iPHone 7 Jet White Mac otakara 001

The fairly reliable Japanese blog Mac Otakara is reporting that Apple is considering adding a brand new colorway to the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus lineup: Jet White. Based on purported information received from suppliers, the outlet speculates Apple may be planning to add a Jet White model to the iPhone 7 lineup, although plans could change and Apple could abandon the idea. Mac Otakara cautioned that its sources “may be unreliable.”

Mac Otakara is pretty reliable when it comes to leaking Apple’s product plans and details of unreleased gadgets. The publication accurately predicted both the Jet Black colorway and the removal of the 3.55mm audio jack from Apple’s new handsets.

Would you consider a Jet White iPhone 7 over the regular Jet Black model?

Source: Mac Otakara (Google Translate)

  • hkgsulphate


  • Jason

    This sucks

  • 电天堂

    Let there be Jet Yellow or Jet Red

    • Jet Blue

      • rondo

        Pretty sure JetBlue is going to try and sue apple and apple will say that they created that name since the beginning and JetBlue will have to change their name. Money talks and shit walks.

      • Their problem, we just want blue..

    • Impreza

      I want a Jet Airplane

  • h4nd0fg0d

    Sounds a hell of a lot better than the scratch prone jet black colorway.

    • 5723alex .

      It will be scratch prone as well. Love my 7 plus Jet Black.

      • lekwame

        I love mine as well

    • anonmuz

      It’s going to be prone to scratches also, that’s pretty obvious.

      • h4nd0fg0d

        Correct, but the scratches will be much less discernable on a white device. So ya, pretty obvious that said scratches will be less obvious on the white, obviously. Take that one to your bank. Truth dose

      • anonmuz

        Indeed, at least until dirt gets in the scratches like on the old 3G/3GS. But then again that was all plastic so you are probably right.

  • TheAvatarNice

    Christian, I think it’s just called a 3.5mm headphone jack. Not a 3.55mm headphone jack.

  • Jim Hart

    I want the Jet Jaguar one.

  • burge

    More lightly on the next iteration.

  • lou111

    This is a masterpiece from Apple. The “Jet” color is nothing like iPhone 5C before 🙂 I am sure 5c wasn’t available in black color because could looks like too premium. And now, there you go, Black and white iPhone 7 but the price is “regular”, you know… premium

  • Micke på taket

    Glossy plastic look a la Samsung ,, just call IT jet and boom,,,suddenly its premium ,, ridicilous,,,

  • george

    White phones are fugly,

  • Diego Milano

    I definitely would, but if the end result would be scratches everywhere, I’d need to order it with a case right as soon as it goes out. 🙁 I would still prefer it on top of the silver one, unless it’s made of plastic like the iPhone 3GS, hahaha, just kidding.

  • Diego Milano

    Christian, why not run a poll and see what comes out? Maybe Apple is watching. 😉

  • anonmuz

    I’d consider it in addition to my jet black iPhone.