Just Mobile AluCable Duo

The frustrations of platform-specific chargers are unavoidable, as we’re forced to buy USB and Lightning cables for our various Apple or Android devices. The Just Mobile AluCable Duo for iOS & Android Devices offers an ideal solution, delivering both your micro-USB and Lightning charging needs with speed and efficiency.

For a limited time, you can get this handy, multifunctional cable for just $17.95, with free shipping to the Continental US.

The AluCable is five feet long and sports a USB connector on one end, with a connector and Lightning plug on the other end. It’s MFi certified, meaning it’ll safely work with your iPhone or iPad, while a simple flip of the plug reveals a microUSB port for Android users. Switching from one plug to the other is a quick and simple process.

Fed up with the frays, kinks and general flimsiness of your standard cables? AluCable’s heavy duty shielded aluminum connectors ensure your cable is tough enough to withstand any wear and tear without any operation issues.

You’ll pay just $17.95 for full charging freedom with the Just Mobile AluCable Duo, with free shipping.