iOS 10.0.3

Apple on Monday released a new update for iOS labeled version number 10.0.3. The update appears to be exclusive for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, and it can be downloaded via the Update mechanism in Settings, or from our Downloads page.

As noted in the screenshot above, 10.0.3 brings about various bug fixes, including one for an issue where users could temporarily lose cellular connectivity. This has been a fairly high profile iPhone 7 bug, particularly among Verizon users.

Today’s update arrives amid ongoing beta testing of iOS 10.1, which is expected to be released within the next few weeks. It includes a new feature exclusive to the iPhone 7 Plus, called Portrait mode, that gives photos a depth-of-field effect.

  • stiv

    Only for i7 and i7 Plus? WOW

    • It’s an emergency update for a bug that only affects iPhone 7 (Plus)

      • VITICO

        And here I thought we were special.

      • Shadowelite123

        Do you know if the 10.1 beta 4 update does the same fix?

      • I would assume so, but I don’t know for sure

  • Chang in Charge

    Hopefully this solves the cellular connectivity issues, I’ve been seeing: dropped data connections, 3g or slower in places where 4g is normally available, phone slow to switch to data connection when coming from wifi, missed calls due to cellular connectivity, etc. Have had my phone swapped, restore as new, sim swapped, lets hope this does the trick. Currently on a Verizon iPhone 7 in the NY/NJ area.

  • wongnog

    What about those of us on iOS 10.1 public betas? Have these fixes already been pushed to beta 3?

    • Harold Calderon

      I’m wondering the same thing

    • 5723alex .

      We are already on beta 4.

      • Pi Xo


      • wongnog

        Yeah I updated to beta 4 yesterday but nothing in the change notes to indicate if they included the same fixes as 10.0.3

  • Ruck

    Can they post a fix for my damn 7plus respringing after I click on the camera almost 50% of the time.

    Damn I hate iOS10

    • Jerry

      HOLY CRAP I thought I was the only one with this problem. The camera crashes my phone constantly at least now I know is a ios10 problem

      • Ruck

        Well I assume it is…I never had 10 on my 6s plus and it never did it.

      • Davie

        Got a 7plus, never crashed on camera yet. Might be a hardware problem.

      • cameragate?

      • rockdude094

        Usually refers to a permanent problem, but it seems that it can be fixed with an software update

    • Jason Dyl

      For real happens all the time for me either camera or text messages

  • James G

    Is this bug present in iOS 10.1 Beta 3?

  • David Fabian

    Generally I like iOS 10, but it sure is still buggy. It’s kind of similar to how iOS 7 took a while to get stable because of the many changes.

  • lou111

    How are your iPhones 6S guys? Me and few of my friends got the same problem after 1 year of using 6S (1 year… what a fortuity… ekhm..).
    My phone is dead when I’m outside and it’s cold at 30-40% of battery! 4 days in a row. I’m going back home and plug into the charge, then it starts at 30%.

    • highbreak 146

      Sounds like your battery needed a replacement.

    • 5723alex .

      Zero problems with 1 year old 6S+ (bought last October). Running all betas, currently iOS 10.1b4. Battery holds for 2+ days with BT connection to Apple watch.

    • kaliente

      Calibrate Your battery by draining it to 1% (if it switches off at you during process just plug it in until it turns on and unplug to drain battery further).
      Second option is restore without using backup copy.

  • nvog

    Meanwhile, iOS 10.0.2 keeps making errors on youtube and other videos via safari, as well as live streaming (they won’t start), and the only way to set this straight is by rebooting the device (ipad air, ipad mini). After a couple of days… same thing.

    Bottom line… iOS 10 so far…. UNSTABLE like hell.

    P.S. It really got on my nerves the CONSTANT messages from Apple (almost identical to Microsoft’s Windows 10) to absolutely update to ios 10 “now or later”. Not polite. And now we suffer from stability issues……

    • chjode

      Aside from some Bluetooth wackiness, I’ve not seen any of the issues you describe.

      • nvog

        Latest iPad Air and latest mini. Both have the aforementioned issue with videos and streaming services no start (on streaming gives only error window), moreover, I found that, during the “error” period (that is before rebooting) the alarm does not ring, although set for a specific time.. I nearly missed work one day because of this… iOS 10, in spite of its neoterisms is -at least for now- ugly.

    • 5723alex .

      iOS 10.0.3 is out as well as iOS 10.1 beta 4.

      • Pi Xo


  • Garmac

    Now when are they going to address and fix the Bluetooth issues? Spent an hour last week to try and add an extra NEST protect using my iPhone 7+.. a disaster and didn’t work when trying to connect to the new device. At last resort used my ipad mini 4 with IOS 9 and was done in 2 minutes…

  • Docservlet

    I’m surprised by all the issues people seem to be having. Except for some issues with touchID wackiness, I’ve not had a problem even from the last few betas.