a product especially when it comes to pricing and the usability. I criticized the 5c, the 16gb memory etc. and the decline of the iPad since 5.5 iPhone was introduced. 5c was an expensive POs at $499 16gb. They did however learned from that by releasing SE with a $399 price tag. And they offered 32gb as minimum for the 7/7+. Point is, you have to atleast criticized a company for a “subpar” product in order for them to release a much better and improved and reasonably priced products.

  • FFF84

    I canceled my order and arranged an in-store pickup on February 3rd cause the delivery was February 7 (Germany).

  • nathan stout

    Would you guys recommend refreshing the availability over and over until I can reserve one or should I just go to the Apple Store in the morning? How did you guys get yours?

    • nova12

      I ordered mine in the Apple Store app the minute iDB posted that they were available. just happened to open the iDB app as the article was posted.

  • Woz A Nater

    Wake up. Everyone that sees you wearing these AirPods will think your a dork.

  • Rob

    I’ve been using them since Monday morning, the case had about 80% charge after unboxing, been using them on and off at work Monday and Tuesday and I only had to put the case on charge Tuesday evening.

    They sound great, I get loads of positive attention from people that notice me wearing them, they stay in my ears great even when I tried shaking my head violently to test it. I absolutely love these things, best thing apples made in a long time.

    The only negative I’ve experienced so far is one time I put one in my ear and double tapped to invoke Siri and it didn’t respond, took a few tries to respond so I assumed that it just took a few seconds to re-establish a connection.

    When you’ve got an Apple Watch too to control phone calls and music etc it all just seamlessly works just like you’d expect, loving being in the ecosystem!