AirPods battery case

After Apple shared disappointing news that the much vaunted AirPods aren’t quite ready yet and won’t meet its self-imposed late-October deadline, a new report from Chinese-language Economic Daily News re-published Tuesday by Taiwanese trade publication DigiTimes suggests that Apple’s first-ever wireless earphones may not actually go on sale before January of next year.

Citing market watchers, the Chinese-language publication claims Apple supplier Inventec is expecting to achieve an annual growth of seven percent in 2017 while its earnings per share will also grow 35 percent “thanks to AirPods orders”.

“Apple originally planned to release the AirPods at the end of October, but has postponed release,” reads the article. “Inventec is expected to begin shipping AirPods in January 2017,” the paper noted. Apple’s website now simply states that the AirPods are “coming soon” without providing any specific timeframe.

Like a lot of consumers, most of us here at iDownloadBlog (but not everyone) are very excited for the AirPods so I guess we’ll have to wait longer than expected to get our hands on them. While any product delay is a disappointment, I’d rather Apple release them when they’re ready rather than kill goodwill by rushing out a half-baked product.

Source: DigiTimes

  • Chloe Elizabeth Wade

    Hopefully people will realize how shit they are by then and no1 buy them

    • DT

      Coming from the guy who thinks he’s used a pair. Dude shut up.

      • Chloe Elizabeth Wade

        1) I’m not a guy 2) some early reviews say they have worse audio than earpods 3) on- or over-ear will always have better audio(especially low end which matters to me) than in ear

      • DT

        Well good for you. Here’s an amazing idea. If you don’t like them, don’t buy them! Some people may like them. People like you are ridiculous anymore. Move on with your life dude.

      • george

        How about you respect people who dislike them?

      • DT

        Oh I am so sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt anyone’s feeling. Meanwhile, that clown is calling people dumbasses for buying them. Haha you’re a special kind of stupid.

      • Luke

        These aren’t a product that has been marketed for a audiophile. These are for the people who want a minimalistic design without ANY cords.

        Me, I cannot wait for these to come out. I’m not looking for the best audio quality. I simply want EarPods (because hey are comfortable to wear) without a cord.

        I think it’s funny how other people complain about how ugly they are and how they looking sticking out of the ear, the same people who already use the EarPods that look the EXACT same.

      • Jon20

        Lol. I agree. The funny thing is that people are comparing the sound quality of AirPods to Bluetooth Headphones that are technically Ear Buds, which give a sort of noise cancellation quality because the tips are squeezed into your ear. This obviously provides a more insulated sound compared to the standard EarPods that just sit in your ear without the fixed earbud insulation you would normally get from Earbuds. So technically this sound quality comparison is not valid. You (this Chloe person) wouldn’t compare Solo 3’s with Power Beats 3. Totally different kinds of Headphones but still Bluetooth right? I agree with you on the minimalistic use of them. They would be great for me. And battery life is pretty good. Approx 5 hrs each, use one at a time and that’s 10 hrs plus charges from the battery case and that’s all day. That’s pretty good IMO.

      • Chloe Elizabeth Wade

        Me buying in-ear headphones would be stupid it’d be like buying a Toyota when u can afford a Lamborghini and there’s no factor that automatically says u can’t buy one like needing more seats or whatever I don’t do anything that would warrant in-ear headphones which have worse battery life and audio I don’t work out or anything so may as well get superior on-ear ones

      • therealjjohnson

        Toyota to a Lamborghini? I see your point but your example is too grossly differenced.

      • burge

        Early reports from where ? WWDC only had early version so where are you getting your information from.

      • Chloe Elizabeth Wade

        Some YouTubers who got review units early

      • burge

        As you say early units so not the finished product then.

      • Chloe Elizabeth Wade

        It probably won’t be much different

      • burge

        You know this how ? Probably is not the same as will be.

      • Chloe Elizabeth Wade

        Also I’m getting the solo3s bc in-ear will always have worse low end than on or over and I only listen to rap so a lot of low end is a must

      • Chloe Elizabeth Wade

        And there’s exactly 0 reasons for me to buy in-ear style headphones as I don’t work out or anything

      • Chloe Elizabeth Wade

        I think the extra $140 is way more worth it for better battery life better audio quality a bigger and harder to lose product and colors

      • burge

        And something that doesn’t fit in your pocket.

      • Chloe Elizabeth Wade

        Most people don’t want to put they’re headphones in my pocket at least me personally I always have em on

      • burge

        And when you are not using them but have no where to put them. Nothing like walking around with something you have to carry.

        Your argument is based someone else’s opinion. Learn to judge for yourself. Especially when the units tested are early versions and not the sale items.

      • Alan

        I think she’s judged for herself. No matter what tweaks Apple ultimately make between now and launch, I think it’s safe to say that the airpods will retain an in-ear design. Chloe prefers over-ear headphones, so I guess her decision is already made.

      • burge

        But her opinion on these are not her opinions their someone else’s, and that’s on early versions not sale items. If she prefers over the head then that’s her choice but she’s saying that the Apple in ear wireless heads are are rubbish ( see her comments in this and other threads ) and yet she hasn’t used or tried or even held a pair of these for her self..

        As I’ve said she judges a book by its cover.

      • Chloe Elizabeth Wade

        In-ear wireless headphones cost way more than they should tbh

      • Alan

        I hate to be that guy; you’re wrestling an argument against overly-expensive earphones whilst saying you’re buying Beats Solo3 headphones.

        People will always have their preferences. There’s something to be said for the extra tech you can pack into larger, over-ear designs. Equally, the convenience of wireless earphones will always attract customers.

      • Chloe Elizabeth Wade

        I’ll admit beats r a tad overpriced but I don’t think they’re AS overpriced as airpods I mean for what u pay u get a much bigger product = more material = more cost of production better battery and better audio

      • Alan

        But again it’s still a balance of preference. Apple hasn’t marketed the AirPods as the best sounding earphones out there. Theyre wireless and that’s the point. With that, you’ll of course have to compromise on things like audio quality and battery life (who would buy wired headphones if the AirPods were better in every way?) but for the size, the battery life is pretty good.

      • Chloe Elizabeth Wade

        Tbh I don’t buy in-ear headphones bc it would be stupid it’s like buying a Toyota when you could buy a Lamborghini and u can afford it and there’s no reason u would need more seats I don’t work out or anything so why would I buy in-ear headphones with worse audio and battery

      • Alan

        I’m not trying to convince you to buy them – you have valid reasons for preferring the Solo3 option. Of course in your analogy, you would buy the Lamborghini if you could afford it, but it’s not a fair analogy because it assumes the Toyota (AirPods) has nothing to offer over the alternative. The convenience of wireless is the selling point here, and that’s where Apple’s focus is. As for the battery, you’d have to use them for more than 5 hours continuously before battery life becomes an issue.

      • Chloe Elizabeth Wade

        They’re both wireless and both have w1.

      • Alan

        The convenience of wireless – coupled with their small footprint, they’re very minimal and that is what Apple is hoping draws the attention here. You have your preference for over-ear, many have their preference for in-ear, runners among them.

      • burge

        A tad over priced !!

      • Rook HD

        very shallow look at how much a product is worth. In the world of technology, smaller product is usually more expensive as it requires more skills and tech to pack all those features into a smaller form.

      • techfreak23

        What exactly are you basing that claim on?? Do you even begin to understand what goes into making devices like these…?

      • raulortiz318

        Different use cases for everyone though. Over/on-ear can feel heavy and less mobile. I use the wireless noise cancelling Bose which have decent sound, but my ears sweat while doing housework, and they get tiring to wear after a while.

        Anyone who buys these, or most in-ear bluetooth buds, isn’t looking for the best sound, but a balance of light weight and decent sound.

        Again, that’s why there are different products out there for different users. No need to say anything is shit.

      • Probably what they are pushing thr date back to fix who know

    • Rob Bricknell

      Really! So you haves used them to give your unbiased opinion!

      • Mike

        You don’t have to use it to know it will be bad. You are going to pay $100+ for basically low end wireless headphones. Please tell me how these are going to be better that what is out in the market right now.

      • Rob Bricknell

        I can’t tell you they will be better or worse as iv not tried them yet. So I’ll wait till then until I say if they are good or not. But I still won’t pay £150 for them. So far the best set of Bluetooth headphone iv brought cost £30.

    • burge

      So you do judge a book by its cover then.

      You haven’t tried them so what do you know.

    • Better safe then sorry, samsung would’ve have them blowing peoples ears away bu rushing it. I don’t want a paortof my own but I can guarantee they will sale. More than the Apple watch presumably..

    • Jordan

      Ok, so I read through this whole thread, and found it amusing.
      Chloe, I am not going to take sides, and respect your preference to want the Beats over the AirPods, but I do not appreciate you calling them “shit”.

      You say you want to buy Beats because you like the low end, you also say that the AirPods are too costly because you are paying a lot for less MATERIAL AND COST FOR PRODUCTION. I hope that you understand that less material does not mean it costs less to make. Take for example the “Trash Can” Mac Pro, it is made out of a single small cylinder of metal, which is pressed to become larger and form into the right shape. This is remarkably simple, but innovative engineering that saves on the amount of material required to make the same product. Would you prefer to pay more for the same thing if it were made out of a larger cylinder of metal and produced more waste in the process? I doubt it. When you buy a product, you not only pay for the materials and the cost of production, but also the engineering that goes on to make it possible. Remember that it has to pay for the engineers and designers who’s sole purpose is to design the product you buy. There are many hidden costs, you seem to be unaware of.

      Now, for the low-end. In-Ear headphones (IEMs) are very capable in producing bass better than on or over ear headphones. They are also very sensitive and can produce very fine details, which may not come out with larger headphones. Admittedly, when you buy AirPods, or EarPods for that matter, you are NOT buying audio quality, you are buying an ecosystem, and ease of use, a product that should “just work”. When you buy Beats, you are also not buying audio quality, you are buying mostly everything I said above, plus the brand name and what it means. It would be like buying RayBans over some generic sunglasses that look almost exactly the same (ignore the cheap lens), you are paying for that label.

      “3) on- or over-ear will always have better audio(especially low end which matters to me) than in ear”. Absolutely NOT TRUE, and also, if you wanted audio quality in the first place. You wouldn’t buy Beats. IMO, they sound muddy and foggy. Do you wear glasses? If you do, take them, and take some sandpaper to the lenses and put them on. That would be a bit of an visual analogy for how the Beats sound TO ME (preference is subjective). Here is an example of where IEMs out do larger headphones, and are cheaper as well. The Sennheiser IE80 are about $75 cheaper than the Beats Solo3, and are much more detailed, clear, and provide a significant amount for bass. It even has a bass dial, if you want to go crazy low end. Also, if you are not doing any exercise with the headphones, then why not buy something nicer? Oppo PM3s are about a $100 more expensive than Beats Solo3s, but are incredibly nice Planar Magnetic Headphones, with a beautiful industrial design.

      So, in summation, you buying IEMs rather than a on/over ears, is more like you buying a motor bike over a car. Both can be incredibly awesome, given a price point, but should not be compared 1 to 1 against each other. You should respect that AirPods serve a purpose, and so do Beats, and that they are different in many ways. Before you go about making statements such as “Hopefully people will realize how shit they are by then and no1 buy them”, realise that there is a target market, and that you are not in it, so it makes no sense for you to buy it, but that does not make it “shit” for everyone else. I love my music, so I invest in the detail and sound, rather than ease of use, but my mother does not, she want AirPods because she is frequently walking around the house, and wants to go 100% wire-free, but does not like on / over ears, because they are no comfortable for her, so AirPods are a God send.
      Please take back what you said, and never say something so ignorant and naive again.
      Thank you, on behalf of the world that has to put up with people like you.

      • Chloe Elizabeth Wade

        I don’t like wires and I also prefer over or on ear style also the W1 is a must for me owning multiple apple products and the solo3s are the best device that currently have it and I’m pretty sure the only device u can get with it right now also most earbuds don’t stay in my ears

  • Impreza

    I could say what I think straight from the heart, but you know the usual responses with ‘troll’ etc will be levelled. So let’s go with the generic user friendly, ‘gee whiz can’t wait to get ’em’ tripe.

    • Jamessmooth

      So true

    • Mike M. Powell

      nah “get rek’t” sounds better, that how you bring in the downvotes and trolls, or am i the troll myself? ._.

      • Impreza

        Nah no troll, we’re all just prawns caught in ter net 🙂

  • I can’t wait till January. The positioning of the lightning connection is proving a pain as I use a holster case most of the day. Left me with no choice but to go wireless. Anyone have experience with Sol Republic shadow wireless as a stop gap?

  • MY.T

    I’m disappointed .. but still I can’t wait to get them. I hope Apple avail a limited number and then gradually increase the number over time.

  • n0ahcruz3

    5 hrs is below standard if you ask me, these are just wireless earpods i dont expect a better sound quality compared to the wired ones. Even the lightning earpod degraded in sound quality. Courage my ass this is to help sell accessories and third party products(apple certified accessories).

    • Kaiser De Kam

      If you look at the competition, the 5 hour battery life is actually on the higher end. Look at the similar products out there and they’re well over $169 and battery life is 3-5 hours.

      • n0ahcruz3

        I do look at the competition, i always do. Although some varies when it comes to actual usage. If you look at wireless earphones in amazon they offer longer battery at fraction of the price. I know because ever since i got my 7 plus I’ve been shopping for wireless earphones.

      • Kaiser De Kam

        What do you think are the best alternatives without going over the AirPods price?

      • n0ahcruz3

        Honestly i dont know, i havent bought any wireless earphones. However ive seen wireless earphones that are cheaper than the airpods and offer better battery life according to the product details.

      • Amid Abdul

        Dont confuse wireless with true wireless. The only one that claims 5 hours is the headphone from Bragi, but they have a lot of complaints on their fb page about the connection..

      • n0ahcruz3

        True wireless? Define true wireless, they use the same Bluetooth technology don’t they? They only work seamlessly because you know it’s apple branded. And what do you think was the reason for the delay?

      • Amid Abdul

        It means that the two earpice are not connected to each other.

      • n0ahcruz3

        Well obviously you don’t browse amazon that much do you?

      • Amid Abdul

        Not really, I only know the “big” names, those chinese ones i dont care about

  • Jose Rivera

    On the bright side, at least they’re perfecting them so that way they don’t go through what Samsung did with a faulty device that has to be recalled due to improper testing/fabrication…

  • Johnson Noel

    The EarPods should have at least included an earlobe hook. It would not have been so difficult to design it and it would be so much more secure.

  • Lit

    Am I the only one that realizes that these won’t have any bass? There’s no mechanism to prevent sound leak. I just don’t see how it’s remotely possible.

  • Julio Hernandez

    I’m good. I don’t like EarPods anyway so I’m gonna save myself $169 + 8% sales tax on this.

  • tariq

    Samsung should take advantage of this time and push heavy ads on their iconX. Maybe throw in a discount to get some attention. There’s always people who are impatient, so they’ll totally grab what comes first to them.

  • lou111

    It must be some serious issue. Airpods should be the best gift for Christmas, so… I think that January is just veeery optimitic way.

  • Josh Venegas

    Good! Because for the cost, these things better come with Bluetooth 5 hardware