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I was just reading a post titled “On iMessage’s Stickiness” from Apple pundit John Gruber, published last evening on his Daring Fireball blog, and stumbled upon an interesting passage alleging that Apple’s created several mockups of iMessage for Android.

One of the mockups of iMessage for Android reportedly looks like a carbon copy of its iOS counterpart, with another one based on Google’s Material Design guidelines.

“I’ve heard from little birdies that mockups of iMessage for Android have circulated within the company, with varying UI styles ranging from looking like the iOS Messages app to pure Material Design,” reads the post.

MacDailyNews started the iMessage for Android rumor earlier this year.

The report claimed Apple would announce an Android edition of the iMessage service at WWDC 2016. WWDC came and went without any mention of iMessage for Android.

The new report from Gruber suggests that Apple has at least explored the idea before ultimately choosing to abandon or delay iMessage for Android.

Naysayers could say that Steve Jobs promised to turn FaceTime into an open standard that would be supported by carriers and device makers, which never came to be.

“I don’t think we’re ever actually going to see FaceTime as an open standard,” wrote Gruber. “But I think the sentiment that drove Jobs to want it to be an open standard applies to the idea of releasing iMessage for Android. Apple doesn’t need to rely on platform-exclusive lock-in.”

Apple Music for Android has a Material Design feel to it so I’m not surprised that Apple was considering giving iMessage for Android the same look and feel as many other Android apps built around Material Design.

What’s your opinion on iMessage for Android?

Would Apple be better off releasing iMessage for Android or should the service remain exclusive to iOS device as a crucial part of iMessage’s stickiness?

Source: Daring Fireball

  • Nathan

    I hope it stays iOS exclusive.

    • AMB_07


      • Gabriel Anaya

        It’s major strength is that it’s iOS exclusive. My favorite feature about iPhones and iPads is iMessage. It’s not like Apple Music either, where they make a profit off of it. It just offers more incentive to go to the iOS ecosystem

      • AMB_07

        But as a consumer what you’re describing is not strengh it’s limitations. It’s only “strength” for Apple not for you and even in this case Apple doesn’t seem to fully agree since they’re considering the idea of porting it over.

      • No one from Apple ever stated they were considering the idea.

      • AMB_07

        According to many sources they have. Granted they never officially said anything so you can take it with a grain of salt.

    • Jayy

      Me too

    • MMA Rules

      Me too

  • Patrick Kormann

    Bring it on! It’s annoying to use several different messaging apps only because you know people that don’t have iPhones ^^

  • Jamessmooth
  • Innes

    I’d also like to see it on Desktop PCs. I use the Message app on my work iMac but would also like to use it on my PC at home too.

    • OWashe

      Eats not get ahead of ourselves

    • Mr_Coldharbour

      iMessage uses a very particular encryption protocol and knowing that Windows PCs are riddled with security holes and overal security architecture is just very different it wouldn’t make sense to “port it over.” Porting it to PC will basically mean it will be a less safe version than its iOS and OS X counterpart.

  • Budz Camacho

    One of the reason I Use iPhone because of this exclusive feature. I say iMessage should stay exclusive for all apple products

    • MMA Rules

      Agree,  worked so hard to have this and now give it away

  • Stephen Hedger

    I have iPhone 6 and Galaxy s7 and when I’m using s7 I miss iMessage as that’s what most of my friends use.

    If it came to android I would miss my iPhone even less and that can’t be good for Apple if one of the reasons they buy an iPhone is for iMessage to chat to mates etc.

    It would be great though. Nice to not need to swap between different sms apps to chat to different people etc

    • MMA Rules

      One of my coworkers have a Galaxy and I was sending him a message with a picture and he was standing right next to me but some part of my workplace don’t have signal and I told him if you had iMessage this would have never happened

      • Stephen Hedger

        If you mean your work place has wifi then surely he could just use whatsapp?

      • MMA Rules

        Yes we have wifi and no he didn’t have WhatsApp installed and it was a picture that he needed right away because it was work related but you get my point iMessage is a stock application that we don’t think about installing it it’s just there

      • Stephen Hedger

        Yeah I get you. Everyone I know has iPhones and imessage is just THE messaging standard. Would be cool if it was ported to android. Would make whatsapp obsolete I think.

  • Greensprout

    It’s already too late, I use iMessage 99% of the time as do most people I know.

  • Alex Wilson

    If Apple want to remain competitive and relevant they need to export some of their features into cross platform situations. Apps like WhatsApp are going to cut in on them. If you want to compete with Facebook and others, you need to expand your horizons. Providing an Android and Windows app would be a good move to keep people in the Apple family. Our family has 3 iPhone users and one Droid, I hate Facebook, but that’s where my two kids prefer to message me from.

    • MMA Rules

      The only difference is that when you live for example in the United States people don’t know about WhatsApp and the iMessage is standard on the phone so for example me I use both but I use WhatsApp mainly when talking to people outside the states then with people in the states I unconsciously use iMessage, if you know what I mean!

      • Y2J: Keeper of the List

        Exactly. I have never heard any single person I know say anything about WhatsApp ever. It’s just not popular here. Kik and stuff is but that’s never gonna take over it’s mostly little horndogs in middle/high school that use it. I do think iMessage for Android and possibly windows could be very good though

  • john snow

    YES!! They should popularise iMessage.

  • Y2J: Keeper of the List

    I think it’d be cool and nice and all, but it should stay exclusive to Apple. It’s a lot different than having Apple Music on Android for example

  • Richard Aronson

    I would love for them push iMessages to Android. If they don’t do it soon I won’t be using iMessages much longer. Instead I’ll use WhatsApp for 90% of my messaging and iMessages and Google text app for SMS messages.

  • Charles222


    I bounce between ecosystems all the time and having something as great as iMessage on Android would be the bomb.

    • Tom García

      Same here. It would totally destroy WhatsApp.

  • James G

    Make it universal like email. No need to keep it exclusive. That only limits who you can communicate with.

    SMS via iCloud was a start but they need to go all in.

  • mwpitt52

    If Apple does port iMessage to Android they should make the Android version a different color bubble so iPhone users can discriminate against the Droids.

  • Nathan Duarte

    Most of my friends have iPhones so even if I want to switch, I can’t because of iMessage and FaceTime… Releasing those on Android would release me, and many others, which is why I think Apple won’t do it…

  • Mr_Coldharbour

    It must stay exclusive and proprietary to iOS and OS X (yes I said OS X because that’s name I’m accustomed to).