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User-submitted reviews on the App Store can be quite mean. There’s no denying the fact that people too often slam app makers with 1-star reviews without much thinking.

Now, some of the most unfavorable app ratings are based on complaints about the most mundane things such as the size of the font, the color palettes or the lack of features users think developers should have prioritized over the others and what not.

In case you haven’t yet seen this video in which well-known developers read aloud some of the 1-star reviews their apps contend with, give it a quick watch now and meet us in comments.

“How do iPhone app developers feel about their reviews? For Úll 2016, We asked some of our friends to share their reviews,” reads the video’s description.

The clip features well-known names from the third-party iOS development scene, including James Thompson (PCalc), Marco Arment (Overcast), Oisin Prendiville (Castro), David Smith (Sleep++) and others.

Check out the video below.

I think developers have a point about some of the 1-star reviews not being fair.

People whine about anything and everything these days. I bet many of iTunes posters who are quick punish developers with just one star don’t realize how important reviews are to the rest of us who rely on honest user-submitted reviews in making an informed purchasing decision.

Source: Úll on Vimeo

  • Ángel Javier Esquivel

    This needs to be Aired on Jimmy Kimmel live with sad music and laughs

  • craig

    why is there a 3 star review in a 1 star article?…..

    • Rowan09
  • Rowan09

    I don’t even read reviews anymore. You won’t know if it’s actual users or company men and women. If I’m looking for a specific app I either google it, use YouTube or just simply buy it if it’s not that expensive. A one star review for a font unless it’s costing a big user experience is just stupid.

  • 5723alex .

    I gave Power 2 for Apple Watch 1 star (there is no 0 star). It is a battery hog.

  • Abhinav Chaudhary

    Only thing i know is the new Asphalt game deserves 1 star for so many in-app purchases, waiting when the game starts, waiting when the race starts, waiting when the race ends. Ruins the perfect mood to play a racing game.

  • techfreak23

    If I give a low rating for an app, it’s usually because the developers don’t listen to their users and don’t implement features or changes that are highly wanted or they do something that gets a lot of backlash and they double down on it (such as instagram stories, reordering of the feed). If they don’t pay attention to what users want or don’t want, they deserve to have their app lowered in the rankings. They are making these products for the USERS. Pay attention to them! Obviously major bugs or issues also qualify a low rating.

  • Sleetui

    Sometimes, developers don’t actually care about the users. Tuneshell for instance is a fantastic application for music. However, the developer fails to give information regarding in-app purchases and what it entails. Files fail to be deleted, and overall feedback from the developer is non-existent. The app is better than most though. Just sometimes, it makes sense for users to be frustrated if they just make an app and expect the problem to go away without fix. As for the people who just give 1 star reviews for no reason. Those are trolls.

  • The Zlatan

    Obviously these are extreme cases..

  • I’ve had people rate my apps at 1 star for such stupid things.