Apple this morning updated its Support website with a notice cautioning customers to stay away from counterfeit and even some third-party chargers and batteries that it says could result in safety issues due to the fact that they may not be designed properly. “Beware of counterfeit parts,” says the notice. As for the batteries, the company is advising customers to visit an Apple Store or Apple Authorized Service Provider to ensure they receive a genuine Apple battery replacement.

Here’s Apple’s message in full:

Some counterfeit and third party power adapters and batteries may not be designed properly and could result in safety issues.

To ensure you receive a genuine Apple battery during a battery replacement, we recommend visiting an Apple Store or Apple Authorized Service Provider. If you need a replacement adapter to charge your Apple device, we recommend getting an Apple power adapter.

About two months ago, Apple filed a $2+ million lawsuit against Mobile Star LLC over infringing upon its registered trademarks and copyrights by selling counterfeit 5W USB Power Adapters and Lightning to USB cables on Amazon and Groupon.

Court documents have revealed that nearly 90 percent of supposedly genuine Apple power products, and Lightning cables sold over the past nine months as genuine by sellers on and delivered through Amazon’s “Fulfillment by Amazon” program were counterfeit.

“The safety of Apple’s customers is of paramount importance to Apple, and Apple devotes significant resources to ensuring its power products meet industry safety standards and are subjected to rigorous testing for safety and reliability,” the company wrote in court documents.

According to U.S. certification company UL, a whopping 99 percent of fake Apple chargers sold online fail basic safety tests.

Source: Apple Support

  • Kingsilly Ameye


  • Tim Green

    So, Apple are advising people to buy Apple chargers and batteries. Reduce the price of your “Genuine” Apple charger leads and more people are likely to buy the “genuine” article !!!!

    • Anonymouse

      I tried to buy a new battery for my 3GS at an  store and at one point I believe they didn’t know what a 3GS was and I left empty handed. Your price reduction suggestion seems reasonable, there was/is a price plummet on dongles, why not chargers and batteries?

  • Rolf Bause

    Yeah, how about you increase the quality of your own cables first?!

    • Dilir Daiyan Aranna

      Cables do not explode,meanwhile my iPhone 5 cable is still fine after 4 years

      • Anonymouse

        My nokia cable is fine after 25 years, what’s your point?

      • Dilir Daiyan Aranna

        Cables tear on different people,and different uses

      • Anonymouse

        Ok let me know in 21 years time if your iphone 5 cable is fine.

      • Dilir Daiyan Aranna

        lol ,Meanwhile my iPhone 2G cable is doing fine too ,from 2008

      • Anonymouse

        Good stuff 13 years to go for you by which time i’ll be up to 35 years

      • Dilir Daiyan Aranna

        Yeah ,I guess so.
        I heard Remax,Belkin and Anker make good MFi certified cables

      • Anonymouse

        I tell you what I have noticed is that the latest cables feel slightly different (ehich is subjective) and I can’t say if it will assist with durability. However it does appear that slight modifications were made.

      • Anonymouse

        Ps Some time ago I bought FUSE CHICKEN-TITAN cable. That will outlast my lifetime.