If you own an iPhone, then chances are your battery life is important to you. The importance of conserving battery life is probably increased even more when you’re jailbroken and have lots of tweaks running on your device as you use it.

Fortunately, a new free jailbreak tweak called NoATWAKEUP is here to help, as the developer says it can have a positive impact on your battery life.

According to the tweak’s Cydia description, the it is designed to prevent a launch daemon (a piece of software that runs in the background) called ATWAKEUP ( from functioning the moment you turn your device on.

The daemon has limited uses, and so having it running in the background can be pointless and waste power depending on how you use your device.

According to the developer on Reddit, it’s related to Bluetooth, allowing the iPhone to send a signal to nearby sleeping Bluetooth devices in a persistent manner to keep it ready for when you want to use it:

The ATWAKEUP daemon sends a signal approximately every 10-30 seconds to any “sleeping” paired Bluetooth connected media device to wake it up…in the event that you decide to press the “Play” button in either the control center or multitasking view.

The developer also explains how to tell whether or not you need NoATWAKEUP:

If you have CrashReporter installed and have never seen a crash report with “atc.atwakeup” or “atwakeup” then chances are you’re one of the lucky ones who won’t need NoATWAKEUP to save the day! If you have DetailedBatteryUsage installed and haven’t seen “atc.atwakeup” show up in the BATTERY USAGE list then you too are most likely ok! If you haven’t had trouble with ATWAKEUP you probably don’t need this tweak, and any battery savings would most likely be negligible…however it won’t hurt anything if you’d like to try it anyway!

Disabling it doesn’t impact the functionality of your device as you would normally use it throughout the day, unless you rely on these kinds of devices. Even if you do, disabling it would, at the worst, slow down the process of getting music to play on the device, which isn’t a huge trade off for the battery savings.

So far, the developer says more than 2,100 people have installed the tweak and no one has reported any problems connecting to their Bluetooth devices, so the potential to save power could be worth it if you’re trying to squeeze every last drop of juice out of your iPhone’s battery. You shouldn’t, however, expect any miraculously unrealistic gains, since it’s a minor modification.

For those interested in downloading NoATWAKEUP to see how it fares, it can be had for free in Cydia’s BigBoss repository. It can be downloaded and installed on iOS 8.0-9.3.3.

The tweak requires a reboot to fully initialize, and you won’t be prompted to reboot your device after installation, so you must do so manually. If you’re running the Pangu semi-untethered jailbreak, don’t forget to boot semi-untethered with the Pangu loader tool after the device powers back up.

Have you seen a difference in battery life after installing NoATWAKEUP? Share in the comments below.

  • Diego Milano

    Ok, this was a tweak that truly caught my attention and got my interest, so as soon as I read about it I headed over to Reddit to learn more.
    I’ll just say that this is just one other big reason why jailbreak is so important and useful (for those who claim that it’s not a big deal to either lose it or just not being able to do it- tell that to those who regained 30-50% of battery life to their iOS devices thanks to this).
    I’m running it on my device right now since last night. BIG THANKS to the developer (and he’s great at giving support and feedback).

    • I don’t want to throw numbers around when I can’t replicate them myself, but I do understand from the Reddit thread that experiences may vary depending on how you use your device. I thank you for your well thought out comment, and I’m happy you’re still jailbreaking today!

      • Diego Milano

        I always will for as long as I can! As soon as I was done reading on Reddit, the first thing I thought was, “I hope to hear about this on iDB tomorrow!” (no lies there).

      • Elmoatassem Khabbati

        i installed this tweak on my iPhone 5s running iOS 9.0.2 & got stuck on the apple logo. i tried to enter to safe mode with volume + not working either pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaase help i risk loosing my jailbeak here :(((

  • Anonymouse

    Agreed and I read this on reddit as well. I think the dev from memory fell in a pool and was looking for a donated handset to replaced his water logged device.(LOL) I think it’s the same dev or it was near the comments of this tweak. Anyway after installing this tweak I do get the prompt to Reboot not that it’s an issue as it’s required to function. Why do I get the prompt and others don’t. I’m on 9.3.1 with a 6s plus?

    • It may have been added to the installation requirements by the developer of repo manager after the fact.

      • Anonymouse

        Thank you for the reply and info.

  • teris

    Yes it does help a lot. Thanks to the dev of this tweak.Ios 8.4 iphone 6

  • Bacillus

    Ahh new feature by killing some Apple fungus
    Now, if we could have our headphone jack…