nomad products

Saying I’m a big fan of Nomad products is quite the understatement. The company has been known for quite some time now for making great quality products, whether it is an iPhone case, a rugged cable, or an Apple Watch band.

With great quality often come high prices, and this is admittedly one of the main remarks people make about Nomad products every time we review them. The good news is, if you’ve eyeing anything from the company, you’ll be happy to learn it’s currently discounting its products by up to 60%.

My two favorite products from Nomad are probably the Modern and Traditional leather Straps. Made of high quality leather, these are the two Apple Watch bands I most often wear. I do have a thing for their new silicone Strap as well, which is available at an incredible price right now.

Here are several more products from Nomad that are currently on sale:

  • Original Leather Strap: $150 $51.95 (65% off)
  • Original Wallet: $80 $39.95 (50% off)
  • Pod: $60 $29.95 (50% off)
  • Roadtrip: $50 $29.95 (40% off)
  • Pod Pro: $80 $47.95 (40% off)
  • Silicone Strap: $40 $27.95 (30% off)
  • Lightning Cable: $29.95 $20.95 (30% off)
  • Universal Cable: $34.95 $24.95 (30% off)
  • Battery Cable: $39.95 $27.95 (30% off)
  • Leather Case for iPhone: $39.95 $31.95 (20% off)
  • Modern Leather Strap: $59.95 $47.95 (20% off)
  • Traditional Leather Strap: $149.95 $119.95 (20% off)

These certainly aren’t all the products available on Nomad’s website, so feel free to browse around and see if you find anything to your liking. These deals will be available until midnight Pacific Time on Monday, but some products may get out of stock, so hurry.

  • nova voter

    I love all my Nomad stuff. Gonna buy the Tile-enabled charger next.

  • eigenlaut

    i received my Apple Watch band from Nomad a few days ago – i am already in love with it, so glad i followed your recommendation Sébastien!

    • Which one did you get? I think the Modern one is my favorite. The silicone one is pretty awesome too, especially at this price

      • eigenlaut

        i did get the modern one – i really like the simplicity.