No iOS 9

On Tuesday, Apple pulled the plug on signing iOS 9.3.5 for its entire iOS device lineup, and since it was the last iOS 9 release since iOS 10’s launch last month, that means you can’t downgrade your firmware anymore.

It’s worth also mentioning that the signing process was also killed for iOS 10.0.1, which means anyone who tries to restore their device(s) in iTunes will be forced to install iOS 10.0.2 or later (10.0.3 is only for iPhone 7 & 7 Plus).

Overall, iOS 10 is a pretty solid software update, but it’s not without its quirks.

Many people reported seeing poorer battery life after upgrading to iOS 10, while others said performance wasn’t as great. Others see a bug with notification sounds from third-party apps after upgrading to iOS 10.

Apple’s reason for doing this is to promote security by guiding users to upgrade to the latest iOS firmware and thwart jailbreak attempts.

How it impacts the jailbreak community

For jailbreakers, the death of iOS 9.3.5 isn’t a big deal because it couldn’t be jailbroken to begin with. The last public jailbreak was released by Pangu for iOS 9.2-9.3.3. There’s no ETA on a jailbreak for iOS 10 at this point in time, and Pangu has proven in the past that they’re interested in working on one.

For what it’s worth, iOS hacker Luca Todesco has proven that iOS 10 can be jailbroken and Cydia can run just fine on the firmware, but no one said breaking Apple’s latest security would be easy.

Making things even more difficult for a jailbreak release, Apple is planning an iOS 10.1 launch with new features like Portrait Mode for photos soon, which will undoubtedly hinder the progress of the jailbreak.

Where do you stand?

Are you happy with the iOS 10 upgrade, or do you wish you could downgrade back to iOS 9? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

As usual, you can use the online tool to check for the latest iPhone firmware signing statuses. You can also use our downloads page for all of your firmware download needs.

  • leart

    old news lol…
    by the way, I feel that iOS 10 it’s not yet a stable release , for now 9.3.5 it’s better for stability and battery life

    • Rodney Coleman

      Meh…. it’s good on my 6s… I notice some glitches but nothing major.

    • I’m annoyed with iOS 10 because third-party app notification sounds keep defaulting to Tri-Tone!

  • mrjayviper

    So lucky I downgraded yesterday. Both iPhone and iPad!

  • meh, couldn’t go low enough to jailbreak anyway..

    • Darnassus

      Low? Jailbreaking is exceptionally fun.

      • You missunderstood. Low meaning you could not downgrade low enough to a software that could be jailbroken..

      • Darnassus

        Ah I see.. for a second there I thought you meant…….. ;d

  • So glad I down graded yesterday. iOS 10 was nothing but heartache for me. Completely broke Bluetooth and HFP and it was a jerky experience on my iPhone 6 and felt like a beta program rather than an upgrade from iOS 9. People complain about MSFT’s approach at getting people to upgrade but Apple are relentless in getting you to upgrade with a nag after nag after nag after nag after nag after nag, at least 4-5 times a day to get you to upgrade, without any way of turning off the nag!!!! I fail to see why people rave about the quality if Apple products and its OS!!!

    • Rolf Bause

      Just install the tvOS beta profile and the nagging stops 🙂

  • Francesco Suarez

    Glad when i did my junp on tmobile gor 128Gb 6s i got it at ios 9.0 in a heartbeat i jailbroke it and now im untether 🙂

  • James G

    *JUST* downgraded my 6s Plus on Monday. Close call!

  • Preben Faarkrog Hansen

    F**ck!!! 2 late for my SE …… F*************K DAMN

  • milo tanner

    There isn’t much to like about ios10. It sucks. Apple is getting more and more like a dictatorship. They take all the options out of our hands and tell us what we like and don’t. This wont be the first time that public outcry was ignored as they hold fast to what they say is best for us. Well i for one didnt want to upgrade. I didn’t have a choice my battery was being misread all the time and shutting the phone down and the phone software had to be restored to FIX the problem. Unfortunately that meant the only option i had was ios10.0.2.
    Well every single day I realize I hate this and hate apple even more. Strange words from me as I was actually pro apple. I may only be 16 but I know what i like and what i dont and i really think ios10 has missed the mark. Frankly it seems like they updated things simply because they could since they didnt improve the things that they changed.
    Here’s my thoughts,
    1. the first thing i noticed was the loss of the swipe to open. Well its been days and i’m still cursing cause i cant seem to get used to it. Cant seem to undo 8 years of swiping to open. But that’s just instinctive right. What about people who need to open the phone with one hand? it is way more difficult to use my thumb to press the stupid home key rather than a simple swipe. Serious who thinks of these changes? Why take something that works and is easy and functional and make it more difficult. Security? what a cop out excuse.
    2. The changes apple have made make it seem more like android than the 1 click simplicity that it was known for. Like taking a picture to send while in messenger. Old way was one click on the camera icon, which opened your camera app, which you could zoom and focus and then choose keep or retake. Now you open up a menu to select camera to which this annoyingly crappy tiny camera app opens below your texts. WHY? do we need to read our texts while taking a picture -NO. Not to mention you cant zoom in the new way or focus because as soon as you touch it it takes the picture and sends it to the messenger box to send. Seriously did they have a major brain fart at apple for this update? Sure messenger got lots of new gimmicks but lets be serious mostly they suck and i cant ever see myself using them regularly. The novelty wore out in seconds for me. Not to mention the kisses and that send automatically. The draw box is so tiny its almost impossible to draw anything good with fingers even as small as mine. I don’t know what adult sized fingers hope to draw in that tiny draw box. Kinda defeats the whole purpose if you ask me. Like where is the common sense in any of these changes. are they just changing everything on a whim to try to convince us this is a major improvement. I hate that the messenger text viewing window has become even smaller with this larger useless header at the top. Might as well go back to my iphone 4 for the same size texting window.
    3. I find email groupings way more convoluted and confusing when trying to open up the last email sent by someone replying to my reply and so forth.
    4. has anyone else noticed now that you dont get a text notification while talking on the phone. Before u could just view it easily. now i have to close the phone app, open messenger and click on the new message to read it. Again multiple steps where before it was so simple.
    5. Battery life now sucks. things like refresh background apps, why not refresh it when i open it rather than waste power and time, especially for apps i forget to close. I assume most people keep their phone in their pocket when they go out and about. go to school or go to work. Isn’t that the whole point of a cell phone is portability. So where is the common sense behind the idea to RAISE to TURN on the phone. It kept turning on in my pocket until i finally realized it simply because i was being active. Am i supposed to keep turning that feature off to prevent battery drain and simply turn it on when i put it down on a flat surface which is almost never i might add. I just don’t get it.

    The move to stop signing older ios so quickly can only be a move on apples part to force the ios10 on people by preventing the numbers of people who want to downgrade for a more simpler and easy more functional ios. Well i for one have had enough. At least apple has made it so that a transition to android would be a lot easier by their choice to take simple tasks and turn them into multi-step procedures now. I am sure there are some pros to the new ios but i for one am so overwhelmed by the stupid and annoying changes that don’t improve basic functionality to my phone.

    I never thought id ever say this but i have already ordered my Galaxy and can honestly say I am done with apple. No more annoying updates, no more forced choices. I am going to android where the choices are mine to make and the Camera is superior.

    Although I am certain there are die hard apple fans who would defend them to the very last. Those that buy a new phone with the simplest of changes just to be in the in. Those that would say it doesn’t stink if apple gave them a handful of SHIT. The days of apple being much better and simpler to use are gone. The competition are as good or better in some aspects and as far as i’m concerned a much better choice when it comes to having the phone the way you want. Done are the days when I buy into apple trying to sell me NEW technology that already had existed on android phones for several generations.

    Yes ios10 is too much to swallow. Full of cons that make me wanna smash it into the pavement. Im guessing that phones retaining the older Ios are going to jump up in vlaue as much as those with the ios10 will drop.

    I would rather be Android than stick with Ios10.

    Ios10 is like windows 8. not very well thought out. And apple took a page out of microsofts book trying to force feed it down peoples throat with their tactics to get people to upgrade.

    Sorry for the long blurb. I could list many more things i hate about this new ios10, but i have said enough to make it clear how much i HATE it. yep HATE not dislike. I have never written a review before but I had to say something or id explode simply because apple has ruined my phone.

  • Alex Tremper

    I’m experiencing problems with the touch sensing on my iPhone 6+ (completely unresponsive to touch) after the most recent updates. I delayed and didn’t downgrade soon enough and now I can’t. Apple is trying to charge me $150 to have my phone serviced and it’s ridiculous I can’t downgrade to see for myself if it is a software issue or not. Considering never buying another Apple product again.

  • Dung Vo

    Does anyone know how to downgrade from 10.2 to 9.3.5 on iphone 5c ?
    i really did not like the perfomance of ios 10 on Iphone 5c. it look too slow. apple should keep ios 9 for iphone 5 is up to date end.

  • Houssam

    I have a HUGE issue with the brightness , it descresases on it’e own whe n it’s 74% or 49% and it stays like that !

  • kmacca

    I’m so upset to read this – it’s awful. The touch screen takes two or three taps now. The overall look and feel of it – dark clock, weird squelching noises for buttons – is annoying. I don’t mind the home to unlock, now that I figured it out, but I dislike that my calendar can be read by swiping right on a locked phone – it’s locked for a reason, part of which is privacy! Geez.