Super Mario Run JB

The highly anticipated Super Mario Run platformer game from Nintendo launched on the App Store Thursday afternoon, but anyone who has a jailbroken device is in for a surprise when they try to play, as it appears Nintendo built jailbreak detection into the game.

This is particularly common among a number of hit games from the App Store, including Pokémon GO, and causes the app in question to do nothing but crash whenever you attempt to launch it, but there is a way around it if you still want to play Super Mario Run on your jailbroken iOS devices, and we’ll show you how.

How to play Super Mario Run on a jailbroken iPhone

To play the Super Mario Run game you just downloaded on your jailbroken device, you’ll need to install a tweak from Cydia that can hide your jailbroken status from the game when it does its preliminary check.

A lot of the older jailbreak tweaks that used to do this for other apps won’t work for this, but one that does is called tsProtector 8+ (iOS 9 & 9) by iOS developer typ0s2d10, and it’s available in Cydia’s BigBoss repository.

It’s a paid tweak, but it comes with a limited free trial that lasts forever, and that’s all you’re really going to need. So you won’t have to pay anything to make this work.

Getting the patch

To get it, follow these steps:

1) Launch Cydia from your Home screen.

2) Search for “tsprotector” in the Search field

tsProtector Cydia Search

3) Tap on the tsProtector 8+ (iOS 9 & 8) option.

4) Tap on the blue Install button at the top right of the tweak and follow the prompts in Cydia until the installation is complete.

Applying the patch

After you install the tweak from Cydia, you can follow the following steps to bypass Super Mario Run’s jailbreak protection on your device:

1) Launch the Settings app from your Home screen.

2) Open the tsProtector preferences pane.

3) Open the Black List Apps cell:

Play Super Mario Run on a Jailbroken Device

4) Turn on the MARIO RUN toggle switch.

Now that you’ve applied this patch to the Super Mario Run again, you should be able to launch it on your jailbroken device and the game should load as expected without any hesitation.

One thing to remember…

If you’re running the Pangu jailbreak for iOS 9.3.3, then you’re using a semi-untethered jailbreak. This means when you reboot, you will need to run the Pangu app from your Home screen to reinitialize your jailbreak.

If you don’t do this, your jailbreak won’t function when your device reboots and this also means the patch won’t reinitialize. So if you attempt to play the game after a reboot without running the Pangu tool, you’ll be right back at square one with a game that crashes at startup.

So with that in mind, if you’re jailbroken and you’re using this patch to play, try your best to remember to boot semi-untethered every time to reboot before you try playing Super Mario Run.

Disclaimer: Super Mario Run requires an active internet connection at all times to be played. Since it’s always phoning home, we are not responsible if you happen to get locked out of the game or banned from playing it for applying these kinds of patches. Install them at your own risk.

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Have you applied this patch to play on your jailbroken device? Share in the comments below!

  • Cerberus The Wise

    I jailbroke in the past. Leftover files are making my game crash. Not jailbroken so I can’t apply these tweaks.

    How immensely irritating.

    • Restore your iPhone and set up as new (not from backup)

      • Adan

        Of course… such an easy thing, done in seconds… say goodbye to all your game and app data… yeah, I’m going to do it right now! *huge eye roll*

      • Diego Milano

        Can’t you back your game data up with iCloud though?

      • Adan

        For the apps that support it yes, but they are very few.

      • Diego Milano

        I thought all of them did. That sucks then.

      • Hey, nice use of sarcasm.

        I offer the solution to a very common problem. I’m not saying it’s simple or easy or convenient or anything. I’m saying that this is the way to fix that problem. But of course, if you do have a better solution, feel free to share.

      • Adan

        Sarcasm? Me? Never… Sherlock has nothing on you!

        Just because you offered a “fix” doesn’t mean it’s good or convenient. It’s almost akin to telling a woman that in order to stop becoming pregnant, she has to take a knife and stab her parts repeatedly.

        Like someone else said, SOOOOOO NOOOOOOT WORTH IT.

      • thunderqus

        sarcasm is because you failed to acknowledge that it is painful method! jailbreaker would obviously know restore method will work, and if he isnt doing it and commenting here, it is because he wants a better solution.

      • There are many ways to express yourself online but the use of sarcasm doesn’t really help make a community better. These types of comments just reinforce negativity.

        Jailbreakers would obviously know the restore method? Probably. But a jailbreakers should also know that this is not a good idea to update from a jailbroken OS to a non-jailbroken one. It’s very basic. It might be painful to lose your messages and game progress, but you minimize the possibility of encountering issues in the future. Such issues are usually related to battery life, or, similar to this case, conflicts with stock apps.

        As inconvenient as my solution may sound to you, this is the only solution at this time.

      • CSK

        Wow….Sure, very good advice, as good as telling he to buy a new phone, problem solved. Come on.

      • That is as far as I can tell, the only solution, so yes, it is good advice. What is even better advice, that we give at any occasion is to not upgrade from a jailbroken iPhone to a non-jailbroken state. It just carries tons of tweaked files that can create problems in the long run, such as the problem described here by Cerberus.

      • Cerberus The Wise

        Yeah thanks but sooooo not worth deleting everything in my phone for.

        Nintendo just lost money on me.

      • Anthony

        You got the best possible solution yet these people still complain. It is hilarious. And thanks for the solution.

    • CSK

      Same here, just saw on reddit and everyone that is now on ios 10 and had jailbroken before cant open the app.

      • sheldonDS3

        Same here :/

      • Blip dude

        Nope, my phone was Jailbroken, ended up getting and Apple Watch so had to update. After restored 10.1.1 update I was able to use the app just fine. Not worth the $10 IMO though to each their own.

  • malhal

    Useful guide, had already done it myself though

  • Dilir Daiyan Aranna

    Wont the Patch bypass the detection?

  • Gnargusto

    Worked for me. Thanks!

  • Saulo Benigno

    Still not working for me. The nintendo (red) screen appears and then auto close 🙁

    • Digital

      Do you have xcon installed right now? if so you need to remove it. If you have it removed and it still crashes, some old files might still be there making it look like you got it. Get iCleaner and just run “Clean”. It should Clean up everything old laying around. You will probably free up some presiouse space and it should fix the crash.

      • Saulo Benigno

        But, what abou pokemon go? 🙁

        It uses xcon.

        But thanks for the info

      • joker-rs

        Tirou da minha boca… “Reads my mind”

      • joker-rs

        But works. ICleaner its not necessary. (Nem precisa passar o icleaner.)

      • ahmed

        I use PokePatch to play Pokemon go and after installing this patch here, there seems to be no issues between them, so you might want to try that instead of xcon

  • Lay

    this is working for me.
    still with this problem and the always online problem I don’t think I will purchase the game anymore. 10€ for a not-pay2win is ok for me (and it is actually fun) but I don’t want to remove the jailbreak or play always online.

  • JEmlay

    Nope, doesn’t work. I have version 1.2.0-89. Adding Mario Run still doesn’t allow me to run the game. On another note, this works fine for my Miitomo.

    iPad Pro 9.3.3

    • Saulo Benigno

      Does not work for me either… still not opening 🙁

      • JEmlay

        I didn’t have to do this for Miitomo but I went ahead and resprung the device. That of course doesn’t full work in 9.3.3 and brings it up in safe mode of which you then need to reset back into normal mode. Luckily that reset doesn’t cause the jailbreak to reset. After all that I’m now able to get into the game. A flat out reboot would probably work too. Then of course just re-enable your jailbreak.

      • Sebastian Rasch

        Respringing works fine on my jailbroken iPhone 9.3.3. No safe mode.

      • JEmlay

        Not on my iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. Tried 3 different tools. They all do the same thing.

      • Sebastian Rasch

        Now that’s weird. On both my iPhone 6 Plus and the iPhone 6 of my girlfriend I can restore without safe mode or any other trouble. Maybe I used a different jailbreak? Pangu released quite a lot of different versions over time and I also use a version with a year long certificate so I don’t have to reinitialise with a computer. As far as I understand not all versions of the jailbreak have that kind of cert.

      • Digital

        If you got xcon, remove it. And do a cleanup with iCleaner, that did the trick for me.

    • Eric Draven

      It should be version 1.2.0-20 for tsProtector. Works perfect for me

      • JEmlay

        You’re on a very old version. Besides, read my later comment.

      • Eric Draven

        I actually just paid for the tweak. How is it an old version when thats what I get when I paid for it

      • JEmlay

        Then you got ripped off. From typ0s2d10 himself the latest version is 89. You’re on 20. Do the math.

      • Eric Draven

        Well thats whats available on Cydia so I dont know how you got version 89

      • JEmlay

        From Cydia from the official repo.

      • Eric Draven

        Yeah I just add his repo. Thanks. I got the version off Big Boss. Not sure why its not updated on there

  • Levent Korkmaz

    there is a paradox about this: Nintendo knows jailbroken device can modify things so they want to block jailbroken devices, however jailbroken device can modify things so Nintendo’s jailbreak detection can alter and/or modify by community… weird and stupid xD

  • Joewy Melendez

    Didn’t work. Doesn’t show on the blacklisted apps only whitelist

  • ShawnTXDFW

    Worked for me on JB iPad Pro 9.3.3 Thanks so much for this!

  • Todd Bruno

    Horrible game! This works with tweak fine, however it does not fix the boring temple run game play. They ruined the classic. Uninstalled the game and TS Protector. Also needs active internet which kills your data plan. Wow! Just horrible all around.

  • Tj Harris

    Worked easy as for me, thank u. Using JB iPhone 5s on 9.3

  • Gulam

    (iOS 9 & 9)!!!

  • ahmed

    Great. Now I need a tweak to bypass the always active internet connection requirement. Any ideas?

  • Agneev Mukherjee

    Patiently waiting for iOS 10 JB.

  • 7000rpm


  • Joshfei

    Thanks for this, and all the helpful articles. One point, I think this is supposed to be 8&9 – tsProtector 8+ (iOS 9 & 9)

  • Marcov

    The only thing that’s. working is (when you had a jailbroken your device) is totally erase everything on your device/reinstall/clean Install, or factory reset iOS device. This really should help.

    Then recover the device and everything is working

    • Blip dude

      Yeah but I also understand why everyone won’t go with that option either. A $10 app which requires a constant internet connection is not worth losing everything on a device.

      Not sure why these companies continue to add jailbreak detection when it will eventually be bypassed anyway.

  • Tizzik

    Xcon works just fine guys.

  • techfreak23

    Jailbreak detection is pointless. Do they not realize that is one of the many benefits of being jailbroken? There will be tweaks to get around it. Also don’t know why they care so much. The percentage of users using mods or tweaks to advance the game are very minimal to the rest of the people playing fairly. Useless effort on their part.

  • i can confirm that game does not run in some country (possible asia, middle east), just use usa vpn and game run,

    also i test with xCon beta and it works for me game can not detect jailbreak

  • leave

    “RunMario” is a jailbreak tweak just for this prepose and it’s free.

    • Both are free. The trial you get with this tweak is just as good and lasts an infinite amount of time.

  • Lazarus Arguelles

    Now that Mario had been updated we can no longer play this. Any chance it’ll get cracked again?