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Variety is reporting today that U.S. wireless carrier AT&T will incentivize customers to subscribe to its DirecTV Now Internet-based live TV service by gifting a free Apple TV to each and every customer who commits to at least three months of paid service. AT&T earlier this month announced plans to acquire the media conglomerate Time Warner for $80 billion.

The leaked customer-support documents detail that consumers who are willing to commit to at least three months of paid service will be able to get a free Apple TV as part of a device promotion. Consumers who pay for one month will get a free Fire TV streaming stick from Amazon.

Variety writes that both the Apple TV and Amazon’s Fire TV are more expensive on their own than the service charges consumers would have to pay to qualify for each promotion. AT&T CEO Randal Stephenson said last week that the DirecTV Now service will allow subscribers to watch TV shows via a 72-hour window and stream on-demand videos from a library of up to 14,000 titles.


Some of the 100+ channels DirecTV Now aims to carry include Disney, NBCUniversal and Viacom content as well as channels such as Scripps, A&E Networks, Discovery, HBO and Starz, plus Univision networks like Galavision, Univision and UniMas, Fox and MundoFox, CBS, HDNet Movies, the Hallmark Channel and the Sony Movie Channel.

DirecTV Now will cost $35 per month and is scheduled to launch in the coming weeks on smartphones, tablets, media-streaming boxes and other devices.

A free 7-day trial will be available upon launch.

Source: Variety

  • Shirley

    Is this good for those that already have Direct TV and AT&T and have iPhones?

  • Blip dude

    If it’s for an Apple TV 4 then sure, since the cost of 3 months is still cheaper than a 32gb model, otherwise, PASS!!!!

    • askep3

      Lol they aren’t gonna sell an outdated apple tv

      • Blip dude

        Uhh, this is AT&T we’re talking about here, so I honestly wouldn’t be surprised.

  • Y2J: Keeper of the List

    I’m excited for this, but it’ll have to be better than PS Vue to get me to switch. I already like that it’ll on ATV, which Vue is not.

    • White Michael Jackson

      Question about playstation vue. Do you need a PS4 in order to use it? Cause I have an xbox.

      • Y2J: Keeper of the List

        You don’t need a PS4 but you can’t use an Xbox. There’s a full list online but I think it’s PS3/4, Fire TV/stick, iOS/Android, and Android TV. Chrome cast also works

      • george

        Works super fast on a fire stick

  • Howard Eastin

    this is actually different from actual directv service. This is for someone who doesn’t want the satellite dish nor wants boxes and cords spread throughout their house just to get service.

    I work for AT&T and Directv GO is going to be in direct competition with Netflix and Hulu …It is also a cheaper way to get the content you want live. In order to have this service you don’t have to have AT&T wireless service but it does help.