With Touch ID, you can unlock your iPhone or iPad with your fingerprint, and you can also use it to authenticate yourself for purchases from the App Store or with Apple Pay.

When you set up your device for the first time, you’ll be asked to register one finger with Touch ID, but afterwards, you can add up to five of your fingers so they can be used with Touch ID too.

Having multiple fingers assigned to Touch ID can be helpful for a number of scenarios, including when you have one hand dirty and want to use the other instead, or when you’re holding your device a certain way and need to use one of your fingers instead of your thumb.

Personally, I like to assign both thumbs and both index fingers so that I can ambidextrously use my iPhone in any situation I might be in, but you can use any combination of finger or thumb prints you’d like to use depending on your own situation.

How to do it

To add more fingers to your Touch ID fingerprint recognition system, follow these steps:

1) Launch the Settings app and open the Touch ID & Passcode cell.

Add Touch ID Finger 1

2) Enter your passcode when prompted to.

3) Tap on the blue Add a Fingerprint… button.

4) When your device asks you to, place the finger you want to authenticate with on the Touch ID sensor.

Add Touch ID Finger 2

Place it on the sensor and lift up repeatedly until the fingerprint on the screen fills red entirely.

5) Once your iPhone asks you to adjust your grip, tap on the blue Continue button.

6) When prompted, place the edge of your finger on the Touch ID sensor.

Add Touch ID Finger 3

Get all of the edges of your finger read by the Touch ID sensor by placing it and lifting up repeatedly until the fingerprint on your screen fills red completely.

7) After your device says it’s complete, tap on the blue Continue button.

Congratulations, you’ve just added a new finger to Touch ID.

To add more fingers to your device’s Touch ID fingerprint database, repeat steps 1-7 above again with another finger.

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Do you have more than one fingerprint configured on your iPhone or iPad’s Touch ID sensor? Share why or why not in the comments below.

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    Wow you guys sure are running out of things to write about.

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        Lol, I’m sure there are a set of new preteens and older men/women who have just started using a smart phone for the first time, and other than the initial mandatory setup process they arent aware of how to add more fingerprints.

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  • ravinigga

    I got both thumbs with 1 fingerprint.

  • burge

    You can do 2 fingers on first setup, just charge fingers between each scan.

    • Matt

      Actually I assigned my entire hand on a single setup. Did you know you can even assign your palm?

  • Andres

    I’m interested in adding more than 5 fingerprints. Always like to have doubles of my prints

  • Eliijah Moss

    When you go to your passcode settings, if you rest your finger on your TouchID, the finger that is composed with the TouchID # will highlight grey.

  • why only five fingers?

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    So is IDB the place where we talk about jailbreaks and tweaks and such, or teach someone how to use Touch ID