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The Messages app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch has gained a number of new features in iOS 10 that allow users to better express themselves with things like stickers, reactions, iMessage Apps, animated expressions, Digital Touch, bubble and screen effects and much more.

Initially, a message sent with an effect would animate once after the user opened it. In iOS 10.1, Apple’s added a new option to replay bubble and screen effects anywhere in conversations with a tap.

How to replay bubble and screen effects in iOS Messages

1) Launch Messages and tap a conversation in the list which contains previously received messages that were sent with bubble or screen effects.

2) In the conversation, scroll up or down until you reach a message with a bubble and screen effect, then tap the blue Replay link below it to experience that animation again.


Other user-facing changes in iOS 10.1 include a new depth of field mode in the stock Camera app on the iPhone 7 Plus, called Portrait, the ability to play Messages animations with Reduce Motion enabled and a bunch of bug fixes.

TUTORIAL: using bubble and screen effects in iOS Messages

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  • Scott Curry

    I probably missed it, but has anyone come up with a list of all of the available screen effects yet? The only one I know about is ‘Happy Birthday’…

    • iDownloadBlog has:

      TL;DR version:

      Slam—slams the bubble and makes the screen ripple
      Loud—enlarges and shakes the bubble, then shrinks it
      Gentle—the bubble grows slowly
      Invisible Ink—the message is blurred until the recipient swipes to reveal it

      Balloons—big, colorful balloons gradually flying upward from the screen bottom
      Confetti—colorful confetti falling from the screen top
      Lasers—renders laser effects while playing a Party Boy-like beat
      Fireworks—fireworks blowing up from the center of the screen
      Shooting Star—a shooting star traveling from the left to the right screen side

  • Gethro

    Is this really Tim messaging?