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Google stopped using Adobe Flash for YouTube’s desktop video player back in January 2016, replacing it with an HTML5 counterpart that doesn’t require any special browser plug-in to function.

Last evening saw the release of Chrome 54 for Mac, Windows and Linux which continues on Google’s mission to ditch Flash in favor of HTML5: the new version replaces old Flash-based YouTube embeds on websites with HTML5.

As VentureBeat notes, the old Flash-based YouTube embeds still exist all over the web, but Chrome 54 now takes care of that. Chrome 54 also implements 21 security fixes.

Chrome 54 for Android and iOS are on their way.

Changing how Chrome handles YouTube embeds has strengthened Chrome’s security while de-emphasizing Flash in favor of HTML5 has allowed engineers to improve its responsiveness, efficiency and power consumption for many websites.

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“HTML5 is much lighter and faster, and publishers are switching over to speed up page loading and save you more battery life,” said the search firm.

Chrome 54 also provides support for the custom elements V1 spec which lets web developers create custom HTML tags and define their API/behavior in JavaScript. An improved BroadcastChannel API permits one-to-many messaging between windows, tabs and iframes—useful for complex web apps that use multiple windows/tabs.

Released in September 2016, Chrome 53 blocked Flash by default. In addition to delivering web video, more than 90 percent of Flash on the web loads behind the scenes to support things like page analytics, which slows your computer down.

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If you already have Chrome installed on your Mac, its silent updating mechanism should ensure that you’re always running the latest version available. You can check for Chrome updates manually at any time by choosing About Google Chrome in the Chrome menu.

Chrome 54 is a staggered release so it’ll roll out over the coming days and weeks.

The Chrome installer for macOS, Windows and Linux is available for download directly from

The full list of developer and user-facing features, improvements and fixes in Chrome 54 is provided in the official changelog. Upcoming Chrome and Chromium blog posts will detail all of the “new features and big efforts” in Chrome 54, as per Google.

Chrome 55 for Mac is arriving in late November with under-the-hood improvements that will speed up your browsing as the browser will no longer take up as much memory on websites that use JavaScript as does the current stable version.

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  • ScooterDuder

    “Google stopped using Adobe Flash for YouTube’s video player on the web back in January 2017”
    Nice work Nostradamus!

  • jp2002

    jan 2017?

  • Been using Safari for a while. Might go back to Chrome now since the update came out.

    • Jack Wong

      I left Chrome for Safari because Chrome was a memory monster…

      I have 8GB ram on my MacBook Air, and Chrome were using almost ~3GB… if 1 tab crashed, I have to end the Chrome program anyway… I don’t see any benefit of using that much memory for each tab.

      I will stick with Safari for personal and Firefox for work.

      • Rolf Bause

        The new Chrome is supposed to use a lot less memory (haven’t tried myself tho). I personally use Opera and Safari.

      • Jack Wong

        I remember it was an update regarding this last year from v45 or 43, but I did not see much difference…

        And I really like the 2 fingers gesture from Safari, view all tabs and zoom in(smoothly).

        I need Firefox because of the video extract plugin.

  • Awesome! So as long as I am willing to allow Google to upload transcripts of every and all conversations I have within earshot of my computer to their servers for processing I can avoid flash on old videos?! Where do I sign up for this?

    *Oh and in case someone takes this the wrong way, I’m aware there are ways to disable the rogue module that installs itself on first run. But still, it’s a disturbing trend nevertheless that will cause me to stay away from Chrome.

  • Rowan09

    Flash is dead, finally.

  • SuperMan

    Hello guys, i wanna ask for something off topic here, do u guys know any app like Internet Download Manager for Mac??