Apple Watch Nike Plus teaser

Apple has issued a special challenge to U.S.-based owners of the Apple Watch on Monday, inviting them to walk, run or wheelchair a workout distance of at least 3.1 miles, or 5 kilometers, this Thanksgiving Day on Thursday, November 24. Those who successfully complete the challenge shall be awarded a special Thanksgiving-themed Activity achievement.

And to let you brag about your completed challenge and earned achievement, Apple will also unlock a special iMessage sticker which you can send to friends via Messages.

“Activity Challenge: This Thanksgiving Day, November 24th, earn a special achievement by completing a walk, run or wheelchair workout of at least 5K (3.1 mi),” reads a wrist notification that U.S. Apple Watch owners received this morning.

iOS 10 Thanksgiving 2016 Activity Challenge iPhone screenshot 001

A similar message appears in the iOS Activity app for those who own the wrist-worn device and are based in the United States:

Earn this special achievement on Thanksgiving Day, November 24th when you complete a walk, run or wheelchair workout of at least 5K (3.1 mi) in the Apple Watch Workout app, or any app that records these workouts into the iPhone Health app. You’ll also earn a special Messages app sticker!

Users who accept Apple’s challenge can capture their workouts via the stock Workout app or using any HealthKit-compatible third-party app. If you complete the challenge, a special medal appears on your watch and in the iOS Activity app’s Achievements tab.

Thanks, Carlos!

  • Rev Joel

    WOOHOOO!!!™ I’m in!

  • I walk at least 4 miles every single day of the year. This will just be a day like any other. But I’ll have a cool new badge too 🙂

  • Rowan09

    I have a turkey bowl every Thanksgiving so I’m in.

  • LivinArealWorld

    This would be more interesting if doing this challenge unlocked the ability to export my data to Strava. Or unlock an ability in Nike app to Start/Stop with the crown so I don’t lose 40 seconds trying to start/stop my run with a sweaty cold finger that it refuses to recognize.

  • Jerry

    Wow this is simply amazing. I’m gona get the gym extra hard that day

    • Adrian

      hook, line, and sinker

  • Impreza

    Good one Apple and while you’re at it get the three tenors aka Schiller, Cue and Ivy to lead by example. 🙂

  • Blip dude

    I do this on a busy day at work, but not sure if I’ll be getting the watch even at the Amazing Black Friday deals, so I may just pass up on this.

  • Adrian

    Throw in a mac and we’ll talk.

  • Rev Joel

    Got mine! I hope you all did too!

  • Rev Joel

    Interesting. I just did mine that morning in the Workout app and it came in almost instantaneously.