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Apple on Tuesday pulled watchOS 3.1.1, following complaints that the software is bricking some Series 2 Watch models. The update, which was released yesterday, includes support for new Unicode 9.0 emoji, some customization features, and more.

According to the complaints, after installing watchOS 3.1.1, affected Apple Watches begin displaying a red exclamation point and the URL A force restart does not fix the issue, and these Watches will likely need servicing.

No one on the iDB team has experienced a bricked device after updating to watchOS 3.1.1, but we can confirm that Apple has pulled the software and is showing watchOS 3.1 to be the latest version. We’ll be sure to pass along any new info we receive.

For the time being, if for some reason you’re still seeing 3.1.1, do not install it. And if you’re one of the unlucky users whose Watch was bricked by the update, it seems like visiting your local Apple Store is your best (and likely only) option right now.

Source: MacRumors

Image: MR user profets

  • p1noyako

    My Nike Apple Watch is fine so far with watchOS 3.1.1

    • nova12


      Is there a way to downgrade though?

      • Jane Sheppard

        ditto , nike apple watch fine…. thank goodness… I would have walked into a apple store and demand a new one if this was bricked ! no waiting 2 weeks for it to be fixed…not acceptable apple, you broke it, you give me a new one…

      • tariq

        They actually are replacing them.
        I read it on a different site.

      • Abhijeet Gupta


  • triggerhappypunk

    I’ve updated 2 series 1, and 1 series 2, and have had no problems with all 3.

  • askep3

    Well shit

    Does it only happen right after install, or can it happen later?

    For now I’ll just avoid restarting it

  • John Smith

    Looks like we’ve got another 8.0.2 on our hands

    • Abhijeet Gupta


  • Well I have downloaded the update and I was about to intall it midnight but saw this update. Can anyone tell me how to remove the update from my iphone?

    • eigenlaut

      go to your watch app on your phone, general, usage and delete the update file (probably the biggest starage user listet)

  • :D

    So if it’s gets bricked do you get a brand new one?

  • George V

    I’m running 3.1.1 and my watch it’s still ok…this makes me nervous though I would be very upset to see it bricked

    • 5723alex .

      It won’t brick if running after the update.

      • George V

        oh so its only happening during the update process?

      • 5723alex .