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Deliveries, my favorite package tracker for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch, received a major update on the App Store this morning. Bumped to version 8.0, Deliveries is now fully compatible with iOS 10 and watchOS 3 and supports many new iOS 10 features, from rich notifications and haptic feedback to a reworked widget, deeper 3D Touch support, faster background updating for the Deliveries widget and its Apple Watch app, improved suggestions when you add a delivery, an iMessage sticker pack and more.

With iOS 10 support, you can now press on a Deliveries notification for more information and an embedded map. On devices without 3D Touch, swipe left and tap View.

The Deliveries widget shows a single delivery by default, with a Show More button revealing as many deliveries as possible. You can also press Deliveries’ Home screen icon with 3D Touch to see the first delivery in your list.

Deliveries 8.0 for iOS widget iPhone screenshot 001

Taking advantage of Background App Refresh in watchOS 3, Deliveries for Apple Watch now updates in the background so it’s up to date as soon as it’s launched. The watch app improves the display of multicolor complication icons on watchOS 3, too.

Deliveries 8.0 for watchOS 3 Apple Watch screenshot 001

When adding a delivery, the app will now provide improved suggestions. You can swipe a suggestion on the Add Delivery screen to hide it if you like (hidden services may no longer show as suggestions).

The Add to Deliveries Safari extension now syncs and updates immediately and automatically fills in item names for “Amazon – by tracking link” deliveries. To see the extension in action, go to Amazon’s Your Orders page in Safari, tap the Share button, and choose Add to Deliveries from the Share menu.

Deliveries now supports Universal Clipboard so you can copy tracking information on one device and paste it into Deliveries on another. You’ll also appreciate improved tracking number detection for GLS, LaserShip, PostNL and Yamato, as well as enhanced recognition of UPS and PostNL links.

Deliveries 8.0 for iOS widget iPhone screenshot 001

On iPhone 7/Plus, haptics provide subtle feedback on various Deliveries actions.

The app packs in a whole bunch of other improvements, including:

  • The refresh status of a delivery is now shown on the right side of each delivery in the list, so the progress indicator is less obtrusive. When Deliveries is unable to update the status, you’ll see an alert icon. For an Amazon delivery, this often means that you need to sign in.
  • Improvements to Amazon sign in. If you still have problems, please visit for new troubleshooting options.
  • If a delivered item can no longer be found online, Deliveries will keep the last known details instead of showing a “not found” error. We do still recommend you archive deliveries that no longer need to be refreshed.
  • If you restore an archived delivery that’s no longer available online, it will continue to show the last known details, so you don’t lose any information.
  • Improved support for Dynamic Type.
  • If you search for deliveries in Spotlight, you’ll see a “Search in App” button so you can see more results in the app.
  • Improved some icons and other visual refinements.
  • Many improvements to stability and performance.

Updating from Deliveries 5.2.1 or earlier? Existing deliveries and settings will be lost.

Deliveries 8.0 for iOS iMessage sticker pack iPhone screenshot 001

Today’s update is free for existing users of the app.

Release notes state that Deliveries is now an iOS 10-only app.

Delivers for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch is $4.99 on the App Store.

Delivers for Mac is $4.99 on the Mac App Store.

  • iByron

    Version 9.0?? In the App Store it says version 8.0.

    • Alex Wilson

      iOS is v8, you’re right. Double checked, v8 not v9. I just updated 5 minutes ago, and the MacOS app is v3 and also just came out this morning.

      • iByron

        I just updated iOS 5 minutes ago. App Store says 8.0 as does iTunes on the desktop. Also says “Deliveries 8.0 (941, 184)” in the settings.

        And I do have the latest version as I have all of the features listed in this article.

  • Alex Wilson

    I started off using the Dashboard version, good app but Dashboard was a PITA. Added it to my iPhone when it came out, loved it. Finally bought the Mac App and now it’s prefect. Lets me keep track of all my home packages as well as work shipments. Developer keeps updating it but never loses track of the essential aspects of the app. I’ve shut off Amazon notification as this app makes it all easier and in one location across my work and home Macs as well as my iPhone and iPad.

  • DOOManiac

    I’ve been using this app for years and whenever I see them in the news I always make a point to recommend it. Best package tracking app I’ve ever seen, well worth the small price.

  • Mut

    I like this app but it never seems to provide push notifications often enough. I get some but not what I believe should be all. Like if a package arrives at a location that won’t be delivering it; I get those sometimes. Sometimes I get delivered messages and if I do it can be hours later. All in all, it is worth the purchase but just not consistent enough for me.