TV app beta 2

Apple released the second betas of iOS 10.2 and tvOS 10.1 on Monday and in them, it included its new TV app. The company introduced the new app at its ‘hello again’ Mac event last month, saying they believe it’s going to “completely change how you watch TV.”

TV is essentially a television guide that helps you find and discover available content. So after using Single Sign-On to login with your cable credentials, the app will populate with movies, TV shows and live events, with a focus on stuff you might be interested in.

TV app beta 1

Tapping on a movie or show will automatically launch its respective app, and begin playing your selected title. So for example, clicking on The Walking Dead would launch you into the AMC app, assuming that you have it installed and are authorized to view full episodes.

Here are some more screenshots:

TV app beta 3Library

TV app beta 4Watch Now

TV app beta 5Store view

The app is not fully-functional yet, and support is extremely limited. It’s only available in the US, works with only a handful of service providers, and does not include data from some services like Netflix. Apple says the TV app will be ready to launch in December.

Image credit: @RECON1_

  • Troy

    I know that right now it doesn’t. But will the app eventually get Netflix support?

  • askep3

    I’ve wanted to buy an Apple TV for a while now, do u guys think should wait? Since it only has the a8 processor do you think there’s an update coming soon?

    • Douglas L. Warren

      It took them like 3 years to update the Apple TV last time. I have 2 of the ATV 4s and they work really well….

    • Innes

      As Douglas said they don’t update the hardware very often. I’ve been using the ATV4 for over a year now as my main source of TV. No regrets. If a new model does come out then the resell of the ATV4 will be decent because it now has the apps store and wider appeal than before. I was looking to get a second one for my bedroom and have been watching on ebay. There were units going for £90-£110 which is crazy as you can get a new one for £30 more! I’m now waiting til Black Friday (Nov 25th) as there were good deals last year on the ATV4 even though it was very new then.

  • James G

    This better explains the Video widget in NC that they put in the previous beta.

    • [RECON1]

      The TV app also has its own widget now

      • James G

        Good call. I guess I should have checked out the beta (just installed) before speaking up.

  • Michael

    For some reason, the TV app did not come bundled with my 10.2 beta 2 update. Did anyone else not get it?

    • Mario Britten

      Yep. Also no TV App on both devices (iPhone 7, iPhone 6)

    • It’s only available in the US.

      Are you located at the US?

      • Michael

        I’m in the US. The weird thing is the “Videos” Apple app moved to my second page of apps, like it was newly installed.

      • Jocur

        The TV app is now where your Video app was.

  • Agneev Mukherjee

    Ummm… Does it work offline in any way… like stream movies from your iTunes library?

  • Agneev Mukherjee

     should roll out the Music app UI change, now the TV app UI to the left-alone Videos app as well…

  • Haha This app is useless. Now we need an internet connection just to watch your videos. So if you have videos on your phone, you’ll be using your data if not connected to a wifi signal. Gone are the days where you can watch videos wherever or whenever you want. Which is stupid. What sense does it make to turn it into an app when the main reason for why you did it, isn’t even compatible. Cough cough Netflix.