Sal Soghoian

Beloved engineer and evangelist Sal Soghoian has announced that he is no longer employed by Apple. He says the move is the result of the company eliminating his position as Product Manager of Automation Technologies for “business reasons.”

Soghoian is a software developer that has been at Apple since 1997. During his tenure, he advanced a wide range of user automation technologies including UNIX CLI, JavaScript, AppleScript, Automator, and scripting support for several stock apps.

Q. I hear you no longer work for Apple; is that true?

A. Correct. I joined Apple in January of 1997, almost twenty years ago, because of my profound belief that “the power of the computer should reside in the hands of the one using it.” That credo remains my truth to this day. Recently, I was informed that my position as Product Manager of Automation Technologies was eliminated for business reasons. Consequently, I am no longer employed by Apple Inc. But, I still believe my credo to be as true today as ever.

Q. What does the termination of the position of Product Manager of Automation Technologies mean for the future of user automation in macOS?

A. Ask Apple. Seriously, if you have any questions or concerns about the future of user automation, ask Apple. If user automation technologies are important to you, then now is the time for all good men and women to reach out, speak up and ask questions. The macOS user automation technologies include: UNIX CLI (shell, python, ruby, perl), System Services, Apple Events (JavaScript, AppleScript, AppleScriptObj-C, Scripting Bridge), Automator, Apple Configurator (AppleScript, Automator), and Application scripting support in Photos, iWork, Finder, Mail, and other Apple applications.

Soghoian plans to return to consulting, and promises his websites will stay up for the foreseeable future. He says it’s important to him to provide “decent, usable information about user automation — and that goes double for the accessibility community.”

Source: Sal Soghoian

  • ProllyWild

    Comments section, unleashes your rage and criticism!

    *grabs popcorn*

  • Mr_Coldharbour

    Although I honestly have never heard of this gentleman, but there did come a time (especially in the days of Snow Leopard) where I used Automator for various purposes because the stock systems preferences did not offer certain capabilities and use them till today. That being said, I’m saddened to see this man being terminated by Apple.

  • Mark S

    There has to be more to it than this. They clearly didn’t want him in the company anymore. One of the things I like about working in government: they eliminate your position for whatever reason and they transfer you to a different office, you don’t just lose your job. It’s especially ridiculous for a company with billions in the bank.

  • Bacillus

    He was (thinking) different.
    Too problematic where greed and obsessive selfcentricism have to be covered by obvious mainstream behavior.

  • Hadi

    AppleScript has been left out of development for years, and now I think it will be dead soon.
    although it hasn’t been updated for years, I use AppleScript and Automator very often, specially AppleScript with iWork apps (mostly Numbers). It somehow restitute the lack of VBA in iWork as in Office on Windows. But now it seems no more updates forever!
    Damn you Apple!