Apple ad iPHone 7 Dive 002

Apple today shared a new television commercial via its YouTube channel highlighting stereo speakers and the improved IP67 water resistance on the iPhone 7 series. Titled “Dive”, the 60-second video opens with a pool scene depicting an older guy who is soaking up sun rays whilst listening to “La Virgen de la Macarena” by Arturo Sandoval playing through the iPhone’s stereo speakers.

He then turns up the volume and proceeds to climb the high dive as everyone else is watching with anticipation. As the song climaxes, he jumps off causing his device to get splashed with water poolside. The video closes with Apple’s “practically magic” tagline used consistently in iPhone 7 advertisements.

Here is that new commercial.

You gotta love the fake belly flop move!

Our own Sebastien Page wasn’t particularly fond of the fact that Apple is seriously touting stereo speakers as “practically magic”.

“The sound isn’t even that great,” he complained in a group chat on Slack. “The whole device shakes in your hand when the volume is too loud.”

I don’t have any issues with the tagline, but understand Sebastien’s reasoning.

Apple ad iPHone 7 Dive 001

The same controversial “practically magic” tagline appeared in another iPhone 7 ad highlighting “Happy Birthday” balloons animation in the Messages app even though screen and bubble effects in Messages are not exclusive to the latest iPhones.

How did you like Apple’s new ad?

Source: Apple on YouTube

  • Charlie

    It’s good that have stereo but it’s not that amazing. It’s been around on other devices for a long time but only the beginning for Apple

    • Rowan09

      What does have to do with it being on the iPhone? I personally think it’s one of the biggest upgrades compared to a single speaker. I never had a HTC phone so can’t really compare the 2.

      • george

        I don’t even notice the difference as much from my 6s vs 7.

      • Nathan

        You need hearing aids 😛 /s

        It’s noticeable. Texting and getting the ‘sent’ sound causes you to feel the vibration of the sound in your hand.

      • george

        Well yeah that is true, I’m more talking about music and stuff, I guess listening with earbuds for ears has made my hearing shit :/

      • Rowan09

        I would have to agree with Nathan.

    • IDK, I think it’s a good idea to mention it. Other phones might have had it for a while but people may or may not know that it’s out yet for iPhone. If someone has an old iPhone and is thinking of upgrading this might be the thing that convinces them.

      Advertising is about selling a product. Sometimes that means bragging about something no one else has, and other times it just means talking about an improvement to your lineup. If you can’t talk about improvements to your lineup unless it’s an industry first everyone might as well stop advertising because almost everything smartphones get were already around on other products before them…

    • Impreza

      It’s like a tectonic shift here at iDB, the comments or cruticism by Sebastien are the sort that would have landed the commenter with a troll tag by half of the replies. i’m not disagreeing with his point, maybe some are finally accepting that you can criticise/critique the Apple tech we’re fond of constructively minus said tag.

  • SixBanananas

    Apples ads became boring and cringeworthy. Next thing they’ll do is advertising for multi-touch on iPhone displays … “amazing”

    • Chinch07

      I enjoy them. Lighten up a bit. Life’s to short SixBananas.

  • [RECON1]

    They show the iPhone getting a slight splash, but don’t cover water damage in AC+. Might give people the wrong idea? Idk.

    • Rowan09

      They won’t cover water damage because people will definitely go beyond the specs and they won’t be able to prove it.

    • :D

      Because it isn’t water proof just splash proof

    • hkgsulphate

      which brand cover water damage?

  • Jerry

    I love if I’m in the shower and I get a important call or text I can just simply grab my phone and answer

  • george

    So weird

  • Gastón

    A TV Ad to advertise stereo speakers? In 2016.

  • BackSpinBubba

    who is the diver?