iOS 10 Messages teaser 001

Just two days after releasing iOS 10.2 beta 6 to members of the Apple Developer Program and Apple Beta Software Program and five days since iOS 10.2 beta 5 dropped, the Cupertino firm on Wednesday morning seeded a seventh beta of what would become the second major software update to iOS 10 since its September 2016 launch.

iOS 10.2 beta 7 (build number 14C92) is available as an-over-the-air download via the Software Update mechanism on devices with a prior beta and an appropriate configuration profile installed. A standalone installer is available via Apple’s dedicated portal for developers.

Aside from bug and security fixes, iOS 10.2 packs in new features like Apple’s new channel guide app, simply called “TV”, and the Emergency SOS feature which debuted on the Apple Watch last year.

You’ll enjoy three new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus-exclusive wallpapers in iOS 10.2, an option to preserve camera settings, all-new “Love” and “Celebration” screen effects in Messages, additional music sorting options, dedicated buttons for Repeat and Shuffle in the Music app and more.

Many of the existing emoji characters have been redrawn in iOS 10.2 while a bunch of new ones were added, including clown face, drooling face, selfie, face palm, fox face, owl, shark, butterfly, avocado, pancakes, croissant and more.

As a bonus, there are some new profession emoji available in iOS 10.2 in both male and female genders, such as firefighter, mechanic, lawyer, doctor, scientist and more.

iOS 10.2 should release for public consumption some time next week.

We’ll update the post with new changes in iOS 10.2 beta 7 if we encounter them.

  • Tommy



    Shiiiiit is serioooous nooooow… LOL

  • Chad Garber

    Hopefully this is the “imminent” fix to address faux battery status we on 6S have been experiencing.

    • HOPE SO

    • Julio Hernandez

      I’ve been experiencing a bug on my 6s Plus where if you’re in a call of any sort and you lock your phone you need to “lock” it again so the screen turns off but then you have to press the lock button like 7-8 times for the screen to even come back on because the home button doesn’t do anything. Idk if it’s just me experiencing this but it’s annoying.

    • Rodney Coleman

      I have 0 issues on my 6s

  • CltrAltDelicious


    To any of you iPhone 7 users:

    have the rear cameras just stop working?
    I Just got my new 7 plus 3 weeks ago and the rear cameras just stop working on any app even the stock camera app. i tried turn on/off, restart and reset.

    nothing works!!! I’ll be going to an apple store and have it replaced.

    it sucks that iphones still have this kind of shitty problems

    • 5723alex .

      Not on my 3 months old iPhone 7 plus.

    • Mike M. Powell

      nah mine is fine fam, contact support and see if they find a fix, or if u can, swap it out

    • MMA Rules

      Mine is fine too 7Plus here!

  • Markieze Mitchell

    Lol and I just download beta 6 early this morning!!! I can’t keep up anymore. Every time I find the time to install the newest beta another one appears…

    • 5723alex .

      Really ? 26mb for beta 7 is too much ?

      • James G

        It requires you to be without phone for at least 15-20 minutes. That’s a lot for some people.

      • 5723alex .

        How did you manage to live years before the iPhone ?

  • Endriu Andrei

    Jailbreak next week !

    • David Gow

      Fingers crossed

    • Luis Perez


  • iltas

    When it out officially

  • Rondog

    Apple are a bunch of IDIOTS!

    • 77090

      Most pointless comment!!!