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With all of the time-saving shortcuts available for Apple’s stock apps on the Touch Bar, you’d think Apple would have brought the macOS app switcher to the the new MacBook Pro’s OLED strip. That’s why developer Maxim Ananov set out to create an app, called TouchSwitcher, which does just that. With TouchSwitcher, you can switch between your recently-used apps on the new MacBook Pro right from the Touch Bar.

The app displays your most recently-used apps next to the TouchSwitcher icon to make switching between recent apps as easy as tapping their icons on the Touch Bar.

Apple’s rules allow for a single non-system control to be shown in the Control Strip on the right side of the Touch Bar. “Other Apple apps (like Xcode and iTunes) compete for this space too,” wrote Ananov.

“If they take over, launch TouchSwitcher app again.”

Watch the demo video below to get the idea.

To quit TouchSwitcher, simply tap and hold its icon in the Touch Bar.

TouchSwitcher for Touch Bar is a free download from the official website.

Apple provides its developers a set of tools and guidelines for building Mac apps that take advantage of Touch Bar shortcuts via a new NSTouchBar object that provides dynamic contextual controls in the Touch Bar.

Apps are not permitted to show alerts or widgets in the Touch Bar, but that didn’t stop Adam Bell from making the classic FPS shooter Doom run on the Touch Bar.

If you’re interested in the Touch Bar but don’t have the dime to drop on a pricey new MacBook Pro, check out this hack which simulates Touch Bar shortcuts on any Mac.

Source: Maxim Ananov

  • Ninja Ass

    Off topic :- Right now new MacBook need too many dongles but believe me in 2017 new MacBook don’t need dongle but old MacBook will need because all USB connector like pen driver , camera USB cable and other etc will get USB type c and there will be no USB 2.0 or 3.0 available in market in 2018 many companies are changing to USB type c like one plus 3 , google pixel and yea Samsung too . And yea there a one more problem charge phone and hear music but it can solve by using Wireless EarPods or just plug it in your MacBook and open iTunes but you will be wondering I don’t have music in my MacBook no problem . But wait you just put your iPhone in charging right its mean you connected to your iTunes so you can play songs from iPhone …

    • askep3

      Especially since Apple has been so aggressive in their Switch, and since it’s universal unlike lightning, mid 2017 we could very likely see a lot of USB accessories

  • works with touché; but the apps don’t jump out of the dock if they’re minimized