Our Wallpapers of the Week category provides photo quality images for your iOS devices every Sunday. Today, we highlight two categories that are frequently very popular. Minimalistic and geometric designs are always on the top of our charts and the following set fits the bill.

Apple has become stingy with their wallpaper catalogue as we entered iOS 9. Consequently, what’s wrong with stealing some great wallpapers from a competing device? The collection below is a sampling of the OnePlus 2 stock wallpapers.

OnePlus 2 wallpapers

The OnePlus 2 device comes with a lot of wallpapers. Jason Zigrino posted a folder of the wallpapers on his DeviantArt gallery. The following images are a subset of those wallpapers. For the full collection, download the zip file from his gallery page. Follow @jasonzigrino for his latest designs.

The Wallpapers of the Week collection is populated with images submitted to me from iDB readers or my findings across the Internet. To submit your own tips or tricks, catch me @jim_gresham, for the latest.


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  • Richard


  • Ninja Ass

    They have badass wallpapers also phone

  • Diego Milano

    Wow, those are real structures? Good walls this week, thanks for sharing!

    • I don’t know about the others, but the last one is the shopping mall Emporia located in the outskirts of Malmö, Sweden.

    • 7000rpm

      The last one looks like it’s from Dubai

  • Sohail Wahab

    Absolutly beautiful!!

  • Waldemar Sinicki


  • 7000rpm

    These are sick!

  • Jordan James Dalzell

    I was totally expecting a Christmas post. These are neat!

  • Matthew Ng

    If you want to find more of the abstract wallpapers, search up Hampus Olsson, he is the artist

    • Sam Nelson

      Thanks for the tip, I’m loving these!

  • Gotta admit that android phones have pretty cool stock wallpapers. Will try some of these out for sure.

  • Matty Greaves

    these are really nice!