AirPort Time Capsule mid-2013 (image 004)

Call it awkward, or call it ironic, but a recent J.D. Power wireless router satisfaction report put Apple at the top, with a score of 876, followed by ASUS (860), D-Link (856) and TP-Link (854). This report obviously comes at an interesting time as the company was rumored this month to be disbanding its router unit and stop developing AirPort wireless routers

According to the report, “satisfaction is measured across 10 factors (listed in order of importance): Wi-Fi range; reliability; speed of upload/download; restore connection easily; security capabilities; price; ease of use; variety of features; intuitive user interface; and customer service.”

There are many options available when it comes to wireless routers, and many of them are much more affordable than Apple’s family of AirPort devices, but ease-of-use has always been the AirPort’s forte. As far range and reliability, my experience has been mediocre, to say the least, but I guess I am in the minority here.

Source: J.D. Power


    If your router has a USB port for hdds can set it up to do time machine backups over wifi?

    • Eric M

      Yes you can.

      • cdlenfert

        Partially true. You can if you have an Airport Extreme router. The Airport Express routers also have USB ports but don’t support file sharing (or backups), only printing.

      • Eric M

        Thats true I spoke incorrectly. I do have an Extreme router. I have one and its dual partitioned 2 TB for backups of a mac mini server, MacPro server and 2 MacBook Pros. 2 TB for file sharing that I use and share among all of the above without issue

      • cdlenfert

        That’s awesome. Do you have the newest AC version of the Airport Extreme? I have a previous gen Extreme and when I’ve run Time Machine backups to a 1TB portable hard drive (powered by USB) in the past, everything works well for several months, then it just fails and I have to start over making a brand new initial backup. Maybe it’s the drive I’ve got connected. I’d like to know more about your setup.

  • Julio Hernandez

    I’ve had my AirPort Extreme for a couple of years now and I’m still loving it. It’s been reliable, fast, and easy to use. Sad to see it’s discontinued.

  • Sleetui

    Anyone know of a good reliable router? Most routers tend to last 2 years at most and eventually have problems. Our old router still works fine and has lasted forever. Upgrading would be nice for speed etc but reliability-wise it’s crap.

    • Alex Wilson

      Why not buy an Apple router?

  • Mark S

    I’ve been using apple routers/base stations since 2007 and I’m going to miss them.