Chances are you have a thing or two that you like to keep locked away with a padlock of some sort.

Whether you need it for a locker at school or work, or to keep a gate or shed closed at home, you can bring your padlocks up to the 21st century with the Dog and Bone LockSmart Mini, which utilizes wireless Bluetooth connectivity so you can unlock the padlock with your smartphone.

The LockSmart Mini uses hardened stainless steel for the lock shackle and die-cast Zamak-3 zinc alloy body, making it durable and difficult to crack open without some kind of heavy duty power tools. Moreover, seals on the device protect its electronics from weather, and the coating on the outside makes it durable against shock, making it effective for outside use as well.

A Lithium Ion battery inside the lock charges up quickly and can last up to two years or 3,000 unlocks on a single charge, whichever comes first. The lock automatically goes to sleep after a period of time to save power and is re-activated with a light button press at the bottom of the unit. When you need to charge it back up, you can use the included Micro-USB cable.

To use the lock, you download the LockSmart app from the App Store for free and pair your iPhone with your LockSmart Mini lock:

Dog and Bone app

After doing so, you can use different means to authenticate and unlock the LockSmart Mini, such as tap to unlock, passcode, or Touch ID. Then, the magic happens:

Dog and Bone GIF

The app itself also has a lot of other useful features you can take advantage of, including:

  • Location tracking
  • Battery level meter
  • Shared users
  • Power save mode
  • Tracking mode
  • And more…

Dog and Bone Settings

To sum things up, here is a short list of pros and cons I’ve put together for the LockSmart Mini:


  • Ultra convenient unlocking process
  • About the same size as most padlocks
  • Different colors to pick from
  • Long battery life
  • Works with iOS and Android
  • Companion app with lots of features


  • Expensive
  • Not as strong as heavy duty padlocks

With the LockSmart Mini, you no longer have to worry about lost keys or forgetfulness. As long as you have your iPhone on you, you can unlock your padlock and unlock anything you need to keep safe from the outside world. If you’re interested, you can purchase the LockSmart Mini for around $58 from Amazon.

Would you trust a Bluetooth lock to secure your valuables? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

  • Michael Sweeney

    I watched the video with the sound off, I was laying next to my partner, but it seems that should the battery on either your phone or the lock die you’re left without options. What’s the built in contingency plan for this?

    • Jay

      Looked until charge it up, problem solved. Of course Im kidding but you’re right. Also this could be hacked the same way you start/open cars with push button starters.

      • Anonymouse

        It would be interesting to know if hacking is easier than copying/stealing a key or picking the lock?

    • Andrew O’Hara

      Hey Michael! So there is not necessarily an option in that case. If your phone dies, charge it. If your lock dies, charge it (probably with a portable battery?). Same thing as if you forgot your key or passcode with a standard lock. But the difference is, you can just recharge instead of being screwed.

      That said! This is actually the “mini” version of their product. The larger version has a key hole, so you have a manual option. If that is a concern, I would recommend the larger variant, but it is just that. larger.

      Hope that makes sense! Basically if you want a manual fallback, get the original, otherwise the mini lacks those safeguards in exchange for a smaller size!

  • nova12

    and what if the electronics fail while it’s locked? is there a physical way to unlock it as a backup?

    • Andrew O’Hara

      Not on the mini version! They make a larger version with a key, but the mini version trades that fallback for size. It is up to the consumer to decide if they want a larger size with a manual option, or smaller but no protection.

      • Anonymouse

        I’m waiting for someone to ask, “what if I lose my phone?” 🙂

      • Andrew O’Hara

        It is tied to an account, PLUS you can share with others. So if you lose your phone you can sign in on a new phone, or use someone else that you shared with.

  • eigenlaut

    does it support the apple watch? if so i am sold