Amazon 1.0 for tvOS Apple TV teaser 001
Online retail giant Amazon today rolled out a tvOS version of its existing shopping app for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple Watch.

With Amazon App for Apple TV, you can browse Amazon’s entire product catalog on a big screen TV from the comfort of your couch using Siri Remote and your fourth-generation Apple TV.

The app lets you get product details and watch videos for products that are available on and from other merchants. And if you’re a Prime member ($99 per year), you’ll even be able to make purchases on your Apple TV.

To browse and search for products, you must first sign in with your existing Amazon account. Of course, when searching for products within the app you can use tvOS’s Dictation feature to quickly find what you fancy using your voice.

Products you like can be added to your list to review later on your iPhone, iPad or Mac. Privacy advocates, don’t you worry—all purchases made through the Apple TV app are routed through Amazon’s secure servers.

Grab Amazon App for Apple TV at no charge from the tvOS App Store.

  • Mike

    Eff Amazon, sure it’s an “apple thing” holding the amozon prime video app up.

  • Nick

    Screw Amazon…if they can make this app for the TV, and they can allow us to stream Prime video from an iPad to an TV, but they won’t let us do it natively?! WTF?!?!



    • MOMAtteo79


      • CAIO MARIZ®


  • Hussain Alsanona

    WTF Amazon we want to watch on Apple TV not shopping. Better make that damn app for the TV

  • Now that they have finally figured out how to make an app for the TV maybe they’ll finally come out with that Prime TV app. Or maybe better yet we’ll get lucky and they can give us a Prime Plus app or something that would give music, tv and movie streaming and potentially allow users to even use the remote for amazon echo like functionality. Probably not, but one can always dream 🙂

  • Woz A Nater

    All I know is Amazon / Alexa is kicking the heck out of Apple / Siri. Go get a $49.00 Echo dot and you will be AmazedBalls.