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Apple continues perfecting retail experience for its customers as CNET reports today that some Apple Stores have begun to remove or have already removed security tethers from iPhone display models. Last year, Apple relegated iPods to side shelves and removed iPad smart signage.

According to CNET, Apple’s flagship London Regent Street store re-opening this Saturday will feature Apple’s next-generation store design and no iPhone security tethers.

Apple told CNET that it wants to let customers hold display iPhones properly in their hands, try cases on them and even see how the handsets feel in their pocket.

What about security, though? Wouldn’t this lax security measure encourage thieves to steal display iPhones? Well, CNET says they couldn’t spot a single CCTV camera in the store (maybe they’re not immediately visible to the naked eye?), but cautions that any iPhone taken out of the store will set off an alarm.

Apple Regent Street exterior image 001

And of course, if not returned, Apple’s Activation Lock and Find My iPhone features will render any stolen phones unusable.

Apple Regent Street will re-open this Saturday after more than a year of refurbishment. The Cupertino firm yesterday previewed the store for the press and you can see the images of it in Apple Newsroom.

It’s unclear if Apple will also remove iPhone security tethers from other Apple Stores, but it’s fairly safe to assume that this change will eventually roll out to all of the company-run retail stores around the world.

For what it’s worth, MacRumors notes that the company over the past few months has removed security tethers from iPhone display models at its Yorkdale store in Toronto and in one of its other stores in Canada.

apple store canada iphone-security-tethers-removed

As evidenced by the image above, iPhone display models in Apple’s store in Toronto are now docked with only Lightning charging cables rather than being tethered to the table.

“MacRumors has learned of at least two other stores in the United Kingdom where the security tethers, which activate audible alarms when disconnected, have been removed, and it appears likely the change will be phased in at other locations,” says the publication, so there’s that.

Source: CNET

  • n0ahcruz3

    Better run like bolt! Lol sell the device on craigslist

    • Mike M. Powell

      “Device locked iPhone 7+ Dev / Apple Store Locked $1000” lol

  • There’s a security measure I’m sure they built into their beacon technology that is within every Apple Store. Someone tries to leave with their device, they are alerted and or the device itself changes to demo mode/locks. But for the most part it’s extremely low risk and allows people to actually “try” their devices prior to buying. Essentially the person could buy a phone, go home and buy a case online but without really knowing anything about it.. now with the try before you buy.. you can try a case and make sure it’s exactly what you want. Apple makes extra on accessories too.

    • Riley Freeman

      people buy cases from apple? $50 for a case is insane

      • Yes people buy cases from Apple.

  • Mr.Coolfreak

    now people will just grab iPhone from one part of store, and leave it some where else- where they might get dropped and break. and people will goto iPhone section and may not see the model they want to look at. bad idea

  • Jamessmooth

    I actually think this is a good idea. They’re not just going to unteather these things without having thought of security precautions.

  • Riley Freeman

    i saw this at yorkdale when i was there buying the beats solo3. I was surprised but makes sense if they have other security measures. Trying cases on is silly if you ask me.

  • Y2J

    What about when someone drops it and it breaks because you know that’s gonna happen sooner or later

  • Jack Wong

    Seem that in NY Soho store few weeks ago, this is very cool!!! You can put that in your pocket and see how that feel!!!

    I wonder if they have a security guard to monitor all the monitors for the store and all the iOS devices in a different temperature color.

    Or… a mini security chip inside the phone… it would alert if someone take it out of the store.

    • Tommy

      I’ve had an iPhone in my pocket for the past 7 years now. I’m so cool!!!

  • rockdude094

    Microsoft has been doing this for age… but again it’s like stealing a manual car

    • smtp25

      No, do tell? Like stealing a manual car?

      • rockdude094

        Lol it was a joke. windows phone is very different from Android and IOS is what I meant

  • eigenlaut

    weird – hardware in the two hamburg apple stores in germany never have been on tethers as far as i can remember