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Hon Hai Precision Industry is working on a wireless charging system for Apple, reports Nikkei. Citing an industry source familiar with the matter, the outlet claims the manufacturer, better known as Foxconn, is making wireless charging modules for the iPhone 8.

The source adds that the feature making it into Apple’s next flagship handset will depend on whether Foxconn can boost the yield rate to a satisfactory level. So if it can’t produce these modules at a high quality/volume, we may not see wireless charging next year.

The introduction of wireless charging capabilities is part of Apple’s ongoing efforts to overhaul the iPhone design to boost sales during the 10th anniversary of its ubiquitous and iconic device that had transformed mobile internet and communications since the release of its first incarnation. For now, the new model has been widely dubbed iPhone 8, although Apple may christen it differently given the special occasion of its launch.

[…] The Nikkei Asian Review reported on Oct. 26 that Apple plans to replace iPhone’s current metal casing with a glass back and a metal frame for all its three new handset models next year. In addition, the premium 5.5-inch handset will sport a curved organic light-emitting diode screen, while the other two models will stick with existing flat low temperature poly-silicon display, NAR has also reported.

It’s worth noting that Nikkei’s claim that Apple will release 3 handsets next year has been disputed by other reports, but otherwise these details are consistent with other rumors. The next-gen iPhone is expected to feature a curved, edge-to-edge display and glass casing.

Source: Nikkei

  • Mike M. Powell

    where’s the fun of being surprised anymore 🙁

    • rockdude094

      Well this shouldn’t be surprising considering that wireless charging been around for almost half a decade in cellphones

  • Jamessmooth

    Gonna be such a disappointment if they don’t get wireless charging in there next year.

    • iBanks

      Why? Wireless charging in its current state is so pointless unless intergrated into an vehicle…… unless you have an huge phone. If Apple and WATT partners up for true wireless charging, 15ft range, then by all means let’s get it.

  • ravinigga

    I got more exited for the next iPhone. But again these latest years there is to many leaks

  • Jayy

    Opposed to the other comments here, I actually like to know what to expect.

    • iBanks

      Must also like an movie trailer that exposes all of the major and best parts of the movie as well.

      • Jayy

        Nope not at all, those two aren’t even comparable examples. I personally see nothing wrong with knowing all of the main features that will be in my next potential phone.

  • Michael Bemelmans

    I would rather have fast charging than wireless charging… 3 Hours to charge a Plus model iPhone, go home Apple…