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Apple on Thursday kicked off its Hello Again event by announcing a new app it’s simply calling ‘TV.’ Tim Cook claimed that his team believes it will “completely change how you watch TV on your Apple TV as well as your iPhone and iPad.”

The app, as rumored, is essentially a super TV guide that surfaces shows and movies from all of your apps. “The new TV app is the first place I go when I use my Apple TV.” Selecting a title within the TV app kicks you into its respective app.

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When you install a new app on your Apple TV, it’ll instantly sign you in with your cable single-sign on, and it’ll populate Watch Now with content. Unfortunately it looks like the rumors were true that Netflix hasn’t agreed to be part of the program.

Fan of live sports? All you need to do is tell Siri to “turn on the game.” Siri knows which app has the game and takes you straight to the action. You can either request a specific game, like “the Cubs game,” or view a list all available streaming games.

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To be honest, this looks awesome. Can’t wait to try it out when it becomes available in December.

  • Amac25

    No Netflix integration though…

  • philip Mills

    no uk

  • ndcart

    Still no VUDU app.

    • Ed

      Tell VUDU

  • Zack Morris

    Still seems clunky. A traditional guide would be better in my opinion.

  • James G

    Announced. Not launched?

  • Ed

    December? they’re becoming the iProcastinators

  • Icisz

    In countries with a broad range of network support this type of interface for “TV” only makes logical sense. The app also has a name that applies to television shows and tv broadcasts. Oddly this is an issue for armchair analysts across the globe it sould appear.
    Should they call it “play” or “magic content chronometer” Wtf who honestly cares. If it works well wonderful, and early sneak peaks suggest it does.
    As always, Apple did not pretend they invented the name, or the idea, and I’m sure they did not, but they clearly made a great portal for keeping your favorite content easy to access with a minimal amount of effort. Furthermore, the app name does not have to be anything fancy and complex like “content chronometer” to do it’s jobs well.
    Netflix and others will likely warm up to it eventually too, after all, it is a simple matter of the shortest logical path to gettin an actual *JOB* done.
    Core apps SHOULD be where we dial in to get something done in a seamless, quick and effortless way. I for one am glad to see apps introduced and then put through a dedicated beta cycle to improve user experience and release to the general public once major flaws are addressed if required. Also, waiting until December clearly gives developers and networks a chance to adjust their default network apps programming too, so no… not really a procrastination but actually a very simple,logical explanation for the delay.

    Compared to what Apple TV used to be? I honestly use it every single day now; in fact, it makes my new android “smart” oled tv look extremely dumb. Other systems might have a little more of this or a little more of that, but so far the Apple TV4 experience has been just fantastic. Too bad being in Canada means imminent hurdles before we will see this app realize it’s full potential: Hopefully I am just being pessimistic.

  • Well no Netflix = no need to use.

  • Agneev Mukherjee

    iOS 10.2, for sure…