Camera Guard Pro for Mac

Even Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has been spotted covering his laptop camera with tape, which underscores the importance of privacy and security today. A great solution is Camera Guard Pro, designed to safeguard your Mac’s webcam and microphone security at all times.

For a limited time, you can pick up Camera Guard Pro at a 66% discount, for a total of just $9.99.

Camera Guard is the ultimate security solution for your computer, blocking and logging all attempts to access your webcam. Its real-time reporting and logging keeps you aware of any attempts by hackers, government officials, and other snooping individuals, while preventing any unwanted access.

The program’s Deep Detective technology repels all attack attempts, including those from unknown sources. You can use Camera Guard with other anti-virus software, including any existing firewalls for total peace of mind. Plus, it will only occupy 30MB of space on your hard drive, keeping you secure without being invasive.

Hackers and malicious minds are developing new ways every day to access your most personal details. Don’t take chances with your privacy: get secure with Camera Guard Pro for Mac, now only $9.99, or 66% off the retail price.