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Yes, for those wondering, the new MacBook Pro has a standard headphone jack. Apple was met with a lot of criticism back in September when it introduced the iPhone 7 without the 3.5mm port, but it clearly isn’t ready to bring the change to its laptop lines.

The move should appease the MacBook Pro’s targeted audience, who won’t have to worry about fiddling with adapters or pairing Bluetooth headphones/speakers. Music producers, for example, will be able to plug the computer directly into their current setups.

This does provide a new challenge, however: how do you plug your Lightning headphones into the new MacBook Pro? It’s not clear if Apple plans to make such an adapter (it makes a Lightning to 3.5mm adapter), but if not, surely third party companies will step up.

Finally, though Apple chose not to omit the headphone jack, it didn’t have a problem axing plenty of other ports. There is no longer a MagSafe connector for charging or any traditional USB ports, as they’ve been replaced by USB-C ports, and there is no SD card reader.

Apple’s new MacBook Pro starts at $1,499 and is available for order starting today.

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  • czbird

    Hipocrits lol

  • rauldzmartin

    Because reasons.

  • The reason for ditching mag safe is???

    • george


    • Lit

      Magsafe was the absolute best idea ever. I see no reason either.

    • I agree with you lol

    • Mr_Coldharbour

      MagSafe was the single best idea Apple ever implemented into their devices without any competition and their decision to remove it is the single most idiotic idea ever. This tops the removal of the SD card slot on the MBP and the headphone jack on the iPhone 7.

      • jaimem17

        I thought Apple was dying but now it’s dead, MagSafe was a brilliant idea, was…

    • Matt

      At this point I can imagine Steve rolling over in his grave. IIRC, he was so proud when he first announced the MagSafe port.

      Also, I did not watch the kyenote, but does the logo no longer illuminate?!

    • While I absolutely love the mag safe charging port perhaps one reason to drop it is because you can buy USB-C magnetic power adapters already and essentially add it in to whatever side of the computer suits you best? Or skip it entirely if you’re someone who typically docks the laptop at work?

      I’ll be getting some mag-safe like adapter for sure, but maybe with limited room and the ability to charge all 4 ports Apple felt like it was better this way?

      • I doubt that’s the reason. Especially because those adapters aren’t from apple directly. There aren’t any good reasons to drop it as there is plenty of space for it on both sides and could have been included as a second choice for charging. It’s completely fine though I wont be buying one any time soon.

      • My point was, that the thunderbolt 3 ports are also capable of becoming 4 additional power ports. If there was only room for the 4 ports why give up such a versatile option for a power only port? Especially when the other 3 could do the same function and a LOT more besides? Other than the magnetic breakaway functionality I can’t think of a single reason to keep it when it takes so much space and performs literally 1 function. And who knows? Maybe we’ll see an official MagSafe adapter from Apple in the near future for people who want it?

      • I get your point, but the magnetic breakaway is the point no matter how much space it took, many if not most would prefer it. there is still plenty of space for it and I’d rather it have its on place instead of having one less port if someone decides to have it broken. I’m down to one USB port on my 2011 mac. The new MacBook Pro with only two ports is severally limited to be a ‘Pro’.

  • askep3

    I don’t know why this was even a question, the main reason it was removed from the iPhone was because of room, and the secondary reason was to promote a “wireless future”, there wasn’t really a doubt it would be removed from iPads, much less MacBooks.

    • Rowan09

      Exactly. Space in a laptop isn’t that crammed.

    • Lit

      I thought blueprints showed that there was nothing in place of the jack for the iphone7?

      • techfreak23

        It’s the “barometric vent” to let water out so that the barometer works properly after you submerge it.

  • Vince Reedy

    It was left so you wouldn’t need dongles for a pro laptop. Wait…

  • Shan

    They need to get their priorities straight

  • AMB_07

    They ran out of COURAGE

  • OWashe

    And it happens to be the thickest port

  • jakeopp

    Want to plug your iPhone into your macbook? Adapter!

    Want to plug your iPhone 7 headphones into your macbook? Adapter!

    Want to transfer files from an SD card? Adapter!

    • Bill

      That’s an interesting point…what about plugging your iPhone or iPad into your new MacBook Pro? Is there a Lightning to USB C cable? I know, I know…they want you to wirelessly sync.

    • Vince Reedy

      Saw an article where a pro calculated he needed over $250 in adapters, albeit from Apple, in order to use the machine when he gets it.

    • I guess it depends on how you look at it. Even if Apple provided tons of ports on this laptop it couldn’t possibly satisfy everyone. Someone would need something else or more of one or have some reason to complaign. The huge advantage with thunderbolt 3 is its ability to do and become anything (not to mention immediate USB-C compatibility).

      I think of it like this, if I don’t need to connect lots of things to my Mac I have the ability to save money on my purchase. If I do have things to connect I only have to pay for exactly the ports I want.

      One of the big things I’m looking forward to “adapter wise” (if you can call it that) is connecting a desktop class Graphic Card over TB3 and then running it out to my external display. The ability to use these ports to extend hardware capabilities of my Mac on the fly is super awesome! But fortunately for everyone else, the only people that have to pay for something crazy like that are people like me. So it’s a pay for what you need system and I must admit, if there’s only room for 4 ports I think they made the right call here.

      Not everyone needs USB ports, not everyone wants a mini display, I don’t use the SD card slot… some people don’t even need the audio jack! In the end though everyone has the option to get exactly what they need this way in the most future proofed method possible.

      • mrgerbik

        Its not about satisfying everyone – just the majority

        ie – 1 usb 3.0, 1 hdmi and a sd-card slot side by side with 3 or 4 USB-c’s

        there.. 99% of people are happy

      • TL;DR I think the ports are less used than most people think and carrying adapters in a computer bag isn’t nearly the hassle that it is for a phone. The computer is too thin for the ports to fit, and most people that shell out the money for it will probably be happy.

        I understand the sentiment, but at the same time I’m not sure it’s completely accurate. We know that on photography sites mobile devices have become the #1 go to camera for photography. One thing that they all share in common is a lack of an SD card. It would not surprise me at all to find out that a small minority of people actually use the SD card reader. I used to use mine all the time about 6 years ago but thinking about it now I probably haven’t used it in around 4-5 years now.

        Same thing with the USB ports. A LOT of things are done wirelessly these days including printing, file transfers and even accessories like mice. In fact one of the few popular reasons for USB ports is USB sticks which can now be purchased as USB-C. So while the majority might still use the old USB ports I don’t think it’s a significant deal to remove them. And if it is, what’s so terrible about an adapter? I mean you can run more USB 3.0 drives over a single thunderbolt 3 port than you ever could on an old MacBook Pro. Most laptops are carried around in a case too so carrying an adapter or two isn’t a big deal anyways as you just keep them in the case.

        I just want to point out too that with the current design there literally isn’t room for an old style USB port. The computer is too thin and can’t take advantage of the wedge shape of the old Airs to cram them into the back. So the only way we could get those ports would be for apple to change the design.

        Finally, you have to remember that people shelling out the money for this computer are also going to know what they are getting. All in all I’d say that 90+% of the people who purchase this computer will be happy with it. But I guess we’ll have to wait and see what the customer sat scores are with it.

      • mrgerbik


        ohhhh thats sarcasm?

        its actually irony 😛

      • Haha sorry I meant that for my post. I was noticing how long it was and thought that someone skimming through the conversations might like a summary.

        I’m also not saying that USB ports aren’t being used, I’m just thinking that their use is dwindling. Like I said the main uses seem to be for things like USB drives and external hard drives and printers. I know there are a LOT more things out there but I’m trying to talk about things the average user is working from.

        Printers are by and large wireless, files can be air dropped wirelessly, backups to services like drop box remove some need for external drives (which also come in USB-C and TB3), may peripherals

      • Also just a side note, Apple’s profit margins are not “wildly large”. They are about 21% which is only %1 higher than the average in their industry (and fun fact, is less than half of the profit margins in other industries like furniture for instance).

        Apple has extraordinary profits though and this comes from the sheer amount of things they sell. That’s an important distinction as one statement indicates the company is price gouging and the other indicates that the company is well received and their products are very popular.

  • Courage? Courage? I don’t have Tim’s courage to suck *you know*. Because I’m old fashioned, old fashion men prefer women.

  • Tim

    I do wonder how I am going to attach my Lightning Earpods to my new Macbook Pro now… as a ton of people use them that way, I think they’ve overlooked that…

    • Vince Reedy

      They didn’t overlook it, we’ve reached the dongle age.

    • I think you’re missing the point. Apple wants people to switch to wireless audio, not to lightning based earbuds. Those headphones are simply provided for you to use until you go wireless. The biggest failure ever for Apple would be if lots of 3rd party companies started manufacturing lightning based headsets. Apple wants you to go wireless on all of your deices as they see that as the future.

      What sets the laptop aside is that it is still used by audio engineers and because so many jobs require that port still Apple is leaving it (probably temporarily) there for the “Pro” users. But just like many of the other ports that were considered “pro features” which Apple has slowly removed I’m sure this one will fade away eventually too.

  • Mr_Coldharbour

    Courage indeed.