The Mac Power Organizer Bundle

While your Mac may be at the pinnacle of computing technology, that doesn’t mean you can’t improve how you use it. The Mac Power Organizer Bundle is a collection of apps that will organize your files and help you manage them like never before.

Upgrade your productivity with this premium app bundle, now just $14.99, or 84% off the retail price.

A look at what’s included in this app collection:

Folx 5: Manage your downloads efficiently with a smart tagging system, with the option to adjust download speeds manually. You can even split downloads into up to 10 threads to increase speed.

Commander One PRO Pack: Enjoy greater control over your files as you set your own hotkeys, manage multiple files and folders at once, and more. Archive multiple file types, and easily mount cameras, iOS, or Android devices, with quick access to their files.

Uplet Bulk Instagram Uploader: Edit, caption, and bulk upload your photos to Instagram right from your Mac.

CloudMounter: This is an all-in-one cloud storage solution for your files, allowing you to connect to Google Drive, Amazon S3, and other servers as if their contents were stored locally on your computer. In other words, you won’t forget where you stored a file ever again.

Upgrade your Mac with these four apps, guaranteed to help manage and organize your files with unprecedented convenience. For a limited time, you can pay just $14.99 for this productivity-enhancing bundle.

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