iCloud web app sidebar web screenshot 002

As first noted by Brazilian outlet MacMagazine.br, Apple is readying some notable updates for its Photos app on the web at iCloud.com/#photos. In addition to a slightly overhauled appearance, the web app is gaining a pair of new features found on the desktop Photos app for the Mac: a sidebar and a thumbnail scrubber. The web app is currently being beta-tested at beta.icloud.com.

Just like Photos for Mac, the sidebar makes the iCloud Photos web app behave more like its desktop counterpart, giving you one-click access to all your albums and folders. The new sidebar is shown on the screenshot top of post.

The thumbnail scrubber is shown at the bottom of the interface when you click an image to view it, like in Photos for iOS and Photos for Mac. It lets you quickly jump to another image without needing to get back to the grid of photo thumbnails.

iCloud web app photo scrubber web screenshot 002

The scrubber also allows you to  scroll the thumbnails horizontally by swiping left and right on the trackpad. It’s unclear when these features in the Photos web app will roll out to all users, but we’ll make sure to keep you informed so watch this space for updates.

Lastly, MacMagazine notes that a toolbar at the top with options for uploading and downloading images has been redesigned and that the web app now supports basic Touch Bar shortcuts on the new MacBook Pro.

Source: MacMagazine.br (Google Translate)

  • philip Mills

    thats nice

  • James G

    Good to see they still pay attention to these web apps.

  • PhilBoogie

    Took them 2 freaking years to realize they screwed up photos on the web in the first place!

    Asshats. The whole photos experience has been nothing but shyte. No easy way to manage them on windows, once you copy them from an iPhone to a PeeCee.

    At some point I lost all my folders. Boom, gone. The Albums were still there, but nowhere to be seen. Could only access them by searching for them by album name.

    And one cannot restore from a backup, either by CCC or TM. Had to download the whole library after installing a fresh copy of OSX, nee, macOS.

    Get a new iPhone and install as new? You’re fuçked, can’t copy photo lib over by USB or WiFi. Nope, also download the whole lot over the Internet. At 165GB, this took over 24 hours on my DSL. I need to move if I want to get fiber.

    Photos on the Mac. An excruciating experience. And forget it if you’re on Windows.