macbook pros

Apple on Thursday made its new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar available for in-store pickup in the U.S. So for those of you who have been wanting to snag one, you can now use Apple’s app or online store to check local inventory and reserve your laptop.

Non-Touch Bar MacBook Pro models have been available since they were unveiled in October, but Touch Bar models have only recently started to turn up in stores. The good news is, you can now track yours down from the comfort of your own home.

Availability is going to depend on your location and desired specs. Some stores are showing entry-level MacBook Pros with Touch Bar as “in-stock” while others have pickup dates as late as December 30. Apple’s inventory updates regularly, so check daily.

In addition to being a customizable touchscreen for app shortcuts, Touch Bar also includes Touch ID, allowing you to make purchases from compatible websites with a single touch. Prices for MacBook Pros with Touch Bar start at $1,799 for the 13.3-inch model.

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  • Here in Greece, the entry level MacBook pro wirh touch bar starts around 2.300€ 🙁

  • Legend


    • poor people can’t even afford the base..

      • Legend

        I know! that’s a CAR!

  • Jim B

    They should rename it to Macbook USB-C model not Pro. And for those making the mistake and buying one one of these USB-C models don’t forget to buy 200-300 bucks worth of adapters.

    • Legend

      … there is an adapter with everything on Amazon for $49…

    • Ma šta mi reče? Što se ti lijepo ne vratiš na brdo sa kojeg si sišao i priključiš svoj USB u koziju vaginu baš onako kako su to radili i tvoji šugavi babo i daidža? Ti znaš nešto o adapterima? Adaptiram ti ja ženinu vlažnu pizdurinu na moj otekli peni gmazu beskorisni. Dovedi je meni da joj pokažem 220 uboda nateklim glavićem u vlažnu i toplu vaginalnu šupljinu tvoje obrijane kučke.