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KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has said many times over the past few months that Apple’s Tenth Anniversary iPhone due next year will move from the current unibody aluminum industrial design to an all-glass front and back plate sandwiched between a stainless steel frame.

In a new note to clients, a copy of which was obtained by MacRumors, Kuo explains that the reason why so-called ‘iPhone 8’ will switch from metal to glass for its casing is to support advanced wireless charging technologies.

From Kuo’s note:

We believe one of the reasons why new iPhones will switch from metal casing to glass casing is to support wireless charging. In order to ensure a superior performance, we believe it is most appropriate for EMS suppliers to develop and make the wireless charger because then a comprehensive test can be conducted. As Hon Hai (AKA Foxconn) needs to deploy most resources to develop and produce OLED iPhone, we expect Pegatron will be the exclusive supplier of the wireless charger.

In other words, while Kuo expects all 2017 iPhones to boast wireless charging capabilities, he’s unsure if the handsets will ship with a wireless charger in the box.

A report last month from Japanese outlet Nikkei said Apple’s contract manufacturer Foxconn is currently testing wireless charging modules for use in the iPhone 8.

Analyst and supply chain sources expect three new iPhone models next year to switch from the current metal casing to a glass back and a metal frame, but only one premium model is expected to use a curved organic light-emitting diode (OLED) screen, while the other two models will stick with existing flat low temperature poly-silicon display.

A January report from Bloomberg said Apple was working on “cutting-edge” extended range wireless charging for 2017 iPhones and iPads that would let the devices be powered from further away than the charging mats used with current smartphones.

Apple is “looking to overcome technical barriers including loss of power over distance with a decision on implementing the technology still being assessed,” said Bloomberg.

Image: ON Charge magnetic wireless charging solution for iPhone, via Kickstarter.

Source: MacRumors

  • Not that big deal for me (wireless charging)

    • therealjjohnson

      I hear it literally might do it without wires. Without having to set it on something. If that’s the case then I’m all for it. If not, I’m with you. Don’t really care.

      • Diego Milano

        Hopefully Apple will introduce the PROPER wireless charging instead of the dumb methods currently available. Historically, that is how Apple “reinvented” things, hopefully they are going to do it again, but I do think wireless charging will be enhanced on iPhone 9 if they are planning to introduce this technology next year.

      • askep3

        I saw an article somewhere where you have a base station which beams power to devices, Im assuming if apple reinvents wireless charging thats something they would do, and then they would still have wired charging since the lightning port is still necessary for music and stuff

      • Diego Milano

        That sounds scary from a health standpoint, but I am sure Apple has already took that as a point of concern so maybe they have a card beneath their sleeve?

      • askep3

        I agree, it is scary but they probably found a way around it as you said, otherwise they wouldn’t release a feature like that

      • Diego Milano

        That’s what I’m thinking but who is safe enough to confirm in the long term anyway?

  • Troy

    I would prefer fast charging over wireless charging tbh

    • Hussain Alsanona

      I’m with you, if only it’s the typical wireless charging used today. However, if the charger have a range for instance 15 feet. I’m for that tech.

    • 5723alex .

      I use fast charging today with my iPhone 7 plus. Charging take less than half the time.

      • Diego Milano

        How? By using more output or what?

      • 5723alex .

        Look for Kwik Charger.

      • Diego Milano

        Hmm, interesting, I’m a bit confused as the output seems to be similar to that of the iPad chargers (at least my old iPad 3) but when I do the watt conversion, it is similar to that of the original iPhone charger. I guess I’m not good at this. xD

    • Diego Milano

      I am sure this will be there as well.

    • askep3

      there will probably be both

  • I use a mophie wireless charging case on my iphone 6s plus. I’m always at 100% all day long but the phone is as large as a clown shoe with it on.

  • Joey_Z

    Current wireless charging is just wire-less, the phone still has to be in contact with the charging mat. If Apple can increase the range to 6ft or more, it will be another “Didn’t invent but improved like nobody can”. Let’s hope

    • ravinigga

      Its just like a iPod touch iPhone dock.
      Kinda the same.

  • armyk

    Until the charging will be truly wireless, it is nothing I need or want, I will just have it…


    They are also removing lightning port with iPhone 8 so if you want to use your lightning cable you have to buy another dongle!!

    • Chris Wagers


    • askep3

      lol you plug the dongle in wirelessly

  • Sohail Wahab

    I would give up everything for that aluminum back. I hate Samsung because of it’s plastic look. I want fast charging instead of wireless charging and a MagSafe like port.

  • Diego Milano

    I am definitely more excited about the 2017 iPhone than the latest models they released this year, which did not introduce anything groundbreaking except the dual cameras but still behind on other type of technologies or functionality already available in other devices (eg., wireless charging, waterproof (even though the new devices perform somewhat well on that front), OLED display, etc.).

  • Rowan09

    Wireless charging makes sense for the iPhone since they got rid of the headphone jack. They already have wireless charging with the Apple Watch, but I’m hoping for something different on the iPhone 8.

  • tariq

    I used wireless charging with S7e. I just want to let Apple users know that wireless charging is SLOW. Wired charging is better b/c 1)u can use your phone while it charges 2)it charges faster

    • Benedict

      Faster than charging an iPhone with cable. Comparable to a 2A cable charger.

      Wireless charging has also different use case. It’s used in public places where you stay temporary or when a cord would force you to plug/unplug it continuously – not at home where you have the choice or in time-sensitive cases

  • Benedict

    Everbody who claims this would be no advantage has either no experience with Qi or who can’t admit because every budget phone (over 140) supports it but the iPhone. After Apple will finally have presented it with a delay of 6 years, you people will be gratefully using it.
    From my side, I hope Apple finally includes Qi standard. This would boost the installation of wireless charging spots in public places for other phones.

    Attentive observers of the pictures will see advantages like no need to plug a (broken lightning) cable, no wearout of (lightning cable-) contacts, one charger for all kinds of phones, carefree plugging/unplugging

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/292fa7e621233012cf6b24dd3d98f5d81b48bdcccc3390865583050c9e3a1ec1.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/aee31e1252d509bf8b73a6c9cf39f8b3a5df7dd828d0fadafaa57790384a1cd3.png